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Coleman Easy Up Tent and Three Other Must-Have Camping Items

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Off-roading enthusiasts can never get enough of their camping trips and are always on the lookout for the next adventure. Whether it’s an Overlanding trip that you’re planning, camping, or boondocking over the weekend, you’ll need something other than a solid truck, just like a Coleman easy up tent.

While camping, you can never be too sure about the weather and local climate conditions, and the wilderness is not very welcoming most of the time. One must prepare and plan to make their camping trips comfortable and fun.

For that purpose, you ought to have a sturdy tent that can look after you in harsh weather conditions and is sturdy enough to last. You’ll also need a reliable power source to juice up your gadgets and appliances, a solution for your culinary and cooking requirements, and a versatile tool kit for emergencies or to set up your rig.

Coleman Tents offers a perfect solution with their Coleman Easy Up Tent, which is reliable and utilitarian in usage. In this comprehensive guide, we also would like to discuss Sunflare XPLOR portable solar panels, Camp Chef Pro60 outdoor stove, and the Forrest Tool Company MAX Toolkit to cover everything you need for a comfortable and successful camping trip.

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What Makes Coleman Easy Up Tent So Good for Camping?

The Coleman Easy Up tent is a family of versatile and durable camping tents that you can rely on any day for your outdoor adventures. Let’s understand what makes these tents so good;

Sturdy and Weatherproof

Coleman Easy Up Tent

The Coleman Easy Up tent is a rugged accessory you can confidently rely on for camping trips. This four-person tent is made of a solid polyguard 2x dual-thickness cloth that can withstand any environmental hazard or atrocities of the wild. It also features a revolutionary WeatherTec system with welded floors and inverted seams that keep the rain and debris away from you.

Easy and Quick Setup

Coleman Easy Up Tent

Image Credit: Amazon

Because of its lightweight, it is effortless to carry, and thanks to its pre-assembled poles and easy-to-attach hooks, the setup is relatively easy. You can establish this tent within a minute, and there’s no need for complex tools or other gear; it is more like plug-and-play.

Room for Everyone

Coleman Easy Up Tent inside

Image Credit: Amazon

With the generous dimensions of 8 x 7 feet and 5 feet in height, it is an ideal 4-person tent that can fit a queen-size bed as well. So if you’re a small group of friends planning to backpack across the countryside, the Coleman Easy Up tent is ideal for you.

Super Comfortable

Not only does the Coleman Easy Up tent protect you from the rain and dust, but it also features the dark room technology that actively blocks 90% of sunlight and UV rays. While the sun shows its granger on the outside, you can sleep or enjoy yourself comfortably inside your Coleman Easy Up tent, which has a much cooler interior and habitable ambiance.

Seamless Storage

Coleman Easy Up Tent pocket

With just 19 pounds of weight, easy packing and unpacking, and a durable storage bag, the Coleman Easy Up tent is a breeze to carry along. Whether hiking or camping in the landscapes, this easy-to-carry tent will always be at your service whenever you need it.

What Other Items Do You Need for Comfortable Camping?

Apart from the versatile Coleman Easy Up tent, there are some other accessories that you can add to your camping inventory to make your trip comfortable and memorable. These items include;

Camp Chef Pro60x Stove

Camp Chef Pro60x Stove

Camp Chef takes your outdoor cooking and culinary shenanigans to the next level. It would really be a turnoff if you’ve been enjoying a perfect camping trip and at the end, you’ve to eat haversack or ready-to-eat meals. With Camp Chef Pro60x stove, you have a monstrous 60,000 BTU at your disposal that you can use to cook even steaks and meals.

You don’t have to carry any wood or fuel for cooking the old-school way, you just have to bring the LPG tanks, and you can get rid of those bland instant noodles or snacks. It has easy-to-use knobs, a 3-sided screen for protection, adjustable legs, and matchless ignition, with easy portability and quick setup to make your camping trips even more comfortable.

Sunflare XPLOR Solar Panel

Sunflare Solar Power

The essential part of camping with friends is the fun you can have, and for that, you need a reliable power source.

Solar power is a great option for camping because they offer clean power, silent power, and reliable power, too.

You need something to keep your food and beverages cold in your fridge. You also have to charge your smartphones and GPS when out there in the woods.

flexible camper solar panel kit from Sunflare

Sunflare XPLOR offers the best portable solar panels you can use on a camping or backpacking trip.

These solar panels are sturdy enough to withstand rough-and-tumble camping trips thanks to their rugged build. They also have individual bypass diodes, so you don’t have to worry about finding the best sunlight direction. Instead, if a portion of the panel is shaded, the unshaded portions will continue to collect the sun’s rays to provide you with power.


These solar panels are lightweight and easy to carry. They’re easy to install, too – just a few minutes and some double-sided adhesive, and you’ll be ready to go!

My Sunflare XPLOR panels are on the roof of my tent, so I can enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted power supply.

Besides, since solar power doesn’t make any noise, I can get that uninterrupted power supply without disturbing other campers. It’s a win-win!

Where to Buy Sunflare XPLOR Solar Panels:

Forrest Tool Company MAX Toolkit

forrest tool 1

Apart from all the advanced gadgets and a reliable power source, you also have to have a backup for emergencies and a toolkit for the campsite.

For example, you may need to secure the sides of your tent, flatten the base, or access the deep pots for Coleman Easy Up tent hooks.

forrest tool 5

The MAX toolkit from the Forrest Tool Company has a versatile range of items that you can use for setting up your camp and even in an emergency while off-roading.

The military-grade sturdy tools have a composite polyglass handle and are made of High Tempered Carbon Steel for long-term durability. 

forrest tool 3

The Forrest Tool Company MAX toolkit can be used as any of the daily use items, such as shovel, axe, pick, rake, and many other tools that you could use to dig holes, secure hooks, and fulfill other requirements around camp.

It’s also a fantastic recovery tool in case you find yourself in a sticky situation on or off-trail!

This is simply one of the most functional and versatile tools I’ve got in my kit, and I can’t recommend it highly enough for other overlanding and camping enthusiasts, too!

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