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The Tool Every Overlander Needs

Forrest Tool Company

The tool we are talking about today comes from Forrest Tool Company out of Durango, Colorado and it is called the MAX Multipurpose Toolkit

This overlanding tool was exclusive to the military for a long time and came equipped with the original Humvee.

You may not want to buy this tool just to brag about that. However, I can reassure you that there are more reasons you might want it. 

This may be one of the most useful tools one can have in their overlanding rig; so, let’s have a look.

What Makes This Overlanding Tool Special?

Overlanding Tool

Forrest Tool Company

Well, let’s start with the build quality. As soon as you take the ax out of the box you are greeted with a beautifully finished fiberglass handle and an incredibly pretty leather sheath that protects the ax. Some may say it’s almost too nice to get ruined while used like it was meant to be used.

The blade comes dull to protect you while removing it from the box; so, you can grind it to your liking.

Speaking about the box, inside it you will also find a pouch with some accessories. The axe can be turned into a huge shovel, pick, mattock, broad pick, and a rake.

Forest Tool Company

Forrest Tool Company

The rest of the accessories on this overlanding tool are easy to add to the ax and will save vast amounts of space inside your vehicle as you will be carrying just one tool rather than six. 

When you are done with the ax, the pouch can be wrapped around it and used to carry the ax and accessories, making it a very well thought out package.

A wide variety of colors are also offered, but the military green is definitely the coolest one. 

If you want to keep your rig light while also saving space, which let’s face it – we all do – then this is the overlanding tool for you. At $250, it may seem expensive, but remember that it incorporates multiple tools.

To buy these tools separately at this build quality I would say you would be pretty close to this price without having the packaging convenience this has to offer.

Forest Tool Company

Forrest Tool Company

It’s crazy how such things can get us overlanders excited. I know it is something that I will not use that much, yet I can’t stop imagining how cool it would look on the side of my truck. I guess many times it’s the 5-year-old in us that decides whether we need something or not. In this case, it is persuading me into buying this awesome overlanding tool

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