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A RAM EV Truck Could Be on the Horizon

Vehicle engineering is evolving and with that evolution comes the electrification of cars and trucks. Although manufacturers were reluctant to electrify their gas-guzzling behemoths in years past, over the past few months, plenty of them have announced the electrification of their truck models.  

The latest one to announce an EV model is RAM and in this article, we are diving into everything we know so far.  

RAM EV Truck Slated for 2024

The people behind RAM have stated that an electric pickup truck will be going into production in 2024. Yes, 2024! By then, other companies will have gone through two generations and RAM will barely get the first one going. 

It may be a strategy though, to let the other companies test new ground, see what works and what doesn’t, then create an EV truck based on their observations 

RAM has also made a rather bold statement that their truck will redefine the full-size market – we will have to wait to find out.

The architecture of the truck seems to be built around a ladder frame and independent suspension on all four corners. Coils and struts appear to be doing all the work here and that can be an issue as independent suspension and a loaded bed do not work well together. Although unreliable, equipping the truck with air suspension in all four corners will greatly increase payload.

RAM EV Truck Powertrain

As explained in the video above, as far as power delivery goes, it appears that both the front and rear axles have their own motor with the battery pack stored in the center of the frame just like in most EVs. 

It has also been stated that the RAM EV truck platform can support up to 200kwh of battery capacity with several new battery technologies being developed in the engineering department. 

No information regarding power, towing, and payload have been teased yet but we can expect an electric range of about 500 miles from the full-size truck. For today’s standards, 500 miles is great, but I am not sure how it will fare against the competition of 2024. 

We are nearing the time when EV trucks will be cruising down the roads and people will be able to get their hands on them and properly test them in the real world. What do you think – will an EV truck ever replace your current overlanding rig?

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