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Warm Weather Camping – How to Stay Cool and Comfortable

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Camping in the heat can many times be more uncomfortable than in the cold. You get sweaty, sticky, and can’t sleep properly. No one enjoys such camping trips; therefore, in this article, we are going over some hacks that will make warm weather camping more pleasant. 

Choose the Correct Camping Site 

Choose a campsite that is on the western side of a tree line or even a ridgeline – this will prevent the sun from directly hitting your tent; therefore, providing you with a few extra hours of cool sleep. 

When to Set Up Camp for Warm Weather Camping

woman setting up tent for warm weather camping

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Arrive at your campsite but don’t set up your tent if it’s still afternoon. This will prevent your tent from soaking up the heat of the day; therefore, it will be cooler when the time comes to get in and sleep. 

Keeping Cool While Sleeping 

Airflow throughout the tent is key to a goodnight’s sleep when in warm weather. There are plenty of small or even big fans available out there and using one will change the way you sleep in summer. 

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Keeping the Bugs Away While Warm Weather Camping

man next to tent lit with red light

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Swapping out your white LED camping light for orange or red ones can significantly decrease the number of bugs you encounter during camp. The best option here is to use orange camp lights as the main camp light source and some white head torches just so you can see better when needed. 

If bugs are still attracted by the orange or red lights spray the light with some bug spray to keep them away 

Make Your Fridge Run Colder

cooler fridge controls

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Try to always keep your fridge full as it is much easier for a full fridge to keep everything cool than a half-empty one. This won’t only prolong the life of your fridge but also your batteries. 

Stay Safe While Warm Weather Camping

Brush fire in the winderness

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In areas of the world where temperatures get extremely high bush fires are a common thing. Get on your phone and check if there are any bushfires around and in which direction the wind is blowing – this will ensure you are out of the way of a potential fire. 

You should also be informed whether you are allowed to start a campfire in the area you are planning on camping as in dry season starting a bush fire from a small campfire isn’t unlikely. 

Finally, remember to stay hydrated and away from direct sunlight as no one wants to get heatstroke in the middle of nowhere. 

Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will make your summer camp more comfortable and enjoyable – although, with the correct company, warm weather isn’t an issue!

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