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These Features Make the OBi Dweller Price Well Worth It

You’re looking at a significant investment when you invest in a trailer for your off-road and overlanding adventures.

Despite the compact size of trailers like the OBi Dweller 15, you can easily spend in excess of $50,000. Of course, that’s nothing compared to the six-figure price tag of some fifth-wheel trailers these days…

Having said that, you get what you pay for. Sure, you can buy a bargain-basement “off-road” trailer to save some cash up front, but trailers that have a cheap price are often cheaply built. You have to pay a premium to get a quality trailer that will last you for years and years of off-road explorations.

To prove my point, let’s take a look at some of the unique features that make the Obi Dweller price well worth it.

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OBi Dweller Price: Basic Specs and Features are Worth The Price

obi dweller 15 specs features

First, let’s do a quick overview of the major specs and features you get with the OBi Dweller…

As you can see in the graphic above, this bad boy is full of features that help you get off-grid and stay there longer.

The pop-top roof is particularly interesting to me since I’m 6’2″ and have no interest in hunching over when I’m inside my trailer. The mesh netting that surrounds the pop top helps fill the trailer with natural light and makes the cabin feel even bigger than it is.

On the passenger side of the trailer is a slide-out kitchen that boasts a sink and a two-burner stovetop. There’s a pull-out full-size fridge and freezer as well.

This trailer has loads of storage, too. As I discussed in this article on full-time living in an Obi Dweller, the Dweller 15 is loaded with storage compartments inside and out. That includes smart slide-out trays in the exterior storage bays as well as beautiful cabinetry with cupboards and drawers inside the trailer.


Getting to far-flung destinations won’t be a problem for the Dweller 15, either. It comes with off-road wheels and tires to handle wet and muddy trails, a black diamond-plated nose to prevent damage from rocks and debris, and goodies like an articulating towing coupler, heavy-duty shocks and springs, and an independent coil suspension.

The list of features goes on and on. You get:

  • Air conditioning and a furnace
  • A bathroom with a shower, sink, and cassette toilet
  • A fold-down dining table with seating
  • LED lighting inside and out
  • A 12-foot electric awning
  • A power system that includes a 2,000-watt Renege inverter, three 100-watt Renege solar panels, and three 100Ah AGM batteries.

This just scratches the surface of the features and amenities you get in this thing, but I think you get the point – this is one well-appointed trailer! In fact, I’d argue that these specs and features alone make the OBi Dweller price one worth paying.

But, when you buy a quality product, you aren’t just paying for the big, fancy features. You also get to take advantage of small details that make the trailer that much better. Let’s have a look at some of the fine details of the OBi Dweller so you can see what I mean.

Indestructible Windows, Anyone?

One of the best fine details of this trailer is on full display in the video above by ROA Off-Road.

As we all know, windows in trailers are usually made from glass. Glass is easily breakable. Easily breakable things have no business being in an off-road trailer.

So, OBi outfitted the Dweller 15 with polycarbonate windows that are much better suited for off-road travel. With a break resistance rating 200 times better than glass of the same thickness, it’s no wonder these windows can stand up to the rigors of off-road travel.

obi dweller windows

You won’t have to worry about rocks flying up from your truck’s wheels and breaking out a window, nor will you need to be concerned about branches punching a hole in this polycarbonate material. If it can withstand direct hits from a baseball, it can handle some gravel and branches.

Now, obviously, these windows aren’t indestructible (as Shane demonstrates in the video above). But they’re darn close!

In addition to the strength these windows provide, you still get a great view of your surroundings. As you can see above, it’s not like looking through thick plastic. Instead, you can take in the beauty of nature with a perfectly clear picture through the windows!


I’ll be the first to admit that I never thought I’d write about luxury latches, but here we are!

The guys at ROA Off-Road make a great point in the video above that standard trailer latches cost about three bucks. While these latches work fine for on-road travel and leisurely road trips, they can’t stand up to the rough and tumble ways of off-road adventures.

So, OBi did what any sensible company would do, and they upgraded to $20 latches that offer much better performance when the going gets rough.

As you can see in the video, these latches are big, beefy, and made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion. They’re lockable, too. Combined with heavy-duty stainless steel hinges, you have a recipe for a reliable latch system that will give you years and years of service.

A Top-Flight Electrical System is Included in the OBi Dweller Price

If you’ve ever been in a typical trailer, you might know that battery monitoring systems aren’t anything particularly special. In my first trailer, I pressed a single button to see how much battery life was left – and then it was still only a series of lights to indicate my batteries were full (four lights) or getting low (one light).

The battery monitoring system in the Dweller 15 is a lot different…

This system tells you everything from voltage to amps to usage so you actually have information that tells you how the system is performing, whether the batteries are being charged, and so forth. It’s a much more informative system so you can stay on top of the trailer’s power needs.

obi dweller solar charge controller

Another component of the Dweller 15’s power system is the solar charge controller, which is shown above.

I won’t get into all the technicalities of how a solar charge controller works, but basically it converts solar power into power that can be sent to, and stored in, the trailer’s batteries. But while some solar charge controllers only do that, the one in the Dweller 15 gives you a display with some functionalities that allow you to monitor what the solar power system is doing.

Again, this is a small feature, but one that gives this trailer much more utility. That user-friendliness is yet another reason why the OBi Dweller price is so spot on!

Final Thoughts About the OBi Dweller Price

As I said earlier, a trailer is a significant investment, so when you’re putting tens of thousands of dollars into something, you want those dollars to have the most value.

OBi has certainly figured out how to give you the most bang for your buck. As we’ve explored, the Dweller family of trailers combines off-road prowess with luxury, convenience with comfort, and so much more – including small details that speak to the ingenuity of the OBi team.

Sure, those big, flashy features are important, but often, you’ll find the best evidence of quality in the small things! That’s what makes the OBi Dweller price well worth it.

Get more details about the Dweller 15 and other OBi trailers by visiting their website.

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