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5 Camping Hacks for Tent Campers

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I think we can all agree that tent camping is a fun activity. It brings friends and family closer together while filling us with unforgettable memories and experiences.

However, to be enjoyed properly, we need to develop some skills that will make life in nature far easier than it otherwise would be. 

This article explores five essential camping hacks for tent campers that will do just that. 

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Camping Hacks For Tent Campers – Bring a Heavy-Duty Multi-Tool

forrest tool 1

A multi-tool is one of the best camping hacks for tent campers. This is because you get multiple functions for the space of a single tool. One of our favorite multi-tools is made by the Forest Tool Company. Specifically, it’s the MAX Toolkit

With this single product, you get the following tools:

  • 3.5-lb Hudson Bay Ax Head with Striking Surface
  • Shovel
  • Pick
  • Broad Pick
  • Mattock Blade
  • Combination McLeod
  • Rake and Hoe Rake-Hoe Fastener

forrest tool max ax close-up

Additionally, the kit comes with a 34” Composite Polyglass Handle, six lock pins for attaching the tools, and an embossed leather ax sheath. There’s even a Cordura carrying case to transport everything and keep it organized.

The reason we love this tool so much is obvious. It can help chop up firewood, dig up a fire pit, cut small trees that may be blocking your path, or even get a vehicle unstuck. The usability of this product is immense and is something we never leave home without. Not to mention how cool it looks on the back of the truck!

forrest tool 5

It also helps that the MAX Toolkit is made in the USA with high-quality parts. These tools are rugged and durable enough for the U.S. military, which should tell you about the quality of the components!

Every camping kit needs a quality multi-tool, and with the MAX Toolkit from Forrest Tool Company, that’s precisely what you get!

Camping Hacks For Tent Campers – Take Pre-Cracked Eggs With You

Camping Hacks For Tent Campers – Take Pre Cracked Eggs With You

Photo by FrankieCarr via iStock

Eggs in the back of a truck that is intended to go off-road is a risky idea. The constant vibrations over rough roads can easily crack them, which leaves you without eggs and with a huge mess. 

One of the best ways to combat this issue is to pre-crack your eggs and store them in a bottle. This eliminates the possibility of them cracking and makes for a far easier breakfast. When you wake up, you pour the eggs into the pan, and you are ready to go. 

With this method, you can separate the whites from the yolks or even premix an omelet with cheese and milk. It’s up to you and your fellow campers to choose.

To make the whole process of cracking and storing the eggs easier, use a bottle with a large opening that enables the yolks to pass through easily. Juice bottles usually work best here. 

Camping Hacks For Tent Campers – Corn Chips And Doritos Make Great Kindling

A Glass Bowl of Corn Chips on a Wooden Picnic Table Outdoors in the Evening

Photo by Jeremy Poland via iStock

Our next camping hack for tent campers is a weird one. In many cases – especially when camping a bit too long – we are left without kindling for the campfire. This can lead to endless searching through our camping gear with the hope of finding something flammable. 

Search no more! Doritos and corn chips are the perfect sources of kindling thanks to the starches, chemicals, oils, and flavors comprising these snacks. 

These foods won’t keep burning for long; however, they make an excellent source for a short and robust fire to get the smaller wood pieces in your campfire going. 

Camping Hacks For Tent Campers – Buy A Double Sleeping Bag 

 woman in a comfortable sleeping bag in a tent

Photo by Mikhail Sotnikov via iStock

Sharing a tent with a second person has advantages and disadvantages. If that person is your partner or someone you don’t mind sharing a sleeping bag with, then one of the biggest positives is that you can stay warm easier. 

The way you can do this is by sharing a double sleeping bag. Sleeping bags keep us warm by reflecting and retaining our body heat. Therefore, a sleeping bag with two people in it will stay warm more effectively.

Now, these products are either made from synthetic fluff or down feathers. Both materials have their pros and cons. Synthetic is cheaper, dries up quickly, but takes more room, whereas down sleeping bags are costlier, retain moisture, but can be packed in surprisingly small shapes. 

Since this will be a double sleeping bag, it will inherently take up more space. So, it’s wise to go with one made from down feathers. This will keep it small and portable.

Camping Hacks For Tent Campers Use Sage to Repel Mosquitoes

Camping Hacks For Tent Campers Use Sage To Repel Mosquitoes

Photo by Renphoto via iStock

Mosquitos are one of the most annoying things about camping and the main reason why some people avoid the activity. However, this trick on our camping hacks for tent campers list will reduce the issue. 

Sage smoke repels mosquitoes; therefore, it’s a great way to reduce their presence at camp. All you need to do is place a pack of sage next to your campfire, letting it burn slowly. This will create smoke and will keep annoying creatures away.

Remember that mosquitoes may also be active during the day; however, they are most prevalent during dawn and dusk. Keep some sage with you at those times, and your next camping experience will be far less annoying.

Final Thoughts

Camper under full Moon at Matterhorn

Photo by DieterMeyrl via iStock

Many people head out camping for the first few times and immediately give up on the activity because they find it uncomfortable. However, by sticking to it and learning a few simple camping hacks for tent campers, you will get better at the whole process while also getting used to some of the inconveniences. There is no need to give up just yet!

If you have any further suggestions regarding camping hacks for tent campers, or if you have off-road or overland-related questions, head over to the forum section of our page.

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