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5 Reasons Why You Need a Small Portable Generator for Overlanding

This article was last updated on May 16, 2024.

Camping should always be more than just spending the night outdoors. It is a good opportunity to get away from your daily schedule, job, and duties in exchange for some healthy time in nature, which has advantages for your mental health.

But usually, when people think of going camping, their first thought is, “What if I run out of power?” or “How would I charge up my phone and other electronic gadgets?” For your coming trip, the ideal overland power setup could change everything. Let’s explore the options for the best Overlanding power system. 

There are many different ways to power your equipment while Overlanding. You can easily use solar, shore, and battery power as your main power source, but in our vast experience, a generator is always a nice backup or even primary means of power for your trips.

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The Need for Energy While Overlanding

Overland camping with lights

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While Overlanding can give you the connection you need with nature, it doesn’t mean giving up all of the amenities and comfort of home. Since you will be dealing with wilderness, you will also need some tools to get around. 

Unfortunately, you won’t find any connections or shore power in the wilderness to keep things powered up. That’s why batteries are an essential component of any overland rig and should be at the top of your list when building one.

Those who are searching for a sustainable means to recharge when Overlanding may use solar for their overland battery configuration. Solar power systems can convert solar energy into electrical energy, but they depend on many factors, such as the weather, to do their job.

These two sources of power (solar, shore) are not enough for Overlanding. That’s why we prefer to use generators when we are traveling off the grid. As long as you have sufficient fuel, a generator will never leave you stranded. 

Reasons for a Small Portable Generator


You might want a small portable generator for camping in many cases. You may need a solution to power your electronics when you are off the grid. If you’re arranging a lengthy camping vacation and require a reliable supply of electricity. 

A small portable generator can be quite useful for many reasons. If you add an ALP 1000-watt propane generator to your camping setup as a backup, you are no longer limited and camp wherever and whenever you want. 

Here are a few main reasons why you need a small portable generator.

Best Alternative to Other Power Sources

alp propane generator

What if you have solar panels on the roof, but your trip was disrupted by overcast days? You’d wish for a portable generator in those stormy days because it could be really helpful and be used for everything you really need. 

For example, some small portable generators can quickly recharge your batteries if they are running low. You can even enjoy winter camping with a 1000-watt small portable generator without even being concerned about running out of battery.

The Sound of Silence With a Small Portable Generator


A small portable generator is definitely the best option if you plan to camp for more than one night. You’ve come to leave the hustle of daily life and take in the calmness of nature. A silent propane generator enables you to attain those needs while still providing the necessary power for your trip. 

If you have an ALP 1000-watt propane generator, the sound will vanish into the atmosphere at a level of around 52 dBA as you read a book or enjoy a nice discussion with your friends around your campsite. Also, your generator will never disturb your neighbors in an RV park.   

You will value the refreshing breeze from a portable fan when you go camping, and the temperature is a little too high. Although some fans are rechargeable, their battery life is only a few hours. 

Clean Energy With a Small Portable Generator


If you own a gas-powered generator, you know how unpleasant and smelly it can be. That’s because they are harmful gases. Gas-powered generators can produce an excessive amount of pollutants near the camp, and there is also a danger of gas leakage. 

ALP 1000-watt propane generators are approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the environment and leakage when using a portable propane generator.

Portability & Ease of Use


A portable generator should be small enough to fit into the storage compartments of your trailer, measuring only 18″ x 9.5″ x 15″. And, with a weight of only 28 pounds, it’s not difficult to haul it around. Nobody would want to pack & unpack a huge generator every time they move their rig.

Even if you aren’t moving off the grid, a small portable generator can be an excellent and essential backup power source in an emergency. Its specifications include two 120V AC outlets, two USB ports with a built-in emergency LED light, and parallel ports for doubling up on power.

You may use it to power other gadgets like your TV, microwave, and coffee maker. In addition to keeping your RV’s air conditioner running, a small portable generator can be useful when camping at an event. 

Long Running Time of a Small Portable Generator


If you’re worried about a generator’s running time, it’s essential to remember that its running capacity depends on the fuel tank it is connected to and the amount of power being used at the moment.

ALP 1000-watt propane generators can provide mind-blowing 60-hour runtimes on 20 lbs propane tanks at 25% load. ALP keeps you powered in any situation with less concern about running out of fuel, unlike other gas generators.

You can keep your fridge on and drinks cold with a 1000 W generator! When there is a power outage, don’t worry about food going bad; just plug your refrigerator into your generator to keep it running for hours or even days!

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