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4 Must-Have Accessories for Overlanding Trucks

Photo by jasony00 via iStock

Accessories are what make overlanding easy and enjoyable.

You can rest in comfort under the shade of an awning or enjoy a cold drink out of your fridge. 

You can also have a comfortable place to sleep, and have on-demand power for your gadgets.

With accessories like these, camping using overlanding trucks is more comfortable than ever, and in today’s article, we’ll highlight four overland accessories that prove it.

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The Most Important Types of Accessories for Overlanding Trucks

Cooking dinner in overlanding campsite

Photo by sshepard via iStock

In our opinion, the most important accessories for overlanding trucks are accessories that provide peace of mind and comfort. 

For example, a fridge provides the peace of mind that your food will stay fresh. An awning provides the comfort of having some shade or shelter from the rain to sit under. 

All these are details that make your days on the road much more enjoyable.

Of course, there are dozens – hundreds, really – of overlanding accessories you can buy to beef up overlanding trucks. The question is, which ones are must-haves?

Overlanding Trucks Accessory #1 – SMRT Summit Suite

smrt tent summit suite first impressions

Image Credit: SMRT Tent

The first item on our overlanding trucks list is the SMRT Summit Suite rooftop tent. This is a tent made to sleep three people while also being able to provide additional storage space. 

It has a rooftop capacity of 175 lbs when traveling and 80 lbs when the tent is open. This is great for carrying extra gear like bikes, lightweight watercraft, storage boxes, or even tools.

One of the main issues with most rooftop tents is that you lose most of your roof storage space. The SMRT Summit Suite overcomes these issues. 


Image Credit: SMRT Tent

The tent offers add-ons that need to be purchased separately; however, when buying, you will have everything needed to use it.

The outer shell is made from powder-coated heavy-duty honeycomb and extruded aluminum for durability and puncture resistance, while high-quality weather stripping provides a seal between the upper and lower shells when closed. 

The SMRT Summit Suite will be able to withstand the test of time due to an aluminum handle and stainless-steel hardware that provide longevity and resistance to corrosion.

Smrt Mounting Channels

In addition to the rust-proof hardware, you get 280g ripstop polyester/cotton canvas with a 19000mm PU coating and a UPF 40 rating to resist weather, mold, and mildew. Furthermore, it is breathable and quick-drying.

To ensure sleeping comfort, a high-density 3-inch EPS open-cell foam mattress that provides comfort and water resistance is included.


Image Credit: SMRT Tent

With all the above accessories and more, there is no denying that with the SMRT Summit Suite, you’ll remain comfortable while also losing minimal storage space on your roof.

Before you install the tent, make sure that your roof rack is rated to carry the weight of the tent and the additional 175lbs of storage it can hold.

Having an overloaded roof can lead to insurance issues in the case of an accident, and you certainly do not want that!

Overlanding Trucks Accessory #2 – SMRT 2M Straight Awning

SMRT 2M Straight Awning

An awning to accompany your rooftop tent can make overlanding trucks even more comfortable for camping.

In this case, the SMRT 2M Straight Awning attaches to your SMRT rooftop tent quickly and easily. 

When fully extended, this awning offers 52.6 square feet of coverage and measures 76.5 x 99 inches long.

Like the tent, it is made from 280g ripstop polyester/cotton canvas tent material with a 1,900 mm PU coating and a UPF 40 rating that resists weather, mold, and mildew. It is also breathable and quick drying.

SMRT 2M Straight Awning

Image Credit: SMRT Tent

The SMRT awning offers stainless-steel hardware and an aluminum frame that again provide durability and longevity. 

With the awning, you also get collapsible twist ‘n’ lock aluminum poles that adjust to varying heights when opened.

When you’re ready to leave camp, the awning packs away into a slim package (80 x 5 x 3.5) and is protected by a water-resistant travel bag.

Overlanding Trucks Accessory #3 – ARB Fridge


ARB fridge freezer

Image Credit: Amazon

One of the most important accessories for any long overland trip is a fridge. Coolers can do the job, but replacing the ice can get frustrating – especially if you are off-grid and have no access to shops. 

We recommend you go for a good-quality fridge as these things get a beating in the back of our trucks, and they are not cheap to replace. Remember, buy quality, and buy it once!

The ARB fridge freezer offers Bluetooth connectivity that allows both monitoring and control of your fridge via a mobile application.

ARB fridge freezer

Image Credit: Amazon

When buying, you will have to choose between 37 quarts and 50 quarts, depending on your needs.

The ARB fridges have been used by overlanders all over the world for decades. When buying such a product, you can be sure that it will serve you well for years to come. 

When it comes to off-road accessories, ARB is hard to beat!

Overlanding Trucks Accessory #4 – Portable Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station

Image Credit: Amazon

In our overlanding trucks, we need something that enables us to power the fridge and charge all our electrical devices. 

For this, a solar generator is a great option. It provides silent power that can be replenished either while driving or by using solar panels. 

For a couple of people, the Jackery 1000 will do a great job of keeping your fridge cool while also charging phones or tablets. 

If you need more power for a larger family, you can go for an even larger unit such as the Jackery 1500.

Once you have the luxury of ample electricity at camp, you will never go back. Staying warm, cooling down, or charging devices is no longer an issue.

Must-Have Accessories for Overlanding Trucks – Final Thoughts

4x4 on the savannah

Photo by maxrix via iStock

Deciding what accessories we need for our overlanding trucks can be a daunting task.

The items listed above will provide you with a great base for a comfortable camping setup that will help you enjoy every location you visit in your overlanding truck.

If you have any further questions regarding overlanding trucks, or for any other off-road or overlanding-related questions, visit the forum section of our page.

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