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Five Truck Camping Accessories to Buy Right Now

photo by ianmcdonnell via iStock

It is true that one does not need all the gear to start overlanding. However, there are some truck camping accessories that will make life at camp easier – especially during the winter months. 

Because of this, we decided to compile a list of five useful options.

These are truck camping accessories that will provide value to people who are just getting into truck camping or even to those who have been doing it for a long time.

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ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator


For most people, the lack of electricity is perhaps what makes camping uncomfortable. All the comfort items such as a heater, hot water, lighting, and even cooling are far easier to get when there is access to electricity.

Because of that, first on the list of truck camping accessories is the ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator

As the name suggests, this generator runs by using propane. This is great as propane is easy to transport, readily available, and cheap to buy.

alp propane generator

The ALP 1000 can run for 60 hours on a 20 lb. tank, and 3 hours on a 1 lb. tank. Furthermore, with a noise rating of just 52dba, you will have no issues carrying out a conversation around camp or sleeping at night. It’s just one of the reasons why I like this generator so much.

The generator is also EPA & CARB approved and can produce twice the power when running parallel ports, should you need the extra juice.


The ALP 1000 is the most important gadget in the list of truck camping accessories as electricity at camp opens a whole other level of comfort!

As mentioned above, you can use a generator like this to have heat or cooling, to have hot water, and to run lights. You can also use a generator to charge your electronic devices or run small items like a coffee pot or an electric blanket.

In other words, having a generator on hand opens up many different doors for increased comfort while camping in your truck!

Bedsure Heated Electric Blanket

heated blanket by Bedsure

Because of the ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator, you can easily add a heated blanket to your truck camping accessories. 

Sleeping in the bed of the truck can get cold and miserable without heating equipment. 

A heated blanket can make a huge difference in the comfort of your sleep – especially if you have no way to increase the ambient temperature in the truck. 

heated blanket by Bedsure

This heated blanket by Bedsure is the perfect choice as it offers six heat levels, can be machine washed, and has a 4.5/5 rating based on nearly 6,000 reviews on Amazon.

Not being able to sleep at camp will get you tired of the activity pretty quickly. Camping isn’t meant to be uncomfortable; it is meant to be fun. Have more fun with a heated blanket like this!

Coleman QuickBed Elite Extra High Airbed

truck camping accessories Coleman QuickBed Elite Extra High Airbed

Air beds are one of the most convenient ways to sleep comfortably and maintain all your truck storage space. 

Keep them deflated during the day and when night-time comes inflate and sleep comfortably. 

When it comes to truck camping accessories this is even more important due to the space available in the bed.

In many cases, a decently sized air mattress can be inflated in the back which will provide a comfortable sleeping platform.

Coleman has been making outdoor products for decades; therefore, their quick bed should make the perfect candidate. You can opt for a twin-sized mattress or a queen. 

SMRT Sky Loft

SMRT Sky Loft

If sleeping in the bed of your truck doesn’t suit your fancy, perhaps a rooftop tent is a better option for your truck camping adventures.

I have an SMRT Summit Suite, and I absolutely love it. But it’s a bit big for putting on the top of a truck, so the SMRT Sky Loft would be the way to go.

The Sky Loft can comfortably accommodate one or two people, is super fast to open and close, and offers you storage space inside the tent. What’s more, you can leave some of your bedding in the tent when it’s packed up, which frees up even more storage space inside your truck cab and bed.

SMRT Sky Loft

The tent has an upper and lower shell that’s made from impact-resistant injection-molded ABS plastic. To go along with that, there’s an aluminum frame in the lower shell to give the tent more rigidity and support.

The mounting tracks are also made of aluminum to give the tent a solid base for accommodating the weight of you and your gear. The aluminum theme continues to the telescopic ladder, which you can mount at multiple points for different points of entry.


Other features include:

  • Quilted polyester fabric on the inside of the shell, which negates the need for an anti-condensation mat
  • Canvas and mesh windows for ventilation
  • A 3-inch EPS open-cell foam mattress with removable mattress cover
  • Two shoe bags
  • High-quality SPS zippers
  • Stainless steel hardware

And that’s just the start!

At the end of the day, you want truck camping accessories that are well-made and offer you the comfort and functionality you demand. That’s precisely what you get with the SMRT Sky Loft!

Pelonis 2-in-1 Portable Heating Fan


truck camping accessories Pelonis 2-in-1 Portable Heating FanIf you have ever camped in cold temperatures, you know the potential for discomfort. 

By layering up and using the correct sleeping bag your body stays warm. However, the cold ambient temperatures lead to a blocked nose and many times a sore throat.

To avoid that, we need something that will slightly increase the ambient temperature in the bed of the truck. 

Therefore, the final product on our list of truck bed camping accessories is a portable heating fan

Pelonis 2-in-1 Portable Heating Fan

This product by Pelonis features a fan and heating setting, tip over and overheat protection and it is the perfect size to carry in your truck while also being a bit more energy efficient.

Feed this little heater with power from a generator and make winter nights at camp much more comfortable! 

The best way to use any heating source that is located inside your sleeping area is to use it to warm up the space before you go to bed and switch it off when it is time to sleep.

Which Truck Camping Accessories are Right for You?

Truck Camping

photo by ianmcdonnell via iStock

The above items are, in our opinion, some truck camping accessories that will make life at camp, especially during winter, much more comfortable.

But we also recognize that every person’s needs and wants are different. What works for us might not work for you, and that’s okay!

Nevertheless, this list of truck camping accessories gives you a good leaping point for considering what you need for your setup. If you need any further recommendations regarding truck camping accessories or any other off-road or overland-related topics, post them in the forum section of the site! 

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