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3 Benefits of an Overlanding Pop Up Camper

An overlanding pop up camper is a great type of trailer for off-road adventures.

Why? It’s simple! The design enables us to have space at camp while maintaining a slimmed-down package when traveling. 

In today’s article, we’ll discuss three main benefits of pop up campers. Also, we’ll look into a trailer option that should be on top of your wish list. 

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Three Benefits of a Pop Up Camper

Conqueror UEV-490


The first benefit of an overlanding pop up camper is the fact that you can have a lot of space at camp and a trim design when on the road. 

As the name suggests, a pop up camper has certain parts such as the roof or rear area that pop out. This offers more headroom and sleeping space while at camp. 

When folded back down, the trailer remains more aerodynamic. This helps save fuel, maintain rear view visibility, and aids in driving along deep forest trails with low-hanging branches.


Conqueror UEV-490

An overlanding pop up camper is also light, which means it can be towed by many 4×4 vehicles on the market.

If you’ve towed a heavy trailer before, you know it isn’t the easiest task. If it’s windy out, the trailer can shift and move on the road, and the added drag makes it more difficult to tow. 

Pop ups are small and light, which improves the towing experience. Furthermore, because they fold down to a relatively small size, they aren’t affected by side winds as much.

Both of the above mean that most pop up camper trailers have fewer stability issues on the road – and a less stressful experience for you behind the wheel.

They Keep Us Closer to Nature

Conqueror UEV-490

A full-sized RV or trailer is comfortable, but it can sometimes defeat the purpose of being in nature…

I mean, think about it – once you’re in an RV or big trailer for the night, you have no connection with the world around you. You are once again closed into a small room just like you are at home. 

Of course, you can open up a window, but the experience isn’t the same as in a tent.

This is where pop up campers come into play…

Conqueror UEV-490

You see, the part that pops up is usually made from canvas and has windows with insect screens all around. Therefore, when sitting or sleeping inside the camper, you feel the breeze and hear the sounds of nature just like you would in a normal tent. 

Unlike a tent, though, a pop up camper offers more security, comfort, and storage space. A win-win situation! 

Bonus: They’re Budget-Friendly 

When it comes to trailers, the overlanding pop up camper is one of the most budget-friendly options. 

They are often cheaper to buy, and because of their lightweight design, they are also often cheaper to run.

The smaller size also means they need less space for storage.

Don’t be fooled, though. An overlanding pop up camper may be cheaper to run, but it will still provide most of the accommodations and amenities of normal trailers. 

Our Overlanding Pop Up Camper of Choice – The Conqueror UEV-490


Assembled using aeronautical building techniques and motor industry-grade materials, there is no doubt why the Conqueror UEV-490 is our overlanding pop up camper of choice. 

The UEV-490 has a slide-out kitchen with all the features you need for off-grid cooking.

Conqueror UEV-490 SnowMaster fridgefreezer

There’s a two-burner Dometic gas cooktop, an 82L SnowMaster fridge/freezer, and twin washbasins. You’ll also find cutlery and crockery storage, an inside/outside minibar, and a powder-coated integrated camping table.

Conqueror UEV-490 entertainment

For entertainment, you get a 19-inch DVD/USB media player screen, four surround speakers, and AM/FM CD stereo with Bluetooth and USB. 

The bathroom has a quick-release rear shower tent for getting cleaned up. There’s a shower housing with an extended hose and quick-release connection and a fully-enclosed awning with side walls and lighting, too.

Conqueror UEV-490 rear

All your power needs are covered by a REDARC BMS 30 with DC-DC, and two 240-12v solar inputs. Two 1000AH AGM Batteries are responsible for storing all of the power. 

Other power features include:

  • 50 AMP Anderson Plug (Regulated)
  • 50 AMP DC-DC Anderson Plug (Unregulated)
  • Two 200-watt solar blankets
  • Three dual USB charging points
  • 15-amp 240V charging lead

The UEV-490 is a Capable Off-Roader 


With the UEV-490, tackling tough off-road trails will be no issue. The DO35 off-road hitch offers the movement needed for the trailer to roll over uneven terrain, while the 33-inch tires do a great job of providing grip and clearance.

The chassis is galvanized to protect against rust, and the trailer rides on an independent suspension.

Heavy-duty shock absorbers and commercial-grade airbags with bump stops make sure the trailer behaves as it should, even when loaded.

Conqueror UEV-490 rear

A full-sized spare tire and high lift jack points provide peace of mind knowing that even if you get a flat on the trail, you have the option of replacing it. 

Unlike most camper trailers, body components on the UEV-490 are modular; therefore, if you happen to ding them when off-roading, they can be replaced. 

The trailer comes with other goodies, too, like an on-board air compressor, two front stabilizer arms, and adjustable rear stabilizers.

In other words, this bad boy is ready to hit the trails!

Overlanding Pop Up Camper – Final Thoughts

Overlanding Pop Up Camper – Final Thoughts Conqueror UEV 490

An overlanding pop up camper can be a great solution for our off-road adventures. 

This trailer design offers ease of towing, plenty of space, and tons of amenities in one package. 

If you’re in the market for a pop up camper trailer, we suggest having a look at the UEV-490. It’s a great product with an excellent track record built by people that are passionate about overlanding and off-roading adventures. What’s not to like about that?!

If you have any further overlanding pop-up camper questions (or for anything else off-road or overland-related), head over to the forum section of our site. 

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