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4 Easy (and Effective!) Overlanding Organization Ideas

Embarking on an overlanding adventure brings the thrill of exploring the uncharted, but it also poses the challenge of organizing and storing all your necessary gear. Effective organization is key to maximizing space and ensuring a smooth, enjoyable experience. With the right overlanding organization ideas, you can streamline your setup, making it easier to access what you need when you need it. 

In this article, we explore four simple yet effective ideas to keep your overlanding gear orderly and accessible, focusing on innovative solutions like Space Trailers, which we’ve detailed in our review here. Join us as we delve into strategies that promise to enhance your overlanding organization, making your adventures both memorable and manageable.

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A Compact Gear Trailer is the Best Overlanding Organization Idea

Packing a Space Trailer in the winter

Space Trailers is a standout solution for overlanders, offering unparalleled ease and functionality. Weighing just 700 lbs and measuring 4 ft by 7 ft, it’s easily towable by a wide range of vehicles. This lightweight design doesn’t compromise on storage space, making it perfect for carrying all your essential gear without the burden of a heavy, cumbersome trailer.

Innovative features like vertical storage capability redefine trailer storage efficiency. With the Space Bumper and adjustable tongue design, the Space Trailer can be stored upright, minimizing its footprint. This unique feature solves the common problem of trailer storage, especially in limited spaces, making it a game-changer for overlanding enthusiasts.

space trailer in the woods

Customization is another area where the Space Trailer excels, offering options to suit any adventurer’s needs. Choices of 13” or 15” wheels and a variety of accessories like kayak racks and bike carriers ensure your trailer is tailored to your specific overlanding requirements. This customization, along with its compact design and ease of use, makes the Space Trailer an integral part of any overlanding adventure, enhancing both organization and efficiency.

Overlanding Organization Ideas: Invest in Modular Storage Solutions

Dog in packed car

Photo by ArtistGNDphotography via iStock

Modular storage solutions are essential for keeping gear organized and easily accessible during overlanding adventures. Stackable and modular storage bins fit neatly into any vehicle or trailer, including the Space Trailer, making optimal use of space. These bins can be rearranged based on the needs of each trip, ensuring that all gear is organized and easy to find.

Collapsible storage containers offer an additional advantage by saving space when not in use. These versatile solutions can be expanded to store gear during your trip and collapsed for efficient storage afterward. This feature is particularly useful in overlanding, where space is at a premium, both in your vehicle and at home.

plastic storage containers/bins

Photo by niuniu via iStock

To further enhance organization, labeling bins or employing a color-coding system is highly effective. This method allows for quick identification of contents, reducing the time spent searching for items. Whether you’re looking for kitchen utensils, camping tools, or personal items, labeled or color-coded bins ensure everything is at your fingertips, streamlining your setup and packing processes.

Drawer Systems and Cargo Organizers are a Must

aiden james double decker drawer 7

Integrating drawer systems and cargo organizers into your overlanding setup is essential for enhancing storage efficiency. These systems, like the one shown above and below by Aiden James Customs, securely house your tools, cookware, and supplies, making every inch of space in your vehicle or Space Trailer count. They ensure your items remain secure, even on the roughest terrains, providing peace of mind throughout your journey.

Utilizing dividers and inserts within these drawer systems allows for the meticulous organization of your gear. This setup not only facilitates easy access but also keeps your equipment in pristine condition by preventing movement and damage during travel. Whether you’re storing kitchen utensils or camping gear, compartmentalization is key to maintaining order and accessibility.

aiden james double decker drawer 5

The market offers a wide range of drawer systems and cargo organizers, from custom-built solutions tailored to your specific overlanding needs to off-the-shelf options that are ready to install. Custom solutions can be designed to fit the unique dimensions and storage requirements of your vehicle or Space Trailer, while off-the-shelf models provide a quick and effective way to upgrade your storage capabilities.

Overlanding Organization Ideas: Magnetic Mounts and Hooks 

magnetic spice cans at a reflective wall

Photo by prill via iStock

Attaching magnetic mounts or hooks to the exterior of your vehicle or Space Trailer offers a clever solution for storing metal tools, utensils, or cooking equipment securely. This not only maximizes the available space but also keeps these items within easy reach. 

Magnetic spice containers like those shown above are also a brilliant addition to the overlanding kitchen setup. By keeping spices organized and accessible, meal preparation becomes simpler and more enjoyable. These containers can attach to any metal surface, ensuring your favorite flavors are always at hand without taking up precious cabinet or countertop space.

Implementing magnetic storage solutions is a practical and efficient way to enhance your overlanding organization. With these in place, managing your equipment and cooking essentials becomes effortless, letting you focus on the adventure ahead.

DIY Overlanding Organization Ideas 

Doing laundry outdoors at caravan. Buckets outside and washing machine working inside of camper storage.

Photo by Anetlanda via iStock

Creating custom storage solutions with PVC pipe, bungee cords, or Velcro straps offers a flexible and cost-effective way to secure gear inside your vehicle or on the roof rack. These materials can be easily tailored to fit specific items, ensuring everything from cooking utensils to camping equipment is neatly organized and firmly in place. This DIY approach allows for the personalization of storage solutions to match the unique needs of your overlanding adventure.

Repurposing household items like shoe organizers, plastic bins, or hanging organizers is another innovative strategy for overlanding storage. Shoe organizers can be hung on the back of seats to store small items, while plastic bins are perfect for compartmentalizing gear in the trunk or trailer. Hanging organizers can utilize vertical space in tents or trailers, making essential items easily accessible. This reuse of common household items for overlanding storage is not only environmentally friendly but also budget-conscious.

These DIY overlanding organization ideas empower adventurers to customize their storage solutions, enhancing efficiency and accessibility. By leveraging simple materials and household items, overlanders can create a highly organized and functional space within their vehicle or trailer. This personalized approach to organization ensures that every piece of gear has its place, making packing and unpacking a breeze and allowing more time to enjoy the journey.

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