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2021 Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts Under $50

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We’re coming down to the wire with the holiday shopping season…

If you still have some shopping to do and you have a budget of $50, there are all sorts of awesome gifts you can buy for the overlanding or off-roading enthusiast in your life.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite items and the most useful items you can have in your overlanding or off-roading kit.

Gifts Under $50: Camp Chef 5-Piece Chef Set

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When you’re out camping or overlanding, that doesn’t mean that you have to cook primitively. Heck, I have a Camp Chef Pro60X two-burner stove that I take with me on my trips so I have a nice, big area to cook.

Of course, having the right cooking implements means having a good set of chef’s tools so you can whip up some great camping meals. The Camp Chef 5-Piece Chef Set is exactly what your favorite overlanding or off-roading enthusiast needs!

This set includes a seven-inch spatula with beveled edges, a 7-inch hardened stainless steel santoku knife, heavy-duty tongs, a flat-nosed spoon, and a nice carrying case to tote it all around in.

Learn more about the Camp Chef 5-Piece Chef Set

ECOTRIC Recovery Boards

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Overlanding and off-roading can get gnarly sometimes what with mud, snow, and sand potentially causing some difficulties.

A great way to enhance a vehicle’s ability to make it through difficult driving conditions is with a good set of traction boards.

Some traction boards cost hundreds of dollars, but this option from ECOTRIC will save you some money while still providing the person on your shopping list with capable boards for escaping the muck

Learn more about the ECOTRIC Recovery Boards

Gifts Under $50: Nilight TR-09 3PCS 60 Bed Light Strip

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If the person you’re shopping for has a truck with a bed cover or topper on it, it can be really difficult to see what’s inside – especially when they’re camping or overlanding.

These LED strip lights from Nilight offer 6000K super bright light to illuminate the bed. They attach using peel-and-stick self-adhesive tape, so there’s no drilling or other modifications that have to be made to the bed.

The kit comes with the electrical hookups and hardware, too!

Learn more about the Nilight TR-09 3PCS 60 Bed Light Strip

AUTMATCH 3/4″ D Ring Shackles

61Rn1ajjlpL. AC SL1200

These 3/4-inch shackles are made of forged steel and offer a whopping 68,000-pound breaking strength with a towing capacity of up to eight tons.

The shackles each have 7/8-inch screw pins for added strength as well as rubber shackle isolators that prevent the shackles from damaging the bumper and making noise as you drive down the road.

These would be perfect for off-roading and overlanding applications for use with snatch straps or tow straps during recovery operations. The red color looks great too!

Learn more about the AUTMATCH 3/4″ D Ring Shackles

Gifts Under $50: BUNKER INDUST Tow Strap with Hooks

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A tow strap is a must-have for overlanding and off-roading, and this under-$50 option will certainly do the job.

The 3-inch strap is 20 feet long and comes with shackles should you need to attach another tow strap for added length.

But this tow strap isn’t just for towing – it can be used as a winch extension, a tree saver strap, or a recovery strap.

Learn more about the BUNKER INDUST Tow Strap with Hooks

Zone Tech Sherpa Fleece Travel Blanket

81KPNk8FExL. AC SL1500

This travel fleece blanket is perfect for keeping that travel companion that’s always cold a little warmer.

The premium quality plush blanket is 59 x 43 inches and can be used with DC or AC power.

Use it in the car on the way to a destination or in a tent once you set up camp (with a generator for power, of course).

Learn more about the Zone Tech Sherpa Fleece Travel Blanket

Gifts Under $50: WAWUI Portable Solar Generator

61 LC70uYRL. AC SL1500

If the overlanding or off-roading enthusiast on your holiday shopping list needs a small power source, this is a good option.

The 42Wh battery comes with a solar panel to offer expanded power opportunities when camping. In fact, it can offer power for over 32 hours!

The unit includes its own lights, USB charging, a compact design, and great portability as well!

Learn more about the WAWUI Portable Solar Generator

ROBLOCK Wheel Chocks

71IpFxt0i7L. AC SL1500

If you or someone on your holiday shopping list has a camper or RV, chocks are a necessity to ensure your rig stays put.

These chocks are 4.1″ Long x 7.8″ Wide x 3.9″ High and have reflective tape so you can see them better at night.

The robust rubber construction makes these durable and long-lasting chocks that can be used for years and years to come in all manner of environments!

Learn more about the ROBLOCK Wheel Chocks

Gifts Under $50: BOJEEL 20000mAh Solar Power Bank

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This little solar power bank offers three USB outputs, a type-C charger and wireless charging so you can charge your phone and other accessories. It also has a 36-LED flashlight that is more than powerful enough to light up camp.

With a solar panel, this unit can charge itself with an appropriate amount of exposure to the sun. It can also be charged using a 5V/2A adapter.

When you’re camping or overlanding, it’s handy to have a small power station to keep your devices juiced up. This solar bank can do just that – and for under $50!

Learn more about the BOJEEL 20000mAh Solar Power Bank

Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair

71ifE+CJ+EL. AC SL1097

You can never have too many camp chairs, and for well under $50, you can get one that is comfortable, easy to set up and transport, and has dual-locking mechanisms.

This chair also has two cup holders for your beverages, an organizer with zipper and mesh pockets, and a carrying strap for portability.

With support for up to 300 pounds, this chair is a perfect option for camping enthusiasts that want a comfortable place to sit.

Learn more about the Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair

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