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Which TAXA Outdoors Trailer is Right for You?

In case you missed it, I recently reviewed several trailers from TAXA Outdoors – the TigerMoth, Woolly Bear, and Cricket.

Each of these trailers, which I had a chance to see up close and personal when I visited BTR Outfitters in Texas earlier this year, has its own unique set of features and amenities for different camping and overlanding needs.

And while each review linked above gives you the nitty-gritty on each TAXA Outdoors trailer, I thought it would be helpful to give you a head-to-head-to-head look in a single spot. So, let’s get to it!

Table of Contents

TAXA Outdoors Trailer – The TigerMoth

tigermoth exterior

Let’s put the TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth into the “small but mighty” category…

This trailer is less than 13 feet long and just over 1,300 pounds dry for the standard configuration. That makes it an ideal option for solo overlanding trips or trips with your favorite person (or dog!).

You can tow this trailer with a 4-cylinder car, so you don’t have to invest in a big ol’ truck to get it down the road. That makes it a budget-conscious trailer as well.


Despite its small size, the TigerMoth offers nearly 1,000 pounds of cargo capacity. Load up, take the TigerMoth on a long journey, and have all the gear you need to be comfortable! With amenities like 15 inches of ground clearance, rugged 235/75R15 tires wrapped around 15-inch steel wheels, and a torsion axle suspension, your adventures can be in the dirt and mud, too. Get a full tour of these and other features in my video below:

Other features in this TAXA Outdoors trailer include:

  • A slide-out Baltic birch plywood kitchen with a two-burner stove
  • A roof rack with a 200-pound capacity
  • LED lighting inside and out, 12V power outlets, USB outlets, and pre-wiring for a solar power system
  • A powder-coated steel chassis and laser-cut powder-coated aluminum skeleton
  • Kynar-painted aluminum composite body panels
  • Acrylic insulated windows
  • A convertible bed/couch with 12 cubic feet of storage underneath
  • A collapsible 21″ x 18″ cafe table

taxa outdoors tigermoth 11

But, one of my favorite features of this TAXA Outdoors trailer is the large side hatch.

One of the problems of a small camping trailer is that the interior feels a little cramped. But the TigerMoth solves this problem with the huge side hatch shown above.

Not only is this hatch great for making ingress and egress easier, but it also enables indoor-outdoor living. Enjoy the fresh air while you lounge inside! What’s not to like about that?!

Get more details about the TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth




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TAXA Outdoors Trailer – The Woolly Bear

taxa outdoors woolly bear features

I’d describe the TAXA Outdoors Woolly Bear as being in the “off-grid camping” category. Why? Well, that’s easy! This trailer has all the business parts (storage, galley, etc.) in the trailer, and then you sleep up top in a rooftop tent away from all the creatures and critters you might encounter when you’re camping way off-grid.

But the Woolly Bear is also a great off-grid camping trailer because it’s small (less than 11 feet long) and lightweight (less than 1,300 pounds dry). If you have a Jeep Wrangler, for example, it will have no problem towing this little guy. Heck, you can tow the Woolly Bear with your UTV if you want!

taxa outdoors woolly bear review

Like the TigerMoth, the Woolly Bear is capable of carrying a lot of gear – 830 pounds, to be exact. That’s a lot of food, water, and other necessities you’ll need for your off-grid camping trips!

To get off-grid, you can rely on the Woolly Bear’s torsion axle suspension, electric brakes, and 15-inch steel wheels with 235/75R15 all-terrain tires. You get a full-size spare, 12 inches of ground clearance, and a powder-coated steel chassis, too. All of these features make the Woolly Bear a well-built, reliable, and durable rig for your next adventure. Get a look at this trailer in the video below by TAXA Outdoors:

Other features of this TAXA Outdoors trailer include:

  • A full-size kitchen with food and gear storage, LED lighting, a stainless steel counter, and a Birch plywood kitchen organizer. There’s also a slide-out for up to a 45-quart cooler!
  • LED lighting under the trailer and in cargo areas
  • Lots of 12V and USB outlets
  • A rear accessory hitch for adding a bike rack or another accessory
  • Powder-coated gravel guards
  • Powder-coated adjustable steel risers to support an elevated platform for gear storage or a rooftop tent
  • Lock ‘N Roll trailer hitch for off-road travel
  • 800-pound swivel tongue jack to move the trailer more easily

taxa outoors woolly bear options

On top of all these features, you can add optional goodies to really outfit the Woolly Bear. You can add a Thule rooftop tent, a five-pound propane tank and mount, a six-foot awning, or a mosquito room, if you like.

In other words, the Woolly Bear is a well-appointed, customizable rig packed with features and off-road prowess!

Learn more about the TAXA Outdoors Woolly Bear

TAXA Outdoors Trailer – The Cricket

TAXA Outdoors Cricket exterior 2

Last but not least we have the TAXA Outdoors Cricket. Let’s put this in the “family trailer” category.

I know that “family trailer” indicates that it’s a big rig, but that’s just not the case. Despite having room for two adults and two kids inside, the Cricket is still just 15 feet long and weighs just 1,800 pounds dry. Again, just like the TigerMoth and Woolly Bear, you can pull this sucker with a small SUV or truck!

TAXA Outdoors Cricket review

Your trips will be comfortable with your family, too. The Cricket accommodates 900 pounds of gear, so you can each have all the personal and comfort items you need for your journey.

Inside, you get 63 square feet of living space. The bed is 75″x59″ – perfect for two adults, while the optional kids’ area is 60″x22″. Since this is a pop-up trailer, you get far more headroom than you otherwise would. In fact, the tallest point of the trailer is 6’10”!

TAXA Outdoors Cricket interior 2

This trailer is light, airy, and bright, with the roof up and the five windows open. Yet, the Ripstop polyester material of the pop-up portion of the tent provides durable protection from the elements. The large rear hatch – similar to the side hatch I described earlier in the TigerMoth – offers additional ventilation and makes the trailer seem all the bigger when it’s open.

Get a look at the features of this trailer in the video below by TAXA Outdoors:

Other features of this TAXA Outdoors trailer include:

  • A complete plumbing system with a 15-gallon fresh water tank, a 16-gallon gray water tank, a city water inlet, and a water heater
  • An exterior shower with hot and cold water (you can add an optional portable toilet, too)
  • An electrical system with a WFCO 40-amp auto-detect power center with a battery compartment for two Group 24 or Group 27 batteries (batteries not included)
  • A full complement of 12V outlets, USB outlets, and LED lights
  • An interior galley with a two-burner stove, a sink, Baltic birch cabinetry, and a high-pressure laminate countertop
  • A Truma-Combi furnace and hot water heater
  • 15-inch alloy wheels, all-terrain tires, and a full-size spare
  • A torsion axle suspension with electric brakes
  • A powder-coated steel chassis, steel gravel guards, and 11 inches of ground clearance

TAXA Outdoors Cricket interior 3

Additionally, the laser-cut aluminum skeleton and Kynar-painted aluminum composite panels are lightweight, durable, and highly rugged. You can take this trailer on adventures on and off-road, and it’ll meet the challenge with superb build quality.

I have to say, I love how this trailer looks, too. I know a trailer’s aesthetics aren’t terribly important, but it sure looks cool!

Learn more about the TAXA Outdoors Cricket

Which Trailer Fits Your Needs?

TAXA Outdoors Cricket

So, we have three TAXA Outdoors trailer options, each with unique offerings for different types of trips.

If you want something small and lightweight for your adventures, the TigerMoth is a great option. But if you want something that’s small, lightweight, and ready for off-grid camping, the Woolly Bear might be a better fit.

Of course, the Cricket is a nice option if you have a small family or just want additional interior space for sleeping, cooking, and hanging out.

Whichever of these trailers you decide to choose, you’ll get something that’s beautifully built, rugged, and durable, so, really, can you go wrong?! Head over to BTR Outfitters today to check out these trailers in more detail. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the BTR Outfitters team if you have questions!

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