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TAXA Outdoors Cricket Trailer Review

For many of us that enjoy overlanding, having a trailer is a must. Yet, many trailers aren’t built to be rugged and lightweight – a combination that can be difficult to achieve.

Yet, TAXA Outdoors has done just that with its Cricket trailer. This small towable trailer can withstand the rigors of extended overlanding trips and do so while being towable by a car with a four-cylinder engine.

Looking at the Cricket, you can’t help but be excited by the possibilities of the adventures that lay ahead. The question is, does this trailer tick all the boxes for overland travel? Let’s find out in this TAXA Outdoors Cricket review!

Table of Contents

TAXA Outdoors Cricket Basic Specs

TAXA Outdoors Cricket exterior 2

At just 15 feet in length, the TAXA Outdoors Cricket is a perfectly-sized trailer for couples and small families. As we’ll discuss momentarily, this trailer offers enough space for two adults and two children inside, yet is small enough to fit inside a standard garage.

The value of having a trailer small enough to fit in your garage cannot be understated. Not only is there no need to pay for a storage unit for your trailer, but you can also protect it from UV rays, rain, snow, and other elements.

The TAXA Outdoors Cricket is just 1,800 pounds dry, making it super lightweight. Yet, you can add 900 pounds of gear for extended trips, so storage space is aplenty!

Even with a full complement of gear, this trailer still only weighs 2,700 pounds. As I mentioned earlier, it’s light enough to be towed by four-cylinder-powered vehicles, so there’s no need to invest in a big truck to pull it.

TAXA Outdoors Cricket interior 4

At 6’7″ wide, the TAXA Outdoors Cricket retains a svelte profile, so you’ll have no problem seeing around it with your rearview mirrors. The compact size of the trailer also makes it easy to tow and back into campsites or your garage.

Inside, you get 63 square feet of living space in a habitat that’s 5’3″ wide and 4’2″ to 6’10” tall when opened. The optional kids’ area is 60″x22″ while the 75″x59″ bed gives the adults a comfortable space to sleep.

Outside, the TAXA Outdoors Cricket has a 2,000-pound tongue jack, 15-inch alloy wheels with all-terrain tires (plus a full-size spare), and a torsion axle suspension with electric brakes. You can hit the rough stuff with 11 inches of ground clearance, powder-coated steel gravel guards, and a powder-coated steel chassis.

But enough about the nuts and bolts of this trailer. Let’s have a look at some of its critical features!

TAXA Outdoors Cricket Features

TAXA Outdoors Cricket interior 3

Let’s start with the interior of the trailer…

For starters, the trailer has a pop-up roof that gives you far more headroom than would be typical for a trailer this size. As mentioned before, the tallest point of the trailer when the roof is up is 6’10”! The steel hinge allows for easy movement of the roof up and down, plus the durable steel construction means long-lasting performance.

The pop-up portion of the trailer is made from recycled Ripstop polyester. This material is lightweight and durable, and can stand up to the rigors of wind and weather while you’re on your adventures. The tent has five (five!!) mesh windows that allow you to view your surroundings while also improving ventilation in the trailer.

Speaking of ventilation, the TAXA Outdoors Cricket has a rear hatch that improves airflow even further (while also providing you with easy access to the trailer from the outside). The 12-volt roof exhaust fan also helps keep air moving through the trailer.

TAXA Outdoors Cricket rear hatch

This trailer is also outfitted with a complete plumbing system. You get a 15-gallon fresh water tank, a 16-gallon gray water tank, a city water inlet, and a water heater. There’s an exterior shower with hot and cold water, and you can add a portable toilet to the mix as well!

Regarding the electrical system, you get a WFCO 40-amp auto-detect power center that’s designed to work with lithium batteries (batteries are not included). Additionally, there’s a battery compartment for two Group 24 or Group 27 batteries.

Throughout the TAXA Outdoors Cricket, you’ll find USB outlets and 12-volt accessory outlets, plus a 12-volt digital voltmeter and LED interior lighting. There’s also a Victron 75/15 SmartSolar Bluetooth charge controller.

TAXA Outdoors Cricket galley

The finishes in this trailer are absolutely beautiful. The non-slip seamless nickel patterned flooring is easy on the eyes and also provides a durable surface that can stand up to dirt and grime.

In the galley, you’ll find a high-pressure laminate countertop, a two-burner stove with a hinged lid, and a sink with a hinged lid. There’s a HDPE countertop behind the sink and stove as well.

TAXA Outdoors Cricket galley 2

The cabinets are made from Baltic birch plywood, and you get all sorts of storage for your gear, including a handy storage tower with three milk crate drawers. The rotating and netting cafe table gives you an additional 32″ x 19″ surface for preparing and eating meals.

TAXA Outdoors Cricket control systems

Another fantastic feature of the TAXA Outdoors Cricket is the Truma Combi Eco Furnace and water heater system. This setup is compact, yet highly efficient, and gives you the power to keep the trailer toasty warm, even during fall and winter camping when the ambient air temperature takes a nosedive.

To help keep the warm air in, TAXA Outdoors gave the cricket five acrylic windows, each of which is insulated. All windows also have screens and shades to keep the bugs out and block the sunlight when you want to sleep in!

TAXA Outdoors Cricket exterior

Outside, you’ll find all sorts of goodies. On top of the Cricket are roof racks that accommodate all sorts of optional gear (discussed below). You get two 20-pound propane tanks with a cover, a 12-volt accessory outlet, and LED exterior lighting, too.

The laser-cut aluminum skeleton and Kynar-painted aluminum composite panels aren’t just super lightweight, but they’re also extremely durable and rugged. What’s more, they look absolutely incredible with their NASA-inspired design.

TAXA Outdoors Cricket Options

TAXA Outdoors Cricket interior 2

Based on the lengthy discussion of features in the previous section, I think we can all agree that TAXA Outdoors hit it out of the park in terms of features and amenities.

But, hey, there’s always room to customize the TAXA Outdoors Cricket with fun and functional options…

As mentioned earlier, you can add a hanging kid’s berth area to accommodate two kiddos (as long as they weigh 130 pounds or less. With a sleeping capacity of four people, you might want some outdoor living space so you can spread out a bit, and that’s what the “Soft Goods Package” provides. You get a THULE/TEPUI 6-foot awning and a mesh screen for the entry door so you can enjoy indoor-outdoor living.

TAXA Outdoors Cricket interior

Up top, you can add a THULE ProBar Evo 175 adjustable roof load bars for carrying additional gear, like your bikes or kayaks. Or, if you need a little more space for smaller gear, add a roof box!

Last, but not least, if you plan to adventure in warmer clients, TAXA Outdoors can add a 5,000 BTU window air conditioner to the Cricket to help keep it nice and cool.

Final Thoughts

TAXA Outdoors Cricket

TAXA Outdoors makes some of the most innovative trailers on the market today. As I’ve discussed with the Cricket trailer, there are features, amenities, and options galore that help make this compact trailer hit way out of its weight class.

But, investing in a camping trailer is more than just features and amenities. You want something that’s well-built, durable, and functional, too. That’s what you get with the TAXA Outdoors Cricket!

If you’re ready to give the Cricket a good, hard look, head over to BTR Outfitters to get all the details!

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