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Which Off Road Camping Trailer is Right For Your Needs?

When in the market for a camper trailer, you will quickly realize that there are countless types and options available. 

In our opinion, forward folding or larger pop-up type trailers are the best options for off road camper adventures. After all, these types of trailers maintain a smaller profile while you’re on the move, yet give you added living space once you set up camp.

In this article, we’ll compare the two to help you decide which one suits your type of adventure the best. 

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What are the Benefits of a Pop-Up trailer?

Obi Dweller 15 Front

Pop-up camper trailers tend to be less expensive than other options on the market. However, that does not mean they lack the amenities. As we’ll discuss later in the article, the OBi Dweller 15 offers everything you could possibly need when adventuring. 

Apart from the cost, pop-up trailers also tend to be lighter and easier to transport when compared to a similarly-sized trailer of a different type, like a travel trailer. The fact that you can fold and unfold the roof means that when driving you get less wind drag but retain your living space when parked. It is a win-win situation!

What are the Benefits of a Forward-Folding Trailer?

OBi Dweller 15

Forward-folding trailers like the OBi Graveler XT are even less expensive than pop-up trailers. They are also lighter, and their small dimensions mean that they can be easily towed and navigated through tough terrain. 

Obviously, space is reduced when compared to a pop-up camper. However, the ease of transport is easier. So, in this situation, you give up a little room for added maneuverability. 

Off Road Camping Trailer Build – Our Pop-Up Trailer of Choice – The Dweller 15 

Obi Dweller Right Side Profile

The OBi Dweller 15 has many design elements that are derived from the Australian trailer market. Due to the thousands of miles of unpaved roads available in the outback, Aussies know a thing or two when it comes to making a tough trailer.

The Dweller 15 offers an articulating hitch, independent coil suspension with dual heavy-duty shocks, and 16-inch wheels with all-terrain tires. The trailer is also equipped with four height-adjustable stabilizer jacks, a hot-dipped galvanized chassis, and electric drum brakes.


Inside and outside, you will find countless amenities. For example, the Dweller 15 comes with:

  • Expanding pop-top roof
  • High-end laminated cabinets and flooring
  • En suite shower (optional) and cassette toilet
  • Plush folding queen mattress (69.5″ x 80″)
  • Under-bunk A/C system
  • Extenda bed
  • Truma Combi furnace and water heater
  • Day or night window shades with bug-out screens
  • Dining table
  • Skylight
  • T.V. with DVD and stereo
  • 12′ electric awning
  • Outdoor shower unit
  • Pull out galley with sink and two-burner stove top
  • Pull out full-size divided refrigerator and freezer
  • Electric entry step

That’s a long list of features!

For water storage, the Dweller 15 offers a 21-gallon fresh water tank, a 31-gallon city water tank, and a 21-gallon grey water tank. To keep you connected regardless of your location, you get a 2000-watt inverter, three 100-watt solar panels, and three 100AH AGM batteries. 

The weight specs for the trailer come in at 5,070 pounds dry and 6,405 pounds GVWR with a 500-pound tongue weight. At 17.9 feet long, 6.8 feet wide, and 7.7 tall, it’s a nice, compact trailer. But, when the pop top is open, the height increases to 8.09 feet.

obi dweller 15 3

Just like any quality trailer should do, the Dweller 15 also offers the below safety features:

  • Dual safety towing chains
  • Front-mounted emergency brake
  • Lockable storage boxes
  • Exhaust fan
  • Main power shut down switch
  • LED exterior flood lights
  • LED signals and brake lights
  • Heavy duty mud flaps

This trailer is ideal for anyone who likes to head off-grid but wants to keep as many comforts and amenities as needed.

Additionally, OBi has a reputation for building high-quality products, so this trailer is a solid investment for years and years of use on-road, off-road, on-grid, and off-grid!

Off Road Camping Trailer Build – Our Forward-Fold Trailer of Choice – The OBI Graveler XT

OBi Graveler XT

The Graveler XT is an evolved version of the normal Graveler. It gets rid of the rooftop tent and uses an innovative, forward fold design with lavish living quarters that fold out. 

Even though this is a fold-forward camper, OBI has still managed to provide a lot of amenities: 

  • Spacious forward fold pop-up tent
  • Expandable annex tent
  • One queen bed
  • One full-size slide-out bed
  • Fold-down dining table 
  • Pull-out kitchen with two-burner stove with light
  • Sink with hot and cold faucet
  • Silverware drawer
  • Slide-out refrigerator drawer
  • Shower system
  • Portable toilet
  • User-configurable modular interior
  • LED interior lighting 
  • Front and rear winch
  • Seaflo water pump

What you need to keep in mind here is that most of these amenities are meant to be enjoyed outdoors, as this style of trailer doesn’t have the same interior space offered by something like the Dweller 15.

OBI Graveler XT 3

When it comes to durability and suspension, the Graveler XT features independent coil suspension with heavy-duty coils and springs, an articulating towing hitch, 16-inch off-road wheels, and all-terrain tires. 

Just like any off road camping trailer build should, the Graveler XT also offers great power options and electrical amenities. You get two 100Ah batteries, USB and 12v power sockets, a power and water control panel, LED tent lighting, and interior floor lights. 

Water storage options include 31-gallon and 13-gallon water tanks with skid plates and two rear-mounted jerry can holders.

OBI Graveler XT 2

For general item storage, you get flush-mounted exterior lockable storage boxes and interior under-seating storage. 

Safety items and weight specs include:

  • Dual safety towing chains
  • Exterior flood light
  • Front-mounted emergency brake
  • Dry weight: 3,659 pounds
  • GVWR: 4,409 pounds
  • Ball weight: 308 pounds

Off Road Camping Trailer Build – Final Thoughts


As you can see, there are significant differences between these two styles of camper. The Dweller 15 offers more interior space and a few more amenities, making towing more demanding. On the other hand, the Graveler XT trims things down a bit, but it is easier to tow. 

Choosing between the two is relatively simple. If you are someone who loves to hit some tougher trails and get further off-grid more often, then the Graveler XT is likely your choice.

On the other hand, if you mostly have a need for more space, the Dweller 15 is perhaps your better bet.

In either case, what you end up with is a trailer that’s impeccably designed, ruggedly built, and will be able to handle your off-road adventures with ease. 

If you have any further questions regarding camper trailers or anything else related to overlanding or off roading, visit the forum section of our page. 

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