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Camp in Style With This Spacious Rooftop Tent With Annex

When it comes to rooftop tents, there are countless choices on the market, both in terms of types and brands.

One of the best available options is The Softshell Tent by SMRT Tent. I’ve had an SMRT tent for about a year now, and the quality and design of the tent are next-level. The Softshell Tent is just one example of SMRT Tent’s commitment to making high-quality outdoor gear.

When this rooftop tent is paired with an Annex room, you’ll have an extremely comfortable setup for many days of camping.

Let’s have a look at the advantages it has to offer.

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Advantages of a Rooftop Tent

softshell-tent-from-smrt inside

Rooftop tents have become popular for good reason. First, they enable us to sleep elevated, which provides a sense of safety. It is more difficult for animals to reach the roof of a vehicle, and the tent is kept off the muddy or dusty ground; therefore, the bedding stays cleaner. Also, we get to enjoy the great views from a higher position.

Rooftop tents are also easier and quicker to set up than normal tents, as in most cases, the only thing you need to do is unfold them and add a few poles.

They also come with comfortable mattresses, whereas a normal tent comes empty. In the case of the SMRT Softshell tent, the mattress is an ultra-high density EPS open-cell foam mattress that is firm to the touch yet adaptive to your body. The mattress stays in the tent whether it is opened or closed making setting up camp far easier.

Rooftop tents can also sleep a lot of people and will take zero space inside your truck as they will be mounted on the roof or bed. The SMRT Softshell, for example, can sleep four people, and at just 128 pounds, can mount on the roof of your truck without issues.

Disadvantages of a Rooftop Tent

Softshell By SMRT Tent Ladder

Aside from the obvious that rooftop tents are harder to access, the disadvantage of a rooftop tent is that they add weight up high, therefore, changing your center of gravity. They also increase wind drag.

The reason the above points are an issue is that when off-roading, we need the center of gravity of our truck to be as low as possible to prevent rollovers. The weight of the rooftop tent will make the vehicle feel a bit more tippy.

The added wind drag will also decrease fuel economy and, in some instances, will lead to wind noise on the motorway. Since rooftop tents can be difficult to mount, you may also choose to have them on your roof permanently. This means that on every journey, regardless of if you are camping or not, you will have to deal with increased fuel consumption and wind noise.


Also, if you have a roof rack that’s used for storage, you will lose most of that space because it will be taken by the tent.

Finally, a rooftop tent doesn’t offer space outside of the tent, whereas a large ground tent can also serve as a living space in case the weather gets nasty. However, there is a solution to this problem – an annex!

Why a Rooftop Tent with Annex is a Great Option

SMRT Tent rooftop tent annex

A rooftop tent with annex provides both a comfortable place to sleep and a place to hang out. This annex from SMRT Tent is made to fit The Softshell Tent, and it provides an extra 56 square feet of covered space while also offering a covered entryway to your tent.

The annex features a front entryway with both a mesh canvas door and a rear door that provides you with access to your vehicle or truck bed through the annex. It has two windows with solid and mesh flaps, which allow you to take in the view or have added privacy. You can store the fabric of all windows out of the way by using the loop fasteners. Also, the base is removable with the help of a weather-resistant heavy-duty zipper.

SMRT Tent rooftop tent annex

The annex is made from 420D polyester Oxford mold and mildew-resistant fabric, which is seamed and coated for waterproofing and UV Protection.

An annex that mounts on your rooftop tent will take your camping experience to a whole other level because it adds privacy and weather coverage to an already comfortable sleeping setup.

Tips for Camping With a Rooftop Tent with Annex


Camping in a rooftop tent is relatively straightforward; however, there are a few points you will need to consider. First, you will need to make sure your vehicle is level, because if it isn’t, you will be sleeping at an angle.

Furthermore, before entering a trail, check that your truck won’t be too tall to fit, because if you scrape your rooftop tent on branches, you might damage its cover.

When arriving back home from your trip, leave the tent open so all the condensation can dry out. If the moisture stays in the tent, it may lead to mold and bad smells. If possible, try to avoid closing it when it’s wet.

Final Thoughts

Softshell Tent From Smrt

A rooftop tent with annex can transform the way we camp. It’s one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase the size of the covered living space you have.

Thankfully, annex rooms like this one from SMRT Tent exist for many different types and brands of rooftop tents. You just need to find the one that fits your current rooftop tent setup, then enjoy having much more space to stay out of the elements.

If you have any further rooftop tent-related questions or for anything else off-road or overland-related, head over to the forum section of our page.

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