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Which Camp Chef Stove is Best for Your Camping Adventures?

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Outdoor activities are fun and thrilling, and once you step away from the comfort of your home, things get serious. If you think camping is only about lying in your tent or exploring the woods with your friends, it is just the beginning

You have to eat, sleep, and live your everyday life, just not in the comfort of those four walls. Once you get tired from a day’s long hectic Overlanding, you’d like to eat something scrumptious and sizzling. But don’t even think that you’d have the energy to collect wood for burning and hunt for cooking.

To make your outdoor and camping life easier, Camp Chef came with a selection of sturdy and versatile portable stoves that you could carry along on your camping trips and take your outdoor pantry to the next level. Let’s have a look at the Camp Chef Stove lineup and find out which ones are best for your camping adventures.

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Explore the Versatile Range of Camping Stoves from Camp Chef

No matter what you’re planning to cook and how many people have joined you on the trip, there’s a Camp Chef Stove for every purpose. So let’s check these out and pick the right one for you!

Best Budget Camp Chef Stove – The Explorer 1X

Camp Chef Stove Explorer 1X

Image Credit: Camp Chef

This compact accessory is the one to get for perfect outdoor cooking and grilling. The Explorer 1X is sturdy, collapsible, and comes with a single-burner propane stove to help you cook whatever you feel like.

Whether it’s your breakfast, lunch, or midnight cravings while camping, the Pro 30 will be at your service. It also comes with a side shelf for additional storage and you can choose optional accessories to expand the utility of this handy camping stove.

When you get the Explorer 1X, it comes with a bag to help you carry it anywhere you want to go. With removable legs, 14-inch cook system family accessories, and 30,000 BTUs of heat/hour, no meal would remain a desire out there. So get this smart stove and make the most out of your camping and trekking trips.

Best Compact Camp Chef Stove – The Everest

Camp Chef Stove Everest camping stove

Image Credit: Camp Chef

Just like its name, the Everest camping stove by Camp Chef will take you there. Whether it’s fishing, boondocking, tailgating, or camping, this is the most portable propane stove you can get.

Featuring two burners and a sturdy frame, just unpack it and start grilling your favorite meal wherever you feel like it. We are sure that the name was inspired by the legendary peak, as this Camp Chef stove is all you need to suffice your outdoor cooking needs.

Thanks to a handle added in the frame, it can be easily carried, comes with a neoprene bag, and features a nickel-coated steel cooking grate. It can handle your pots and extra boxes while running a reliable 20,000 BTU heat with each burner/hour.

If this is not good enough for you, you can further enhance your Everest camping stove with unique Camp Chef stove accessories. No matter which type of adventure you’re heading on, this Camp Chef stove must be a part of your camping gear.


Editor’s Tip: You can never have enough prep space when you’re whipping up awesome camping meals. For that, the Tailgater Tire Table is a perfect solution! This sturdy table attaches to the wheel of your vehicle and can be used for a host of other uses, like eating dinner or playing a quick game of cards.

Best Freestanding Camp Chef Stove – The Pro 16

Camp Chef Stove Pro 16

Image Credit: Camp Chef

When the party size gets thick or you’re accompanied by a whole bunch of friends and families on your camping trips, the Pro 16 becomes a real lifesaver. The possibilities keep growing with this camping stove and there’s nothing that this Camp Chef Stove can’t handle.

With 3 propane burners, built-in leg levelers, easy folding legs, and options of adding different accessories on the sides and shelves, this is like using your home kitchen, just miles away from home in the wilderness.

Whether you’re tailgating, camping, or organizing an outdoor party, the Pro 16 with its 3 powerful burners would not let the party get dull or boring. Add a griddle on one side or a bbq grille on the other, there’s no limit to what you can have on the menu with this Camp Chef Stove. The combined heating output per hour is 90,000 BTU, enough to grille a bison!

Best Camp Chef Stove Kit – The Expedition 16

Camp Chef Stove Expedition 16

Image Credit: Camp Chef

This flagship Camp Chef Stove is the ultimate pantry king. Featuring 3 propane burners with tons of accessories, this is the peak of outdoor cooking. It comes with an oven, grille, and other optional accessories to help you ace that meet-up with friends.

Just like its name, Expedition 16 is the ideal setup for any outdoor Expedition you’re planning. The sturdy camping stove is made of nickel-coated steel and windshield on 3 sides to prevent any hindrance, and shelves for the toolbox and tissue box holder.

With matchless ignition and 30,000 BTU per burner heat, you’re never going to miss the kitchen back at home. Get the flagship burner from Camp Chef stove and take your camping experience to the next level!

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