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5 Trailer Camping Hacks to Make Overlanding More Functional

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We understand that planning and organizing a camping trip can be hectic, but who said it can’t be made fun and functional at the same time with some simple tricks and trailer camping hacks?

Like your daily life, you could use a few simple accessories and DIY add-ons to make your RVing fun and transform your camping site into a functional and comfortable space. You ought to have as much fun as you can, apart from being watchful about the safety of the camp trailer setup.

We have a few suggestions regarding trailer camping hacks for all the hardcore off-roaders out there. Take this advice to heart, and have yourself a brilliant Overlanding trip!

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Top 5 Trailer Camping Hacks You Can’t Ignore

With some ordinary and special items, you can make your trailer camping trip so much better and have a fantastic weekend away with friends. Let’s explore the best trailer camping hacks you ought to know right now.

Portable Solar Panels for Non-Stop Power

The Issue Of Shade And Solar Panels

Are you planning to have a long trip in the backcountry? You need a proper setup of an uninterrupted power.

Gone are the days of those huge gas or diesel generators. They take up too much of your gear space, add weight to the trailer, make tons of sound when running, and create a lot of pollution.

When it comes to a reliable power source outdoors, solar panel technology is where it’s at. Modern solar technology has become quite advanced and handy as well. You can get a generous setup of portable solar panels for your trailer camping trip and have a reliable power backup with you, without having to worry about space, weight, and running out of fuel.

Sunflare Solar Panel overhead

Sunflare has a series of versatile solar panels that are flexible and lightweight. Not only are they flexible to adapt to the mounting surface, but they’re also easy to install with an adhesive layer. Additionally, these solar panels have individual bypass diode technology in all the solar cells, meaning, if a cell is in the shade, the other cells continue to work.

On top of all that, these Sunflare XPLOR panels have a respectable 25-year warranty for peace of mind.

Sunflare camping solar panel

Not only can you use these panels on the rooftop of your trailer to save space, but they also don’t weigh a lot. There’s no noise, either! If you plan to watch movies on your TV, charge your phones and laptops, or run your water pump, this capable solar panel setup will do all this for you.

These solar panels are an all-in-one package for fun outdoor activities and one of the best trailer camping hacks you can use right now.

Where to Buy Sunflare XPLOR Solar Panels:

first impressions of SMRT Summit Suite with Jeep

Editor’s Tip: I have my Sunflare Xplor solar panels mounted on the hardshell of my SMRT Summit Suite Tent. The installation was incredibly easy and makes my super comfortable, well-made, and durable tent a power-collecting machine! The tent rides on top of my Turtleback Expedition Trailer, and gives me all the space I need to stretch out and relax up off the ground and away from predators. It’s the ideal setup!

Trailer Camping Hacks: Bring a Gazebo for Extra Room

collapsible gazebo tent

Trailer camping is fun but there’s one thing you really miss when out there, it’s the space. Trailer camping is a compact way of traveling far distances and having the freedom of setting up your rig wherever you please.

It’s all great unless you realize that you can’t stretch enough and have to rely on what you brought with you. So to make the most out of what’s around you, you should pack a collapsible gazebo tent with you to make your camping trip more functional and enjoyable. It gives you a lot of extra space, shelter, and an enclosed space for extra security out there.

Check out the video above from “Adventures of J & K” to know how to set up a tent properly and how it makes your outdoor activity so much fun and relaxing.

Editor’s Tip: Extra table space is always needed when you go camping. A big, bulky table takes up too much space, so the Tailgater Tire Table is a great solution! This table is lightweight, yet sturdy, and gives you space to prepare food, eat dinner, play games, and much more.

Outdoor Shower Kit

portable shower kit

After a long day of playing games, exploring, and having fun, who doesn’t like to get fresh? While many larger trailers have onboard showers, the compact trailers that many of us use for overlanding do not. That’s where an outdoor shower kit comes in.

With this simple trailer camping hack, you can have yourself an outdoor shower available at all times. This portable shower kit packs up nicely into a small bag, can be stored anywhere in the trailer, and set up whenever required. Don’t feel sweaty or stinky when traveling with our best trailer camping hacks.

Trailer Camping Hacks: Have A Pair of Chocks for Safety

Wheel Chocks

Camping rigs and trailer parks are nothing like your garage, and most of those scenic locations have a very haphazard surface. This makes parking a trailer or RV a tricky task and could be dangerous if not properly secured.

There have been too many incidents of trailers rolling away on sloped ground and causing an accident. To ensure your safety and keep your trailer secured, get a pair of chocks and firmly place them behind the trailer’s tires. This prevents the trailer from rolling away and gives you peace of mind.

Holding Water Tank Treatment

Holding Water Tank Treatment

You don’t want to get sick or feel disgusted when camping with your friends. Although you’d be carrying clean water with you, being stagnant can turn it bad and even let mold grow inside the holding tanks.

Treating your trailer’s water tank regularly is among the most important trailer camping hacks, and ensures your well-being out there. Don’t expect to find a doctor or medical help out there, so keep this trailer camping hack in your mind and always use water tank treatment.

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