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Which are the Safest Full-Size Trucks on the Market?

In one of our previous articles, we talked about the least safe and most safe mid-sized trucks on the market. 

As full-sized trucks are also used as family vehicles nowadays, the safety they provide is equally as important. Therefore, in this article, we are going over the least safe and most safe full-sized trucks to help make your truck buying journey easier.

All trucks are rated using a scale of poor, marginal, acceptable, and good – today we will be starting from the worst performers. 

The Toyota Tundra is one of the Least Safe

Toyota Tundra in front of mountains least Safe Full-Size Trucks

The Toyota Tundra scores the worst points when it comes to safety due to poor results in the small overlap front passenger-side test, a marginal result on the small overlap driver-side test, and marginal headlight performance. 

The Tundra is by far the oldest truck on the list and the safety results are living proof of that. If you want a Toyota, it may be worth waiting a few months until the updated Tundra is released.

The Chevrolet Silverado Doesn’t Fare Much Better

Chevy Silverado in a farm pasture
General Motors

The Silverado scored slightly better than the Tundra with marginal results in the small passenger overlap test and good on the small overlap driver-side test. However, headlight performance was still rated as poor. As such, this isn’t one of the safest full-size trucks on the market.

Safest Full Size Trucks: The Nissan Titan is in the Middle of the Pack

Nissan Titan in the desert

The Nissan Titan – which is often an overlooked and underrated truck – got an acceptable score in the small overlap front passenger test and good in all other tests. Just like the rest of the trucks, headlight performance was rated as poor. 

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Safest Full-Size Trucks: The RAM 1500 Does Well

Dodge Ram on a back country road one of the Safest Full-Size Trucks

The RAM 1500 is one of the best performers when it comes to safety as all tests provided a good result except for the headlights which may be good or marginal depending on the trim level of the truck. 

Should something such as headlights that can provide better visibility and therefore more safety be an option you must pay for? I believe not, but this is the case. Safety should not be an optional extra but a standard when talking about the safest full-size trucks.

The Ford F-150 Gets Top Marks

Ford F-150 is the safest full-sized truck

Sadly, the 2021 Ford F-150 hasn’t been tested for safety yet but judging by the results of the 2020 model we can expect great results.

The 2020 F-150 passed all crash tests with good results with the only poor rating being given to the headlights. So, if you are planning on buying a 2021 F-150 safety shouldn’t concern you as it will be even better than the already good 2020 model. That’s why it’s ranked as one of the safest full-size trucks you can buy!

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