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A Chevy Silverado ZR2 is Confirmed!

Chevy has just introduced a new trim level to the market that will take the half-ton Silverado to the next level. 

After teasing us for a while using a Colorado ZR2 race truck, the Silverado ZR2 has been leaked; although, not much information is available yet. 

Silverado ZR2 Specifications

new silverado will share specs from the colorado zr2
The Silverado ZR2 should have plenty of off-road capabilities, just like the Colorado ZR2 shown above. // General Motors

Sadly, no information regarding engine, power, suspension, and drivetrain is available yet but if we analyze the short clip that has been released, we can gain some information regarding the upcoming Silverado trim level.

The fact that the brand was using a desert racer to tease us suggests that this will be a Prerunner desert racer version of the Silverado. Therefore, some of the race car specifications may be carried over to the actual road car but in a more usable package. 

The racecar is powered by a monstrous 420HP 6.2 liter V8 which is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. 

As this is the engine that goes into the racecar there is a high likelihood that the Silverado ZR2 may have it as well. If not, Chevrolet will probably go for a smaller turbocharged unit with similar power.

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what will the new silverado zr2 look like
The new Silverado ZR2 might have an aggressive grille as shown on the Colorado ZR2. // General Motors

It is safe to say that the suspension of the production Silverado ZR2 will be very similar if not identical to that of the Colorado ZR2 race truck pictured here, which uses unique long-travel shocks and dynamic dampers which help cope with the brutal and fast bumps desert racing is famous for. 

From the video, we can see some leaf springs on the back which is a bit disappointing as most pickup trucks are now moving to coil springs.

The race truck also has a full set of new skid plates which protect the transfer case, steering gear, and rear differential – these should also make their way into the production car. The competition truck also comes with 35-inch tires and judging by the current market, it would be no surprise if the ZR2 came with a set too. 

zr2 chevy
Though the Silverado ZR2 and the Colorado ZR2 (shown above) might not be ideal for overlanding builds, they sure will be fun for off-roading! // General Motors

All the information mentioned above is not official yet but some areas such as the suspension will most probably be the same as the race truck released by Chevrolet. 

The market for desert prerunners is growing and that’s a good thing as each company has competition which is exactly what drives growth. 

Trucks like the Silverado ZR2 may not be ideal for overlanding builds, but the tuned suspension and powerful engine provide a good base for a tourer. Therefore, if you want something exciting that can still take you out on adventures you will shortly have one more truck to choose from!

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