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When Should You Sell Your 4WD?

Photo by Noctiluxx via iStock

When should you sell your 4WD? Well, selling your beloved rig is not an easy thing. But sometimes, the wear and tear from years of hard usage can take their toll, and the money needed to repair and make your vehicle fully reliable again may not be worth spending. 

In this article, we are going over the signs that tell it may be time for a new 4WD! 

When Should You Sell Your 4WD? When It Gets Too Old…

when should you sell your 4wd when it gets too old

Photo by 1001nights via iStock

This may sound obvious, but many people don’t get rid of their 4WD when it gets too old. The usual misconception exists that buying a new one will cost a lot of money when in fact the opposite is true. Old trucks, no matter what brand they come from, will cost a lot of money to keep running; therefore, bite the bullet and treat yourself with an upgrade. 

When Safety is an Issue

when should you sell your 4wd when safety is an issue

Photo by medtide via iStock

Old 4WDs are not safe – at least not compared to new ones. They might lack equipment such as airbags and the structure of the body might not be strong enough to protect the occupants in the event of an accident.

Furthermore, the brakes might not be up to the task anymore and the old and tired suspension and bushings will hinder road manners and handling. 

So, unless you want to spend a lot of money fixing everything, it may be a good idea to upgrade. 

When Should You Sell Your 4WD? When Fuel Economy and Power are Important

when fuel economy and power are important

Photo by NithidPhoto via iStock

If you have a diesel or gas 4×4 that is more than 20 years old, you know the pain. You are certain that you can see that fuel needle drop while you wonder where it all goes as the truck can barely make it up a hill. 

New cars may not be as simple to maintain but the added technology brings much more power while burning considerably less fuel. So, if you find yourself constantly worrying about range and hating every hill that you come across, then it might be time for a new 4×4. 

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When You Want More Comfort 

when you want more comfort

Photo by Petrichuk via iStock

Some older 4x4s can be considered as comfortable but most of them will rattle your spine to pieces, and because of age the noise in the cabin may be more than you can tolerate. 

Even new solid-axle vehicles like the new Wrangler and Gladiator ride well now because of their sophisticated shocks and suspension geometry. Granted, a new Wrangler isn’t the most comfortable vehicle in the world, but it puts to shame any of the previous generations when it comes to ride quality.

When Should You Sell Your 4WD? When Parts are Hard to Find

when parts are hard to find

Photo by Supersmario via iStock

One of the biggest needs we have as overlanders are parts – both for spares and repairs. The vehicle you currently own might be at a point where parts are no longer easily available and that’s a big issue when it comes to remote travel. 

Why Should You Keep Your Old 4WD?

why should you keep your old 4wd

Photo by AscentXmedia via iStock

There are situations in which an old 4WD might still do the trick…

For example, if you have an old 4WD for a specific reason such as tough tracks, as a farm vehicle, a classic weekend cruiser, or if your 4WD has always been taken care of and looked after; therefore, despite its old age is still in perfect working order then these may be good reasons to keep it.  

If you feel like all you do is repair it and you are worried that each time you go out something may break then it’s time to treat yourself to a new pride and joy! There are certain situations in which financing a new 4×4 might actually be cheaper than keeping the old one on the road; so, do the math!

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