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Want a New RV? You’re Going to Have to Wait…

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A few days ago, I was perusing the headlines when I came across this article, which discusses how Thor Industries, one of the largest RV manufacturers in the nation, has a backlog of orders that are worth more than $14 billion.

Why such a backlog?

Well, people want a new RV. They’re excited about getting out of their homes and getting some fresh air, and doing so in a recreational vehicle is a prime way to do that.

I think we’ve all experienced some level of pandemic fatigue, so it makes sense that so many people are getting into outdoor living. It’s the ideal pandemic activity, really. You can take off to off-the-beaten-path locations, stay away from other people, and enjoy yourself outdoors – all things that are hard to do in a lockdown at home.

And Thor Industries, which makes multiple brands including the iconic Airstream, isn’t the only company that’s unable to fill all their orders and restock their retailers’ lots…

Just yesterday, we published an article that outlines the best off-road teardrop trailers of 2021, and in speaking with the manufacturers of the trailers on that list, they’re experiencing high demand and running behind in terms of fulfilling orders as well.

So, if you want a trailer, camper, or another kind of RV, what do you do?

Want a New RV? Still Place Your Order

Want a New RV Still Place Your Order

Photo by gsagi via iStock

If you were hoping to order an RV for this summer, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

But don’t take that disappointment and give up on ordering the RV of your dreams. Instead, place your order anyway, that way it’s in the pipeline and you at least have a loose delivery date when you might expect to see your RV.

Granted, you might not get it for a few months or maybe not until next year, but if you don’t place an order at all, you’ll never get one!

Learn More:

Rent an RV for 2021 Trips

Rent an RV for 2021 Trips

Photo by Vividus via iStock

If you want a new RV but can’t get one at the moment, another option is to simply rent an RV for your 2021 trips.

Just because you might not be able to get an RV for this year doesn’t mean you have to scuttle all your plans for enjoying yourself outdoors.

There are many RV rental websites, like RVShare, Cruise America, and Outdoorsy where you can rent motor homes or travel trailers. Heck, you can even rent them on Airbnb or rent an off-road trailer if you want. Many RV manufacturers have a rental fleet as well.

Come to think of it, renting an RV this year is a great idea in terms of figuring out what sort of RV and RV features you like. If you’ve never traveled in an RV before, having a couple of weekends under your belt in a rented rig will help you figure out your list of needs and wants for your own RV purchase. Think of it as a fact-finding mission!

The point is that while there is a shortage of new RVs, there are still plenty out there that you can rent. If you have friends with one, ask to borrow it. And if not, throw your gear in your vehicle and go car camping – just get out there!

Also Invest in the Gear You’ll Need

Also Invest in the Gear You'll Need

Photo by DeRepente via iStock

If you want a new RV, while you’re waiting for it to be delivered, you can use this time to research the gear you’ll need for your adventures and make purchases, that way you’re completely outfitted and ready to go when you take delivery of your new RV.

There is a long list of gear you’ll need for RVing, and your list will vary depending on the type of RV you have.

For example, if you invest in a travel trailer, you might need bedding, RV toilet paper, RV antifreeze, a generator, a mat to go outside the front door, dishes and silverware, and other “homey” things that will make your RV a comfortable home on the road.

But if you invest in something like an off-road trailer, you might need to buy totally different stuff, like a rooftop tent, a sleeping pad and sleeping bag, and a propane heater.

Again, if you rent this year, you’ll be able to figure out precisely what you need (and what you don’t) for your RV.

Like anything in life, the more you prepare, the better the results will be. Don’t get discouraged if the RV of your dreams is a few months from delivery. Instead, plan, prepare, and make your needed purchases now, and you’ll be all set to go adventuring later!

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