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What to Look for in an Off-Road Camper for Families

Image Credit: ROA Off-Road

There are several reasons why off-road campers are great – robust features that get you off-grid, a safe place to sleep and hang out, and if you’re lucky, a nice galley for making killer off-grid meals.

Then there are other off-road campers that take camping amenities to an entirely new level – like the Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14.

Sometimes you simply need to get away with your family, far from work, noise, and neighbors, and into the wild. Having a camper for families like the UEV-14 makes it possible to get out of town and off-grid, and do so with your family and in comfort. 

If you ask me, the ideal off-grid adventure vehicle is an all-terrain travel trailer large enough to have room for the whole family to sleep. A bathroom with a shower is nice, too! You can travel without giving up your basic comforts. 

The video above from ROA Off-Road actually explains it the best. If you want to find out what a real-world user of the Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14 thinks about the camper right after a trip with his own family, please check it out and see for yourself. 

Let’s look at a few reasons why the Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14 is the best off-road camper for families!

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Interior Features

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Interior Features

 Image Credit: ROA Off-Road

The lighting, air conditioning, and storage inside a camper are usually what attract people when they’re shopping for a camper for families. The UEV-14 is strong in all those areas, but there is so much more to this camper that makes it an ideal option for you and your family.

For example, the bed can easily fit two people, and there is a smaller top bed at the front for a kiddo. The camper has a lot of light and storage inside, and there are ports to plug in cell phones and other gadgets to keep everyone entertained.

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Interior Storage Underneath The Bed

Image Credit: ROA Off-Road

There is storage underneath the bed, too, where you can keep clothing and other items neatly tucked away. The interior style also is something you can upgrade and change according to your choice of color. 

For entertainment purposes, the TV is comfortable to watch from many locations in the trailer. To achieve this, the folks at ROA Off-Road designed an articulating TV mount so that you can watch it from any position.

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Kitchen

Image Credit: ROA Off-Road

The ideal camper for families should have good kitchen specifications, too. The UEV-14 is a wonderful option because it features a slide-out kitchen with stainless-steel components, a two-burner cooktop, and a sink. You even get an outdoor fridge and an indoor one!

What Makes UEV-14 the Ideal Camper for Families?

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Interior

Image Credit: ROA Off-Road

First of all, the dimensions of the camper are an essential feature. A camper for families should be big enough so everyone has their own space, yet compact enough to allow for rugged off-road travel. 

The Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14’s overall width of about 7 feet and length of just over 20 feet is the ideal mix of space for the family without giving you a hard time when you’re towing off-road. But it isn’t just about the overall size – a camper for families needs to use the available space efficiently, and the UEV-14 does so very well.

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Interior 2

Image Credit: ROA Off-Road

For example, moving the kitchen to an outdoor slide saves interior space for additional storage. Likewise, the bathroom is tucked nicely into a corner so it’s unobtrusive, yet gives you enough room to turn around and get cleaned up in a nice hot shower. Its thoughtful features like this that make this compact camper seem like it’s so much bigger. The pop-top roof helps in that regard, too!

Towing Experience

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Towing

Image Credit: ROA Off-Road

When it comes to pulling a trailer, the UEV-14 gives you the ideal experience. The Conquerors, particularly the UEV-14, offer the best towing because they’re lightweight, compact, and have excellent balance for on-road and off-road travel.

This camper has an aluminum frame and body that were built with rough off-road conditions in mind. By using a lighter frame, the UEV-14 weighs hundreds of pounds less, which improves towing, particularly across areas with rocks, mud, and sand as barriers. 

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Undertrailer

Image Credit: ROA Off-Road

The towing experience is as good as it gets with Conqueror trailers and caravans because of the underlying design concept of durability and off-road compatibility. Even the aluminum used in the UEV-14 has been epoxy coated for maximum durability. Nice!

Other goodies that help improve towing include the independent coil suspension with two shock absorbers, excellent ground clearance, and approach and departure angles that make getting up and over obstacles a breeze.

Ease of Setup

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 At Night

Image Credit: ROA Off-Road

When you’re searching for a camper for families, a rig that’s easy to set up is a must-have. Again, the UEV-14 ticks this box!

For example, as noted earlier, the outside kitchen and fridge are on slide-outs, so getting ready for lunch or dinner is a simple matter of deploying the slide-outs and getting after it. The 270-degree awning quickly folds out to give you protected space for outdoor living and dining.

People Playing Cards In A Conqueror Off Road UEV 14

Image Credit: ROA Off-Road

Inside, you can pop the roof in a matter of moments, which gives you added headroom, additional natural light, and more ventilation, too. Even the windows are effortless to open!

In other words, Conqueror Off-Road has been very purposeful in the design of this trailer to make it as functional and usable as possible with the least amount of effort. Get to camp, take a few minutes to get set up, and then you can start enjoying an off-grid camping trip with your family. What’s not to like about that?!

Off-Roading Features

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Towing Over Rocks

Image Credit: ROA Off-Road

In addition to the features I mentioned previously, the UEV-14 has all sorts of capabilities that make it a superb off-road trailer (as you would expect from Conqueror!).

My favorite feature is the independent airbag suspension. Not only does the airbag system give you a much-improved towing experience on the trail, but when you get to camp, you can use the system to level the trailer with a touch of a button.

On top of that, the UEV-14 has a fully articulating D35 Cruisemaster hitch, a detachable tongue jack that stores up and out of the way (so it doesn’t contact obstacles), and heavy-duty chains. 

I could go on and on about the features this trailer offers, but I think it’s best to see it for yourself. Check out the complete tour of the 2023 UEV-14 in the video above by ROA Off-Road to see all the features and amenities this camper for families has to offer!

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