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The New 2023 Conqueror UEV-14 Off-Road Trailer is a Beast

Off-road trailers aren’t anything new. But the 2023 Conqueror UEV-14 is new, and it is an absolute off-grid, overlanding beast.

When you think of an off-road trailer, you likely think of something that’s built like a tank with a killer suspension and plenty of features for extended trips. Well, that’s what you get with the UEV-14.

The Conqueror name is well known in the industry for ingenious designs, superb build quality, and innovations that make their trailers among the best in the business. That long-standing reputation is on full display with the new UEV-14.

In today’s article, I want to explore some of the basic features of the UEV-14. This will be a broad overview that introduces you to this trailer. More detailed articles focusing on this trailer’s specific features and capabilities will arrive in the coming weeks.

For now, let’s get to know the 2023 Conqueror UEV-14!

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Dimensions and Weight

conqueror uev-14

At just over 20 feet long, the 2023 Conqueror UEV-14 is longer than the 2022 model. It has a track of about 77 inches, while the body’s width is 86 inches. The trailer is 93 inches tall, though that figure can increase depending on the air suspension setting (more on that in a bit).

As Shane from ROA Off-Road explains in the video above, the UEV-14 weighs just under 4,300 pounds dry and can accommodate 1,212 pounds of gear for a GVWR of 5,511 pounds.

Despite having slightly larger dimensions, this is still a compact, agile trailer that can tackle the toughest off-road trails.

2023 Conqueror UEV-14 Exterior Storage

uev-14 pantry and counter

On the right side of the trailer, you’ll find a couple of storage areas.

The first is toward the rear of the trailer and serves as an outdoor pantry (which is also accessible from the inside of the trailer). The door folds down to provide easy access to the storage area while also serving as counter space for meal prep, serving food, and the like.

Also on the right side near the front of the trailer is a slide-out that’s ideal for keeping your gear organized. The slide-out features aluminum trays on full extension tracks so you can more easily reach what you need. This is a passthrough storage area, so there’s additional space for gear and another slide-out on the left-front side of the trailer.

uev-14 front storage box with ax

Up front is a storage box you can access from the right or left sides of the trailer. This is an ideal spot to keep recovery items, like tow straps, shovels, recovery boards, and so forth.

2023 Conqueror UEV-14 Kitchen Features

uev-14 slide-out kitchen

On the right-front side of the trailer, next to the aforementioned pull-out storage tray, is a slide-out kitchen that’s been totally redesigned for 2023.

You’ll find a sink area that folds up to accommodate a collapsible, heavy-duty plastic basin. There’s hot and cold water for washing dishes, and since the lines are plumbed, you don’t have to hook anything up. Just press a button to turn on the pump, and you’re ready to rock!

uev-14 sink

The kitchen also includes an 80-liter Snowmaster Traveler Series dual-zone fridge/freezer, a Dometic two-burner stove, and a slide-out drawer under the stove for storing plates, cups, and cutlery (all of which are included with the trailer).

2023 Conqueror UEV-14 Off-Road Features

uev-14 coupler hitch

As you’d expect from Conqueror, the UEV-14 is loaded up with features that make it a highly capable off-road trailer.

For starters, the trailer comes with a fully articulating D35 Cruisemaster hitch, heavy-duty chains, and a detachable tongue jack that’s stored up and out of the way so there’s nothing dangling from the trailer to catch on obstacles.

uev-14 shocks and bags

The 2023 Conqueror UEV-14 is also equipped with an Airbag Man suspension that features Firestone bags with independent bags and shocks. Airbag Man makes most of the airbag systems in Africa and Australia, so their systems, though not as common here in the U.S., have been tried and tested in some of the most daunting off-roading environments.

uev-14 leveling controls

Aside from offering a smooth towing experience on tough trails, the Airbag Man system makes leveling the trailer incredibly easy. Just use the controls mounted in the front storage area to raise or lower the left and right sides of the trailer to achieve level, then use the tongue jack to level the trailer front to back. It doesn’t get much easier!

2023 Conqueror UEV-14 Interior Amenities

uev-14 dinette setup

I know the 2023 Conqueror UEV-14 looks like an all-business, rugged trailer on the outside, but when you step inside, it’s like entering a luxury hotel.

From the updated flooring to the aluminum banding on the cabinets to the totally redesigned fiberglass bathroom, this trailer has fine touches that take it from a comfortable living space to a beautiful living space as well.

uev-14 rear view with roof up

You get a ton of storage with shelves, cabinets, and drawers with locking capabilities and lighting inside the cabinets. The cabinets and drawers are aluminum to save weight while also preventing any rotting or warping. The drawers even have soft-close capabilities!

conqueror uev-14 king bed

There are two beds in the 2023 Conqueror UEV-14 – front and rear – that offer sleeping space for up to four adults. The rear bed is roughly the size of a king, so you get plenty of space to spread out and get a good night’s rest. 

When the king bed isn’t deployed, you have a large dinette area that can seat five or six people for a good meal, a card game, or to watch TV. Speaking of the TV, it’s mounted for you on an articulating arm that allows the screen to face the back or front of the cabin.

conqueror uev-14 bathroom

Other features include USB ports throughout, tons of interior lighting, ducted A/C, and Eurovision dual-pane polycarbonate windows with nighttime shades and bug screens. Of course, the full bathroom is a prime feature, too. And that’s just the start!

uev-14 from above

Honestly, I could go on and on about this trailer, but that would be a very long article. But, I hope this preview gets you excited about the 2023 Conqueror UEV-14. Stay tuned for future articles that dive deeper into the specifics of this rugged off-road trailer, like the solar power system, interior features and amenities, and much more.

In the meantime, you can visit RVs of America to scope out further details on the 2023 Conqueror UEV-14.

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