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What to Look for in a Custom Off-Road Trailer

RVing is fun, but it takes a lot of effort, and there are many limitations regarding what you can do and where you can go in an RV. The same holds true for most traditional travel trailers and even many smaller teardrop trailers.

That’s where a custom off-road trailer comes in.

Off-road camping trailers have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and for good reason. They offer better maneuverability on and off-road, go farther than RVs, handle tough terrain much better, and despite their small size, they can be loaded up with features and amenities.

If you’re planning to upgrade your off-roading experience by getting a trailer, there are certain qualities and features you should look for in a custom off-road trailer.

FORT Campers offers a range of top-quality custom off-road trailers, with the F-6 being the best of the crop. To help illustrate what you should consider in your off-road trailer, I’ll use the F-6 as a prime example.

Let’s explore some of the salient features of this custom off-road trailer and why it should be your preference when buying one for your camping adventures.

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FORT Campers F-6 Trailer – The Most Versatile Custom Off-Road Trailer

fort reliable power system

In the world of custom off-road trailers, FORT has established a name for itself and set the standards high for others to follow, especially with their F6 Trailer. This thing is an off-road beast, and should be on your short list of potential upgrades for your off-road camping experiences.

You Need Lots of Storage

fort features

Having suitable storage space is very important in a trailer. If you’re ditching your RV for a custom off-road trailer, remember that it won’t have as much space as your motorhome, and you will have to adjust your gear accordingly.

But the F6 trailer by FORT campers doesn’t compromise on storage space and organization…

You get an array of storage options with assorted drawers and storage areas. There are a few lockable storage cabinets for added security, and if you don’t opt for the rooftop tent, you can substantially increase the storage space by using the trailer top for carrying additional gear.

In all, this superb trailer has 50 cu-ft of storage space – plenty for your off-roading and Overlanding needs!

What to Look for in a Power System

Fort Compact Tent Trailer

Getting away from city life doesn’t mean you have to go dark as well. When you’re wandering in the wilderness, you’ll need to charge your phones, GPS, LED lights, and other gadgetry.

Likewise, when you get tired from hiking and other wild adventures, you might like to enjoy chilled drinks and fresh food. Running a refrigerator and other appliances is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the F6 trailer does it seamlessly, thanks to a very dependable 1200-W sine-wave inverter paired with 2x Victron 220 Ah AGM batteries and a 200-watt portable solar panel.

With this mighty setup, you’ll never run out of power, and you can enjoy plenty of creature comforts with your new custom off-road trailer, even though you’re way off-grid!

The Galley Should Be Well-Equipped

fort 4

The F6 Trailer comes equipped with an incredible commodity – a slide-out galley that is essentially your kitchen away from home. This galley is spacious, packed with features, and can be equipped with tons of other items and accessories as well.

The galley comes with a propane-powered stove with two burners, a countertop for food prep, and assorted drawers for cutlery and utensils. The galley even has LED lighting and a sink, and the entire area is constructed from bamboo, which is both sustainable and beautiful. This galley is the prettiest one you’ll find, that’s for sure! 

FORT F-6 Luxury Bamboo Kitchen

The slide-out storage in the galley can also be equipped with a refrigerator and other accessories to enhance your camping experience. In other words, there’s no excuse to rely on freeze-dried meals on your trips – you have the kitchen to whip up awesome camping food!

The Suspension & Off-Road Capabilities Should Be Next-Level

FORT F-6 trailer tent

No matter how well equipped, stylish, and fancy a trailer is, if it can’t get to those beautiful destinations through tough terrain, what good is it?

Well, you don’t have to worry about your route or any kind of terrain with the FORT Camper custom off-road trailer. It has a galvanized chassis made of steel and aluminum, capable enough to handle difficult tracks.

It also comes equipped with a very robust Timbren axle-less independent suspension and rugged all-terrain tires wrapped around 15” alloy wheels. You get a very generous 16” ground clearance and a 40o departure angle. No off-road trail or destination will be a fantasy when you have this custom off-road trailer.

Options for Your Custom Off-Road Trailer

FORT F-6 Compact Tent Trailer

If all this standard equipment and quality is not enough for you, FORT Campers has many optional upgrades to enhance your real-time off-roading experience. This includes:

  • A Rooftop Tent – This optional rooftop tent is a great addition to the FORT F-6. It fits perfectly on top of your F6 trailer and takes camping to the next level.
  • Refrigerator – The slide-out drawer can be equipped with a fridge to keep your drinks chilled and prevent food from spoiling. It gets power from the inverter and solar setup to keep your food cold for the duration of your trip.
  • Water Heater – Get this water heater with a 6-gallon capacity and enjoy a nice, hot bathing experience out there in the wilderness.
  • Custom Color – Not a luxury, but what’s the harm in matching the color of your rugged custom off-road trailer with your mighty truck? Tell FORT Campers what you want, and they’ll give you exactly that.

At the end of the day, there are lots of considerations to make when selecting an off-road trailer. FORT Campers has certainly done its part in developing a well-built, high-quality off-road trailer that can help you get out there further and longer for epic adventures. If the FORT F-6 sounds like a good option for you, head over to the FORT Campers website to get more details.

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