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This Hardshell Camper is the Stuff Off-Grid Dreams are Made Of

Image Credit: FORT Campers

An off-road hardshell camper trailer can transform the way we camp. It provides comforts and amenities that a normal camping setup just can’t. 

FORT Campers is coming out with a unique design that offers luxuries and capabilities in one package – just what you want in an off-grid camper! 

It is called the F-10, and in this article, we’ll have a look at its features. 

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FORT Campers F-10 – What we Know so Far

FORT F-10 side view

Image Credit: FORT Campers

While the F-10 hasn’t been put into production yet (it soon will be), we have quite a few details about the trailer and can see the designs quite well in recently published pre-production design photos. 

First, this is a hardshell camper with an expandable coach. It aims to provide comfortable sleeping, even in remote areas in which trails are difficult to tackle.

On the outside, the trailer offers plenty of ground clearance. On the side, we can see the two tracks on which the body of the hardshell camper slides up and down. 

This photo seems to show the extended position as the wheel arch and front storage box cut-out sit far above the actual wheel arch and storage box. As you can imagine, when the trailer isn’t “popped,” it offers a small, aerodynamic footprint that will help improve fuel economy on the highway and also improve maneuverability on tough tracks.

The rear end of the trailer is angled and protected with steel plating which should provide a much better departure angle.

The steel protection appears to make its way around the trailer, too.

Up front we get an aluminum storage box and a beefy frame that extends to the Cruisemaster DO 35 hitch. 

The tires look like Dynapro MTs which demonstrates that this is a trailer designed for the hard stuff! 

The trailer box is 7×10 feet with an inside standing height of 78 inches (the overall height is about 86 inches). The trailer weighs 3,500 pounds dry.

On the top of the trailer, there is a ventilation system and two solar panels that output 400+ watts. With those panels, the F-10 should be able to provide power for multiple days when remote camping. 

FORT F-10 rear view

Image Credit: FORT Campers

In the rear, things get even more exciting. We have a very Australian-inspired double spare wheel concept, a nice-sized rear window, and steel reinforcements running along the edges of the trailer.

The suspension system on this one is exciting as well. It’s a Cruisemaster XT with adjustable airbags and twin shocks. It can adjust for ride height or side to side when in camp for levelling.

FORT F-10 Chassis

Image Credit: FORT Campers

It will feature Timbren axle-less independent suspension, 16 inches of ground clearance, and dual shock absorbers.

From the undercarriage view, it is obvious that a lot of work has gone into ensuring this trailer is strong. There is steel tubing running the width of the trailer and the bulky hitch receiver runs all the way back to the suspension. 

It’s safe to say that this trailer will be able to cope with the punishment of off-roading!

FORT F-10 Floorplan 1

Image Credit: FORT Campers

Inside, the F-10 can sleep several people while offering a sink and dinette, a toilet, and a shower. The queen size bed actually slides out, and there’s a bed in the dinette which folds out as well. It’s amazing how cleverly packaged these small trailers can be!

As you can see above, the bed is deployed and the shower is shown under the dinette table. The toilet is pulled out on a slide as well. The bed slides in to allow more room, then extends over the counters to form a full queen bed for sleeping. The sink is still available when the bed is extended.

The kitchen of the F-10 will also be shared with the F-6; therefore, we expect a fantastic outdoor setup with a pantry, sink, and stove. 

The Benefits of a Hardshell Camper.

FORT F-10 Floorplan 2

Image Credit: FORT Campers. (This mockup shows the bed in compact slide-in position and the dinette table deployed. The bed is still usable in this position.)

A hardshell camper offers some benefits when compared to its canvas pop-up cousin. 

Firstly, the sides are made of hard two-inch thick composite panels; therefore, they do not need maintenance. 

Furthermore, a hardshell camper is better insulated – both from outside temperatures and from noise. 

This is a big plus as regulating the temperatures inside a hardshell camper is much easier. You also have auditory privacy both for when you want to speak to other people who camp with you or if you just want to enjoy a quiet night’s sleep in a crowded campsite.

From a security standpoint, you will be better protected against animals such as bears and even other people. 

Why Off-Grid Camping is so Fun 

FORT F-10 hardshell camper

Image Credit: FORT Campers

Trailers such as the F-10 provide the unique ability of being able to travel in really remote areas while also having all the comforts and amenities of home. 

This can be one of the most fun types of camping as you have the whole place to yourself. There is no need to worry about the guy in the next camping spot. You just sit back, relax, and enjoy the complete silence such places have to offer. 

In some cases, you can get so far off-grid that you can enjoy primitive camp spots. Just ensure that you are allowed to wild camp in the specific area you happen to find yourself in. 

FORT Campers F-10 – Final Thoughts 

FORT F-10 side view

Image Credit: FORT Campers

As far as hardshell campers go, the upcoming F-10 seems to be one of the most off-road capable ones to hit the market in a long time. It offers off-road tires, protection, great suspension, and a strong chassis. 

Its interior amenities are very impressive, and the small size means that it can be towed through the narrow and difficult trails that often lead to the prettiest locations. 

If you have any further questions regarding camper trailers or for anything else off-road or overland related head over to the forum section of our page. And to keep up-to-date on the F-10, keep tabs on the FORT Campers website!

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