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What to Include in Your Mini Camper Build

Camper trailers offer great utility when overlanding. 

Depending on your setup, you can use them to increase storage space, make a comfortable place in which you can sleep, or outfit it with a kitchen so you can cook awesome off-grid meals. 

When it comes to a mini camper build, The Venturist by Runaway Campers is the perfect candidate. It provides a blank slate that you can customize to your specific needs while giving you the rugged off-roading abilities you demand.

In today’s article, I’ll explore what you might consider including in your mini camper build while using the Venturist by Runaway Campers as an ideal example.

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Why You Should Undertake a Mini Camper Build

venturist off-road trailer 5

In my opinion, mini campers are the best. Let’s be honest, with a heavy trailer hanging off the rear, no 4×4 will be able to tackle anything much more difficult than a dirt road. 

Furthermore, due to the stress on the suspension and axles, breakages are far more likely with a large camping trailer. 

With a mini camper build, you avoid these issues as the difference in weight is significant. It also enables you to tow with an older or smaller vehicle that may not have the towing capacity needed to handle a big rig.

So, if your ideal adventure is one that takes you off-road far away from civilization, a mini camper build is the way to go!

Why the Venturist is a Great Candidate

At 4WDTalk, we love unique products. The Venturist trailer is no exception.

It provides the perfect base for a mini camper build as it is delivered as a blank canvas – you can customize it to fit your specific needs for the types of adventures you take. 

This helps avoid buying a trailer with a layout that doesn’t suit you and your needs. It also provides the opportunity to utilize the space inside the trailer as you prefer. 

You can prioritize space, cooking, or sleeping – it’s all up to you to decide.

venturist interior

But don’t think that because it’s a blank slate that you don’t get some goodies. In fact, there’s a long list of accessories included with the Venturist trailer: 

  • Off-road frame with a full-length tongue, rear hitch tow point, a Max-Coupler, and large drop-down stabilizers
  • Timbren 1-ton axleless suspension with a 4-inch lift
  • 17-inch Method Race Wheels wrapped in 33-inch BFG All-Terrain Tires
  • Electric brakes
  • 20 inches of ground clearance
  • Slim-line tail lights
  • Black powder-coated fenders that you can stand on
  • Black powder-coated front diamond plate
  • Air conditioning

venturist off-road trailer 2

If you want to personalize your trailer even further, Runaway Campers offers these options:

  • Wheels and tires to match your vehicle
  • Various lug patterns
  • A Rhino-Rack XTray roof basket (choose from a small or large option)
  • A front cargo rack
  • A rear door and rear window
  • A Rhino-Rack Sunseeker awning or a Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning
  • A Power Tank propane tank mount with an 11-pound propane tank
  • A 2-gallon Rotopax Fuelpax with mount
  • A 7-gallon Road Shower and 30-inch flexible shower head

The smaller 4×8 model only weighs 850 pounds, and the larger 6×8 1050 pounds. With the Timbren axles, off-road frame, and 33-inch BF tires, we can guarantee you that this mini camper build will have no issues going down some gnarly off-road trails. 

What to Include in Your Mini Camper Build

venturist off-road trailer 4

Space is limited here, so you need to be careful with what’s included in the mini camper build.

The way I see this working is for the trailer to provide a sleeping area, cooking area, and some additional storage. This eliminates the need for a rooftop tent on your vehicle, which will help it perform better on the trail. Your tow vehicle will burn less fuel because of the reduced drag, too.

Furthermore, the fact that your kitchen and some items will be stored outside the vehicle means that you can set up basecamp with the trailer and head out to explore the trails of the area in your tow vehicle. Nothing is worse than having to pack up your entire camp when you need to go somewhere. With a mini camper build like this, you won’t have to! 

So what customizations would I choose?

For starters, when buying the Venturist trailer, I would include the optional Rhino-Rack XTray roof basket, front cargo rack, and a Rhino-Rack Sunseeker awning. 

These accessories provide additional storage space and protection from the sun and rain for the cooking setup. 

Most of the space inside would be taken by the bed construction, so I would start from there.

Venturist Interior 2

While designing the sleeping setup, I would make sure to leave some space in front of the bed for a lockable cupboard in which all the cooking equipment can be stored. This enables us to have an outdoor kitchen setup. 

In the cupboard, I would store a Coleman stove along with other cooking equipment such as pots, pans, and utensils. 

When it’s time to cook, simply grab a table from inside the trailer, place it under the awning, and grab everything you need to cook from the cupboard. 

This helps save storage space inside your vehicle while also providing a cooking setup that offers protection from the weather. 

On the XTray roof basket and front rack, I would store things like tools, spare parts, and recovery gear. Such items can get dirty, are heavy, and make a lot of noise when driving on rough roads. That’s why I prefer having them outside the cabin of the vehicle. 

For someone who loves to combine overlanding with tough off-road trails, I believe a mini camper build similar to the setup mentioned above is the perfect solution. 

Mistakes to Avoid During a Mini Camper Build

venturist off-road trailer

While in the process of a mini camper build, you must always remember to keep it lightweight, as this is the main benefit of a small camper. 

A mini camper build should not be filled with unnecessary gear just because you now have the additional space. The trailer must be utilized correctly to maximize the efficiency of your overland setup.  

So, before you begin, make sure you’re installing everything you need and nothing you don’t, and go for reputable brands so you only have to buy things once. 

If you follow the above tips, your mini camper build will definitely be a success. 

If you have any further questions, post them in the forum section of our page, where we and other people in the community can provide helpful advice. 

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