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Luxury Overlanding Camping Gear You Should Have in Your Kit

When you plan to go out with your friends on a long weekend, you ought to have a purpose-built truck that is robust enough to take you to your destination, located beyond unforgiving terrains. Overlanding is an adventurous as well as a tough endeavor, embraced only by enthusiastic and gutsy people.

Apart from a strong vehicle and a camp area, you must also have a suite of additional Overlanding gear that makes your journey and stay memorable as well as luxurious. Well, that includes running your sound system and bright LEDs, powering your fridge, and keeping the tent warm with a heater.

While all this luxury Overlanding camping gear might look like a far-fetched idea, it is actually quite simple to put all of this together and carry your luxury camping gear along. All you need to do is have a proper camping gear list and the right items you ought to have out there in the wild.

To make that trip comfortable and the one to reminisce about, you must have these items in your camping gear kit.

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ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator


If there was an option of only one item on the Overlanding camping gear list, even then it would have only been this amazing equipment. The ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator is one of the most versatile and useful items that you could have on your Overlanding trip.

Being outdoors is not just about starting a fire or playing music on your Bluetooth speakers. You ought to have much more fun and spend your time in a 5 Star environment, and the ALP generator is exactly the gadget that offers you superb luxury and utility.


Whether you want to run your amazing sound system, power your refrigerator to keep the drinks cold and food from spoiling, run an electric heater to keep the tent warm, or light up the venue with heavy-duty LEDs, the ALP generator will take care of everything. It is super light, whisper-quiet, and ultra-clean to run as it’s powered by propane and doesn’t cause any pollution or generate weird noises.

alp propane generator

With up to 60 hours of run time, built-in emergency LED, dual-outlets for extra power, and smart size, the ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator will keep your appliances running and make you feel at home, wherever you are.

Overlanding Camping Gear – Camp Chef Pro60x


No matter where you’re camping, whether it’s a hillside or parking for a nightly stay, nothing should stop you from having a great meal. To enable you to take care of your cravings and let you munch on whatever you want, Camp Chef has an awesome product to add to your overlanding camping gear.

The Camp Chef pro60x is a class-leading camping stove that offers you the versatility of choices and ease of cooking, irrespective of your coordinates. Made of high-strength cast iron and equipped with high-quality ceramic plates, it is one of the best outdoor cooking accessories you can get right now.


Whether you’re craving a pizza, want to fry bacon, cook steaks, or have a blasting tailgate party, the LPG-powered Pro60x is the best choice for you. Foldable and light in weight make it very easy to pack and carry along, without any fear of its parts getting damaged.

The Camp Chef Pro60x comes equipped with appliance-style temperature controls, 30,000BTU cast aluminum burners, folding shelves and 3- sided windscreens, and a matchless ignition. Now cook your favorite meals and have an exceptional culinary experience on your Overlanding trips.

Planar 4kw Portable Diesel Heater

planar heater

Another great item that should be in your Overlanding camping gear is the planar 4Kw portable diesel heater. The nights in the wilderness could get really cold and you would not want to spend a night inside your truck, all jumbled up together for the heater inside.

This portable heater is a smart and lightweight solution to your tent warming questions and is a very handy item to have. It comes in a shock and crush-proof, water-resistant packing and weighing just a few pounds, can be carried along easily.

diesel heaters for overlanding

It runs for 8-10 hours on just 3-4 liters of fuel and comes equipped with a silencer and air intake filter for clean, silent operations. In case you run out of diesel, you can also use kerosene to power the generator. Either way, you’ll need 12V power as well.

So keeping your tent or roof-mounted sleeping setup nice and warm shouldn’t be a problem, all thanks to the Planar 4kw portable diesel heater. I’ve used this heater on many occasions, and it has plenty of power for my rooftop tent and my ground tents, for that matter!

Overlanding Camping Gear – Exped Megamat Duo Long and Wide

Exped Megamat Duo Long and Wide

Image Credit: Amazon

Overlanding camping gear wouldn’t be complete without a comfortable sleeping setup. After a tiring day-long hike, or basecamp trek, who wants to struggle with sleep? All you’re looking for is a comfortable spot to rest and snooze.

Exped has a perfect solution for your comfy sleeping worries and offers a king-size product and a similar level of comfort. The Megamat sleeping bag is made of high-quality polyurethane that is insulated for all-weather comfort.

Exped Megamat Duo Long and Wide 2

Image Credit: Amazon

A 4” padding offers superior comfort and lets you and your partner snuggle in a cozy environment. With a small pump that comes in the pack, you wouldn’t have to waste your precious breath after a tiring day. The material is also free of harmful chemicals and offers ideal insulation in summers and warm reception in winters.

The Megamat is light in weight and comes with a carrying bag, equipped with a strap, making it super easy to pack and carry along.

So forget about your sleeping worries on the trips and get the Exped Megamat portable sleeping pad for a comfy snooze. It is one of the most useful items you must have on your luxury Overlanding camping gear.

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