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Vector OffRoad E-Dock Guide & Review

Those of you that know me, know that I love off-roading, Overlanding, and photography. So, when I head out for an adventure on the trails, I have quite a bit of photo and video gear with me to document my travels.

When I’m on the road, I use a variety of camera gear for taking photos and videos. I have a Canon EOS R5 that I primarily use for still photography and shooting B-roll video, a Canon EOS R6 that is my primary video camera, and a GoPro Hero 10 Black that I use inside the truck for footage as I drive. I also rely on my iPad Mini and my iPhone for various tasks.

I can’t just lay all this stuff in the passenger seat, though…

So that meant that I needed something to install inside my 2020 Jeep Gladiator that provides a secure base for things like my GoPro, phone, and iPad. That’s where the Vector Offroad E-Dock comes in.

In today’s article, I’ll give you the low-down on this most functional addition to my truck. From the Vector Offroad E-Dock specs to the installation to the price, I’ve got it all down below!

What is the Vector Offroad E-Dock?

Vector e-dock on Jeep dash - Vector Offroad

Simply put, the Vector Offroad E-Dock is a high-strength steel tube system that you mount to the dashboard of your vehicle, which then serves as a solid mounting point for whatever accessories you need within arm’s reach.

And when I say solid, I mean solid! The tubing is one inch in diameter, so it’s a beefy surface for mounting your accessories. The tubing is also powder coated in black, so if you take the top off and lower the windshield, it’ll stand up to whatever dirt, dust, mud, and moisture get in the vehicle (though your phone and other sensitive accessories might not like it!).

The Vector Offroad E-Dock works with 67 Designs mounting products. In the images you see above and below, for example, the accessories that I’ve mounted to the Vector Offroad E-Dock are all using 67 Designs arms.

What Can Be Used with the E-Dock?

Vector Offroad E-Dock

As I mentioned earlier, I have my GoPro, iPhone, and iPad Mini mounted to my Vector Offroad E-Dock. But there are many other accessories you can mount to this thing. 

For example, you can mount a GPS or radar detector to it. If you have a ham radio or CB radio, you can mount the microphone to it as well. Add supplemental interior lighting, a flashlight mount, or just about any other accessory you like.

Vector Offroad E-Dock Installation

Installing a Vector OffRoad E-Dock

What’s great about the Vector Offroad E-Dock is that it installs using existing mounting points in the dash.

In the case of a Gladiator like mine or a Wrangler, you simply have to remove the factory rubber insert from the storage bin on top of the dash (you can still access the bin, but the rubber insert has to be removed to reveal some of the mounting points).

With no permanent modifications needed, you don’t have to worry about messing up the dashboard of your vehicle. Plus, once the Vector Offroad E-Dock is installed, it looks like it was meant to be there all along. The factory-like appearance is awesome!

It took me hardly any time at all to install the Vector Offroad E-Dock. I’m pretty handy, so I wasn’t worried about the installation being complex.

However, even if you aren’t a super handy person, the install is so straightforward that you could still do it with confidence! See how easy it is in the video above.

Vector Off Road E-Dock view from the outside

When I installed the E-Dock in my Jeep, I folded the windshield down to have a little more room to maneuver. This is not required, though – I just wanted to mention it since you can see the windshield folded down in the image above.

How Has the E-Dock Performed?

Vector Off Road E-Dock installed

I installed the Vector Offroad E-Dock about a year ago, and it has certainly been up to the task in every situation I’ve been in.

From winter to summer, the beach to the mountains, and everywhere in between, the E-Dock has proven to be a hugely valuable accessory in my Jeep.

Aside from putting important electronics at my fingertips, the Vector Offroad E-Dock has provided me with other advantages as well.

For example, I’m a tall guy, so having my phone closer to eye level is great for seeing what’s on screen. The same goes for my iPad Mini.

Vector Off Road E-Dock off road view

Another benefit of the Vector Offroad E-Dock is that it makes it so easy to change the orientation of my GoPro.

As I’m driving down the road, I’ll rotate the GoPro to either face forward for an out-the-windshield view or face towards me so I can get some footage of myself talking to the camera. I do this a lot, so having that solid mounting point for the GoPro makes this change quick and simple to do.

I mentioned earlier that the Vector Offroad E-Dock is very robust, and that’s another benefit that you derive from this thing.

Honestly, I feel like I could do pull-ups on this thing – it’s that well-made! Additionally, it attaches so well to the dash that I’ve never once worried that it would somehow become dislodged. As I said, once it’s installed, it looks and feels like a factory accessory.

My Other Vector Offroad Accessory

Vector Off Road Rear Seat E-Dock Track

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I also have the Vector Offroad Rear Seat E-Dock Track installed in my Jeep, too.

Just like the dash-mounted E-Dock, this one is superbly built, easy to install, and offers a rock-solid mounting point for even more accessories.

Installation requires just a few screws to replace the screws in the speaker grilles as well as some mounting brackets and additional machine screws. All told, it took me about 10 minutes to install it.

Once it’s installed, there’s no hindrance to your view out the back because it sits so close to the roof.

Vector Off Road Rear Seat E-Dock Track

I installed the Vector Offroad Rear Seat E-Dock for two specific purposes. One, I wanted a mounting option for my GoPro that captured the view out of the windshield while also capturing me in the front seat.

Two, I wanted a mounting point for an iPad for my son to watch when he comes on my adventures with me. By having the iPad at eye level, he’s much less prone to getting carsick. What’s more, it allows him to watch the iPad with a more natural and neutral neck position rather than having to crane his neck downward to watch the iPad as he holds it in his lap.

Would I Recommend the Vector Offroad E-Docks?

If it isn’t obvious, I love these Vector Offroad E-Docks. It’s hard to beat the combination of excellent build quality, easy installation, and enormous amounts of utility.

Additionally, having all my accessories firmly attached to these mounts means the interior of my Jeep is much more organized and safe – there are no iPads or GoPros to bang around as I hit rough trails.

It’s really hard to beat the prices of these E-Docks, too. The E-Dock for the dashboard area is just $169.99, while the Rear Seat E-Dock is just $74.99. In my book, that’s a mighty small investment to reap all the rewards that these things have to offer.

About Vector Offroad

Camper pulled by a truck

Vector Offroad bills themselves as JL/JT and JK specialists. They create their designs and manufacture their products in Provo, Utah.

In addition to the E-Docks that I discussed above, Vector Offroad builds rock crawling parts and accessories, Overlanding parts and accessories, and other gear for general use. You can purchase anything from trailers to tents, highland platforms to cargo baskets, and much more.

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