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5 Reasons You Need a Generator for Camping

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When you go camping, you have likely thought about leaving home certain devices other than your phone, like a laptop, because you wouldn’t be able to charge it through your 12 V lighter socket. Or perhaps you had to invest in a ton of spare batteries to ensure you don’t end up with a powerless camera. 

But what if we told you there was an easy way to power just about anything in your camping setup, even if you don’t have solar panels at all? A portable generator for camping is your answer, and in this article, we are going to tell you our top 5 reasons why you need a generator for camping. 

Never Leave Early Again

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A generator for camping grants you an extra dimension of flexibility as you no longer have to worry about bringing enough batteries for anything. You can charge just about anything with a generator as long as you have fuel for it. 

The generators open up a whole new level of freedom for remote workers as you can now charge your laptop, camera, phone, drone, and anything else you may need to work whenever and wherever you want. 

For many people, this also brings a lot of opportunities to extend any camping trip, even if you do have solar power. Having a small generator for camping serves as a great backup to any Overlanding or camping setup. 

A Generator for Camping Doesn’t Have to Be Loud


When you think of a generator for camping, you probably think of a loud buzzing machine that will make it impossible to sleep and provide you with an unpleasant whiff of fuel wherever you go. But nowadays you can opt for a quiet generator for camping as well. 

One of our favorites is the ALP 1000W propane generator that only produces 52dBa. Of course, it can’t be entirely silent since it is an engine, but it is quiet enough that you can use it without the noise becoming annoying or disruptive.


Because this machine is so quiet, you no longer have to worry about generator etiquette. Instead, you can simply park and set your generator up right next to your vehicle. 

However, you may want to let your neighbors know you will be running a very silent generator so you can avoid any unnecessary irritations, as they will expect your generator to be annoyingly loud while you are setting it up. If anything, the lack of noise will be an absolute conversation starter that will raise some curious eyebrows! 

Never Worry About the Weather Again

smart solar setup choose the right panels

Having a mini generator for camping as a backup plan in your solar-powered camping setup will give you peace of mind as you never have to worry about the weather forecast again. If you solely rely on solar panels to charge your batteries, you risk running out of power and having your trip cut short. When the weather becomes too cloudy, your solar panels will not be able to keep your batteries fully charged, and they will be drained eventually. 

Having a generator for camping will also allow you to top off your batteries at any time so you can use your devices without worrying about draining your battery. Of course, you may not have to worry about this if you are only a summer camper with a solar power setup.  

Additionally, having a generator for camping will open up a whole new range of options to go camping comfortably outside of summer. In winter, you can even run an electric heater or an electric blanket to have a toasty night’s rest without having to worry about getting stuck with an empty battery. 

Compact Power, Anywhere You Go With a Generator for Camping


Generators have evolved past their giant loud and wildly bouncing ancestors, and you can get your hands on a surprisingly small generator for camping these days. In addition, they have become very efficient in both use and storage, as a mini generator for camping will now fit into any nook or cranny in your truck’s storage space

A Generator for Camping Doesn’t Have to be Bad for the Environment

alp propane generator

For this feature, we specifically want to shine a light on our personal favorite generator, the ALP 1000W propane generator. 

This generator is eco-friendly; it is 100% propane-powered and runs on both 1lb and 20lb propane tanks for camping. They burn incredibly clean, and you will never have to risk spilling fuel while you refill it again and having your hands or your storage space reek of fuel for days. It also won’t scare the local wildlife away because it is hushed compared to a more traditional generator for camping. 

The ALP 1000 Watt propane generator is gas-free. The EPA & CARB-approved design will help you reduce your carbon footprint while providing up to 60-hour runtime on a single 20lb tank to keep you powered under any circumstances. 

At only 8-1/4” Length, 10-1/4” Width, 14” Height, and 30 pounds weight, this generator for camping can be easily packed, unpacked, and moved around wherever you go. These are astounding numbers, especially if you have limited storage space in your camper. 

And finally, it provides different outlets allowing you to plug any device directly into the generator to charge. This nifty bonus feature means it will also come in handy when the power goes out at your house when you’re not camping, as this little generator can power your devices, keep a light on, or even run your refrigerator for a few hours if needed.

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