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What are the Best Offroading Tires?

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Offroading is all about having the right gear for the terrain. Different terrains call for different tires, and it’s essential to choose the right tire for your vehicle and driving style. But with so many kinds of offroading tires available on the market, it can be challenging to determine which ones are best for you. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular offroading tires and their specific offroading tire features, as well as offer our recommendations on which ones are worth considering for your next off-road trip. 

Why is the Correct Tire so Important?

4x4 tire

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First of all, what is the difference between offroading tires and all-terrain tires? The names all-terrain and off-road tires say it all. Offroading tire features are mainly intended for off-road driving, and they are ideal if you are looking for very extreme off-road trails. 

If you drive on highways also with a 4×4 and if you also have your 4×4 full of stuff, you often drive a little less extreme than when you go offroading. That’s when you need all-terrain (AT) tires. An off-road tire would make a lot of noise on asphalt roads. 

Another disadvantage for 4×4 travel with tires for offroading is that these tires aren’t made to drain water and prevent aquaplaning. Again, this is why it’s important to know what kind of terrain you plan on venturing into and selecting a tire that will perform well under those circumstances.

You’ve probably noticed that the tire size for offroading differs from the standard passenger car tires. This difference is mainly because you will need higher levels of grip and more muscular tire walls for stomping around over mud, rocks, and dirt. 

Offroading tires are designed to do precisely that and more without giving you a hard time. This is because offroading tires have deeper tread, higher sidewalls, and larger sizes in general than passenger car tires would have.

Which Offroading Tires Do You Need?

Off-Road Tires

 photo by molchanovdmitry via iStock

The 4WD tires are divided into three categories. First, choose your tires according to your vehicle type and the desired use: All-Terrain, Mud-Terrain, and Highway-Terrain.

4WD All-Terrain Tires

BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA K02 offroading tire

These versatile offroading tires generally have the A/T label (All-Terrain). They can be mounted under 4WDs for off-road or on-road use. They offer satisfying handling on dry and wet surfaces and good handling on loose ground or gravel paths. 

They are mainly characterized by a profile with numerous cuts, sharp edges, a reinforced structure, and sidewalls that are capable of withstanding impacts or penetrating pebbles along the trail and the road.

Our choice for the best offroading tire brands for All-Terrain tires in 2022 is the BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA K02 offroading tire.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA K02 offroading tire

This tire has a life expectancy of around 50,000 miles and a 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake label to ensure the best performance on higher altitudes. In addition, these tires for offroading were designed to perform well on both rocks and mud with what BFG calls “Mud-Phobic Bars”, which help shed mud and dirt. 

Combined with the traction bars in the tread of the tire, which provide extra traction on rocks, this tire is more maneuverable in deep mud, dirt, or snow than most of its competition.

4WD Mud-Terrain Tires

4WD Mud-Terrain Tires

The all-terrain or offroading tires with the M/T (Mud Terrain) label are intended for 4WDs with drivers who want to brave steep trails or rough terrain. They provide excellent handling regardless of the landscape they face and withstand the most extreme obstacles. 

These offroading tires have emphasized wide rubber blocks, and 50% of the tire surface will be made up of numerous cuts to ensure traction and water drainage. In addition, these tires have a deeper profile than a mixed-use tire would have and will also have a reinforced structure and sidewalls to minimize punctures.

Their road performance is limited as these tires are built for terrain instead of roads. In addition, due to the deep profile (large studs), they have less road holding and a much higher rolling noise compared to any other brand of tires that were designed for road use.

4WD Mud-Terrain Tires

Our choice for the best offroading tire brands for Mud-Terrain tires in 2022 is the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tire.

Like the last tire we mentioned, these also have the 3-peak mountain snowflake label and an average lifespan of 50,000 miles. In addition, these tires have a tread pattern designed to perform just about anywhere from rocks to gravel, as well as mud, sand, dirt, and snow. 

The tire shoulders are designed to disperse whatever your tires land on and provide extra grip in muddy conditions. The cheeks have two layers to protect against cuts; however, this is less strong than the BFGoodrich KO2 mentioned above.

4WD Highway-Terrain Tires

4WD Highway-Terrain Tires

These car tires generally have the H/T label (Highway Terrain). They are designed for SUVs and other 4WDs that drive in the city, on roads, and on highways. The road holding, grip, braking performance, and driving comfort of these 4WD SUV tires are more similar to those of car tires for passenger cars compared to mixed and offroading tires. This is mainly due to their less erratic profiles and more flexible sidewalls. 

These tires will also have a lower rolling resistance. If these tires are marked M+S, they can perform in mud and snow circumstances while prioritizing fuel economy over traction.

Our choice for the best offroading tire brands for Highway-Terrain tires in 2022 is the Continental Terrain Contact H/T tire.

These all-season tires for offroading come with a limited warranty up to 70K miles and come with Continental’s TractionPlus technology that ensures you improved traction and durability, less road noise, and excellent grip in wet road conditions.

Noise blockers reduce the road noise for this tire in the tire profile to reduce airborne sound for a pleasant drive. The large stable shoulder blocks are built in to provide confident traction and better durability for these tires.

3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Rating

Winter Tyre on snow covered road.

 photo by alexandrumagurean via iStock

Most offroading tires are designed to handle a variety of surfaces, including dirt, gravel, and light snow. Still, they may not be entirely suitable for dealing with severe cold weather conditions. 

If you’re planning to drive into winter weather like heavy snow and ice, you’ll want a set of all-terrain tires that can handle it. It is best to choose tires that are marked with the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake classification if you regularly find yourself charging the trails at higher altitudes.

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