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Toyota is Now Offering a Factory TRD Lift Kit for the New Tundra

Toyota Press Room

All new cars lack aftermarket support as companies did not get the chance to develop any accessories for the vehicles yet.

Therefore, the first few months are the best for the factory to sell aftermarket products as they will be the only option available on the market. 

Toyota did not waste any time with the new Tundra and has made available a dealer-installed factory TRD lift kit and some other accessories a few days after the truck hit dealer showrooms. 

The Factory TRD Lift Kit 

Toyota Factory TRD Lift Kit

Toyota Press Room

The lift kit announced by Toyota will be available for almost all 4×4 trims of the 2022 Tundra. Customers will be able to lift their truck by 2.6 inches while also leveling the front and rear nicely. 

The factory TRD lift kit is made up of tuned Bilstein front and rear shock absorbers with taller TRD coil springs, TRD front lower knuckles, front extended axle-shafts, front stabilizer links. Front outer tie rods, front tie rod sleeves, and several other upgraded parts. 

The slim upper forged control arms are produced by Roush so you can be sure they will withstand anything you throw at them. 

Because of the factory TRD lift kit, the truck also gains five degrees of approach angle, one degree of departure angle, and two degrees of break-over angle. 

The kit provides significant quality and capability upgrades; therefore, it is not cheap. Estimated MSRP will be $3,995.

Factory TRD Lift Kit

Toyota Press Room

Along with the factory TRD lift kit, Toyota also introduced some further accessories for Tundra drivers. A TRD skid plate, TRD cast aluminum running boards, a bed extender, dashcam, two in-bed swing-out boxes, a folding tonneau cover, and a TRD off-road wheel and tire package can also be purchased on the showroom floor.

The 2.6 additional inches the truck gets make a huge difference on ground clearance while the lift also provides some real estate in the wheel arches for some bigger tires. 

The quality of the components looks amazing, and one can be sure they are in safe hands as all the alterations are done by Toyota themselves. The above modifications are ideal for someone who wants to increase capabilities but maintain the factory look and feel of the truck. 

Do Not Rush With Modifications

Toyota Tire

Toyota Press Room

If a factory look isn’t what you are looking for then there is no need to rush and buy this factory TRD lift kit.

The Tundra is a very popular platform and aftermarket companies will be coming out with modifications soon. Therefore, in a few months, the options to modify these trucks will be endless. 

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