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Planning a Camping Road Trip? These Tips Will Help

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Aside from the gear, clothes, and supplies you take with you, a camping road trip doesn’t really need to be planned. You can just set off into the unknown and head out wherever you fancy. 

However, many people like to have a plan in their heads, and we don’t blame them. It can lead you to some wonderful locations if you do your research beforehand while also minimizing unfortunate situations in which you head down a trail that’s closed or leads to nowhere interesting.


Additionally, it’s worth planning how you want to camp. For example, having a trailer along for the ride gives you a place to rest and relax without worrying about finding hotels or hostels every night. And if you get a trailer like the Yeti from Sherpa Trailers, you can camp in style! More on that in a bit…

This article covers a few tips that will help you plan your camping road trip to ensure you have the best time out in the wilderness.

Let’s get started!

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Choosing Your Route

Desert Highway

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Planning your camping road trip ahead of time has many benefits. First and foremost, you can pinpoint attractions you want to see or camp spots that look attractive. This can be done through off-road navigation applications. Many of these applications and devices have hotspots in the marked areas so you can browse and find exactly what you want to visit. 

The best thing about planning your destination is that you can also plan your route. You can check for road closures ahead of time, weather updates, cool spots to stop for a break, and available hikes, or choose the road that looks the most scenic. If you want, you can also take the faster road

Choosing a route and destination for your camping road trip also lets you factor in the capabilities of your vehicle, trailer, and yourself. For example, a trailer like the Yeti teardrop is compact, lightweight, and nimble, so a narrow, winding mountain road won’t pose a problem for you towing this trailer. 

Packing Up

Packing for Camping

Photo by Miljan Živković via iStock

Packing can be a pain; however, the whole process becomes far easier with a trailer…

Think about it – a camping road trip in your car is great, but there’s far less room for you and your buddies because all your gear is in the car with you. But with a trailer – like a compact teardrop like the Yeti – you have loads of storage space to keep the bulk of your gear safe, secure, and out of the car.

Packing a family for Camping

Photo by AleksandarNakic via iStock

Our rule of thumb is to put all the frequently-used items in a reachable area so they can be grabbed easily (including a fire extinguisher and medical kit). Once that is done, we continue packing according to how often something is used. For example, recovery gear goes somewhere in the middle, and spare parts or tools go towards the rear and least reachable area.

Make sure you utilize every little space available and pack in a way that effectively uses your cargo area. You will be surprised at how much more storage you get when you pack things properly, particularly when you have a vehicle and a trailer!

Avoid Driving Too Many Miles in a Single Day

Icefields Parkway Between Banff National Park and Jasper in Alberta, Canada

Photo by R.M. Nunes via iStock

Driving a lot of miles in a single day on your camping road trip can both be tiring and boring. If you plan your route ahead of time, you should already know roughly the mileage and time you will be on the road each day.

Overdoing it can lead to accidents and frustration; therefore, always make sure to add something interesting midway along your trip just to make everything a bit more manageable.

A quick sightseeing stop here and a break for lunch there will give you time away from the road to rest and recharge. Plus, you never know what interesting attractions you might find when you stop!

Don’t Rule out Detours

Driving on a Dusty Dirt Road

Photo by Willowpix via iStock

Sure, you want to stick to your plan. However, if you come across something exciting while on your way, it may be worth going for a detour to check it out. Planning is great, but we also need spontaneous action to keep the adventure spirit high. Sometimes the unexpected is the highlight of a camping road trip.

Do It With People You Love

Father and son drinking tea sitting in car trunk

Photo by alexei_tm via iStock

In our opinion, a road trip needs to be done alone or with people you love – there isn’t a middle ground. A road trip alone can lead to self-discovery or a very relaxing few days, weeks, or even months. 

 A road trip taken with good friends or family will lead to unforgettable memories and an even stronger bond than the one you had before setting off. These trips must be enjoyed along the way – the destination is just a guide, not the actual highlight.  

Choose a Trailer You Can Trust

sherpa trailer options

Overland adventures don’t have to be expensive, nor do they have to be stressful. Again, one way to enhance your explorations is with a trailer, which, provided you invest in a proper trailer, can tick the “inexpensive” and “non-stressful” boxes.

Earlier, we mentioned the Yeti teardrop trailer from Sherpa Trailers as an ideal camping road trip companion. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that it’s easy to tow and affordable!

At roughly 1,100 pounds with a 125-pound tongue weight, this trailer is easily towable by a wide range of vehicles – a big full-size truck, a midsize SUV, or even a small AWD wagon like a Subaru Outback. In other words, if you don’t have a big ol’ diesel truck, no worries! You can very likely tow this trailer with the vehicle you already have.

In terms of affordability, the Yeti is hard to beat. It’s one of the most inexpensive teardrop trailers on the market (you can get a price quote here). But don’t think the low price means you don’t get any features or amenities. Far from it!

This little unit will transform the way you travel on your camping road trip thanks to the great features mentioned below:

  • Two doors
  • Vent on one side, and a 12-volt fan on the opposite side to improve airflow
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting
  • 6-outlet power strip on the interior rear bulkhead, with an external inlet to access shore power or a generator

Additionally, the trailer can accommodate an optional roof rack for additional storage space. There’s a two-inch receiver on the back of the trailer for adding a cargo rack or bike rack as well.

On the front is a wheeled jack that makes moving the trailer around super easy. When you stop for the night, the dual stabilizer jacks in the rear keep the trailer from rocking and rolling.

In addition to these features, it’s worth mentioning that this affordable teardrop trailer for your camping road trip is built with a great attention to detail. There’s no skimping on quality here, as evidenced by:

  • ¾” exterior grade plywood for the walls and floors.
  • Walls and floors are carpeted on the inside.
  • The ceiling is Mahogany plywood. There are 2×4 ribs about every 12 inches and are pocketed into the sides for additional sturdiness.
  • 2×4 construction in the front and rear bulkheads to support the weight of a roof rack and gear.
  • Insulated roof with 1 ½” foam between the ribs.
  • 24-gauge sheet metal covers the exterior. You have a choice of 23 colors for your sides!

As you would expect, you can also choose from a generous list of add-ons to personalize your trailer to your specific needs. 

For the price and weight, you can’t really go wrong with the Yeti. With a host of base features, plenty of optional accessories, and a build quality that offers years and years of reliability and durability, this compact camping road trip trailer is ready to go for your adventures! 

Final Thoughts 

Highway driving near the Tetons

Photo by Art Wager via iStock 

A camping road trip can be spontaneous, but planning can ensure that you hit every spot you want while also avoiding potential problems on the road. 

Furthermore, a good trailer like the Yeti from Sherpa Trailers can transform your time on the road and make it a far more comfortable and enjoyable experience. This is especially true if you’re new to the world of camping trailers. Starting out with an affordable teardrop is an ideal inroad to towing a trailer and getting more comfortable having your home on wheels behind you.

If you want additional details about the Yeti, get in touch with Sherpa Trailers. For other off-road or overlanding-related questions, have a peek at our forum!

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