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This Custom Teardrop Trailer is Ready for Anything – Including Armageddon

When I go camping, I want to accomplish a couple of things: get away from the hubbub of work for a while and get away from people. If you’re reading this, you probably feel the same way.

There are a few difficulties with taking extended off-grid trips, though. It’s hard to get away from work and family obligations. Coordinating schedules with your family and camping buddies can be difficult, too. Not every custom teardrop trailer is built for handling tough trails or extended off-grid stays, either.

I can’t help you with the first couple of problems. But I can help you with the last one by introducing you to one of the best-equipped teardrop trailers on the market today – the XTD Armageddon from Valiant Expedition Trailers.

Table of Contents

Custom Teardrop Trailer: XTD Armageddon Base Features

Valiant Exterior

Let’s start with the basics and go over the trailer upon which the Armageddon is built.

The base trailer is Valiant’s XTD Expedition package, which itself is an upgrade (a couple of times over) from the base XTD model. There’s an absolute mountain of features in the Expedition package, both inside and out.

Interior Features

The XTD Expedition features a main compartment that’s 82 inches long and 62 inches wide. Interior headroom comes in at 55 inches at the high point. This gives you plenty of room to sleep (a queen-size mattress fits perfectly) and hang out when the weather outside is less than ideal.

Valiant Construction

To protect against cold weather, the cab is fully insulated with 1.5-inch R-tech insulation. Helping keep things warm are the Tern Overland Wildlands doors and Tern Overland Arctic Tern windows.

The cabin of this custom teardrop trailer also features storage cubbies for organizing your gear, LED lighting, a Maxxfan for airflow, and a power system with 110VAC and 12V options wired with Arctic UltraFlex wiring. Power is generated by a 190-watt solar power system. You get a furnace, too!

Exterior Features

Valiant 2022 Interior

The base trailer has a well-appointed galley with a butcher block countertop, a three-burner stove, and a stainless-steel sink with cold and hot water (fed by a 15-gallon water tank). The galley also features LED lighting, storage drawers, and a Dometic dual-zone fridge/freezer (which is on a custom heavy-duty slide on the tongue of the trailer).

Additionally, you get an outdoor shower box on the driver’s side of the trailer to keep clean on your extended trips.

On the top and bottom of this custom teardrop trailer, you’ll find single-sheet aluminum panels that overlap the single-piece side walls. The result is a weatherproof, leak-free cabin. In fact, Valiant guarantees a lifetime of leak-free use!

Arctic Tern Window

There are other notable exterior features as well. This includes:

  • Rear compartment door with hydraulic props
  • Heavy-duty swivel tongue jack
  • Submersible LED marker lights, stop lights, turn signals, and taillights
  • Powder-coated steel wheels with 31-inch all-terrain tires
  • Large tongue platform for storage

The trailer’s frame is also fully powder-coated for extreme durability.

So, you get the point – before we even get to the Armageddon package, this trailer is already very well-equipped to handle tough trails and harsh weather conditions for an extended period of time. The options included with the Armageddon package take those capabilities to an entirely new level.

Custom Teardrop Trailer: Upgrades Included With the XTD Armageddon

Armageddon Exterior

Valiant Expedition Trailers devised the Armageddon package to provide long-term self-sufficiency in a simple, practical custom teardrop trailer. That mission is accomplished with a superb set of options that make this rig ready for anything.

Interior Upgrades

What if you run out of propane and don’t have fuel for the furnace to keep you warm? With the Armageddon package, that’s no problem because the cabin has a mini wood-burning stove to provide heat.

The power system gets an upgrade as well. There’s twin 100Ah deep-cycle lithium batteries (rather than the standard AGMs) which doubles the power capacity of the trailer. These batteries are also self-warming to ensure proper operation in cold temperatures.

Valiant 2022 Interior 1

The power system also includes an upgraded 2000W AC power inverter and two 200W solar panels to ensure you have the power you need to charge your devices, run the interior and exterior LEDs, and even use heavy appliances or power tools.

The cabin of this custom teardrop trailer also gets an upgrade in the form of a ROAM gearbox. The box is mounted vertically on the passenger-side wall and has a built-in Molle panel for storing gear.

Exterior Upgrades

Armageddon Galley

This trailer also gets upgraded water and fuel capacity. There’s a 24-gallon water tank, two 11-pound propane bottles with mounts, and two four-gallon Rotopax for additional fuel. 

You’ll also find an ARB air compressor in the galley, an OVS shower enclosure on the driver’s side of the trailer, and a Wilco Offroad spare tire swing arm that includes a drop-down table.

Custom Teardrop Trailer: Is the Armageddon Package Overkill?

Armageddon Camping

If you’ve spent any amount of time camping, overlanding, or off-roading, you know that it’s best to overprepare than be underprepared…

The Armageddon package makes this custom teardrop trailer ready for anything. Whether you’re heading out for a long weekend of off-grid camping with your family, taking a few weeks to explore backcountry tracks on a solo overlanding trip, or God forbid, high-tailing it out of town to avoid a natural disaster or some other calamity, the Armageddon trailer is something you’ll definitely want in your corner.

Valiant Construction Process

This trailer isn’t just special because of the vast array of standard and optional features, either. The build quality of this rig is also next-level.

I’ve been in this business for a while now, and this is one of a few trailers I’ve encountered that utilizes one-piece aluminum construction for the cabin’s shell (including the belly, as shown above). It’s also the only trailer I’ve encountered that comes with a lifetime leak-free guarantee. That’s just one feature that speaks to the quality of these trailers, though.

Armageddon At Night

These trailers are hand-made using quality components, most of which come from the U.S. and Canada, and the processes the Valiant team uses to build their trailers focus on quality control, durability, and ruggedness from the get-go.

Add to that the fact that Valiant’s owners, Jordan and Katie, are native Alaskans. Living in Alaska is tough, to say the least, so these guys know what you need to survive and thrive in the harshest conditions. The Valiant Armageddon was borne out of that experience.

valiant armageddon 2022 2

So, is the Armageddon custom teardrop trailer overkill? No way, man! Why bother with an off-road trailer that isn’t up for virtually any task? Instead, a trailer like this makes your planned camping trips something to look forward to, and any unplanned bug-out situations something you can handle with ease.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Get all the details on the Armageddon package by visiting Valiant Expedition Trailers.

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