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Four Essential Campfire Tools to Add to Your Kit Right Now

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A campfire is the most cherished part of many camping trips. The relaxing sounds, familiar smells, and great campfire meals make for unforgettable experiences. 

To start a good campfire, we need some campfire tools made for this specific job. Of course, a campfire can be started with just the basics, but having the correct equipment makes the process much easier.

For a brief introduction, you can check out the video below on how to start a campfire by Parks Canada.

As for this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to start a campfire quickly and effectively. 

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Campfire Tools: An All-Around Multi-Tool to Build and Tend the Fire

forrest tool 3

First on our list of campfire tools is something that will help build a fire pit. The MAX Toolkit from Forrest Tool Company is a great item for this job. The shovel is likely the most useful tool in this instance; however, this product offers much more.

For example, the MAX Toolkit also includes a pick and a broad pick that can help you break through tough ground to build your firepit. The 3.5-pound Hudson Bay ax head can be your go-to tool for chopping wood for the fire, too.

Of course, the Mattock blad, combination McLeod, rake, and hoe are all valuable components for your off-grid fire-building needs as well!

max ax by forrest tool company

No matter which tool you’re using, the 34-inch composite polyglass handle will help you get the job done with ease. The handle is solid yet lightweight, and the 34-inch handle has a nice shape and size to it, so it feels comfortable in your hands regardless of what fire-building task you’re completing. 

The included locking pins make swapping out tools a quick and easy process, too. So, you can start with the shovel to dig your firepit, switch to the Hudson Bay ax to chop wood and kindling, then switch to the rake to spread out hot coals when it’s time to put the fire out. It really is an all-in-one campfire tool!

Forrest Tool Company MAX Multipurpose Toolkit Review

The MAX Toolkit also comes with a beautiful embossed leather ax sheath and a carrying case to keep all the tools organized. Better still, this bad boy isn’t just for making fires. Use the back of the ax to drive in tent stakes, the pick to help dig trenches around your tent to divert water, and the Mattock blade to help dig out your vehicle if it gets bogged down on the trail.

The Forrest Tool Company MAX Toolkit really is the ideal tool to have in your kit – for building and maintaining fires and much more!

A Good Fire-Starting Kit

After the fire pit is created, you will need to start the fire. You will need a good fire-starting kit like the Weyland fire starter to do this. This kit includes:

  • Fatwood firestarter sticks
  • Fero rod with paracord lanyard and striker
  • Fat rope stick fire starter
  • Char cloth
  • Hemp and wick reusable match 

You also get Fatwood wool tumbleweed fire starters, paraffin wax, and Fire Flash cotton fire-starting tinder wicks. There’s waterproof campfire sticks and, finally, pocket-sized bellows to feed your fire, too.

Everything in this kit is neatly packaged into a durable and water-resistant bag which is perfect for camping, backpacking, and general off-grid adventures. 

Campfire Tools: A Portable Fire Pit

A portable fire pit is a great way to ensure you get a clean burning campfire that eliminates the smell of smoke from your clothes. The Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit pushes the limits of both combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist outdoor design with its all-stainless steel construction.

The double wall design maximizes airflow while the bottom holes allow oxygen to feed the fire from below. This leads to a more complete burn that produces fewer particles in the form of smoke while also eliminating the issue of half-burned logs. 

Since your campfire will be less smoky, you will be able to sit next to it without your clothes smelling like a campfire. You will also breathe clean air – not a bad bonus!

This product eliminates the need for parts and assembly. So, you can take it from your backyard patio, load it in the truck, and take it on your camping trip. It is a versatile tool that will make your life at camp easier, and that is an invaluable trait of any product! 

Cast-Iron Cookery for Awesome Campfire Meals

Let’s be honest here – nothing beats a good cast iron meal on top of a campfire. Cast iron is so popular for camping because it is strong. The thick steel construction means it can withstand the direct heat of the campfire. Its unique heat retention properties also provide a different taste to the food. 

Our product of choice isn’t a cast iron pan but a cast iron Dutch oven. This is a great tool for one-pot meals. You can prepare all the ingredients, put them in the Dutch oven and wait for the fire to work its magic.

Our product of choice is the Overmont Camp Dutch Oven. This product can serve both as an oven or a skillet if you use the lid on its own. This Dutch oven comes with legs that help it stay stable when placed on coals or in a normal oven.

Make sure that you’ve given the Dutch oven a coat of your favorite oil once you are done cooking, as this will ensure it lasts many years. Also, the longer and more often you use a cast iron pan or oven, the better your food will taste as it gets seasoned. 

Overmont is dedicated to great customer experience and provides good service if you ever have an issue with their products. 

Campfire Tools Final Thoughts 

Dutch oven cooking over a campfire

Photo by EJJohnsonPhotography via iStock

A campfire is an essential part of any camping trip. It can provide warmth, food, and set the correct mood for the night. With the right equipment like the products mentioned above, you will be able to get the fire going quickly and effectively, which will help avoid frustration. 

If you have any further campfire questions or for anything else off-road or overland-related, head over to the forum section of our page. 

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