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This Convertible Camper Trailer Pulls Triple Duty for Your Camping Adventures

One of the benefits of having a camper trailer is that you have room for sleeping, eating, storage, and more. But what if you want all that in a small, lightweight footprint?

That’s where the Rustic Mountain Overland Anzac GFC Moto Hauler comes in…

This convertible camper trailer is a cargo trailer, an entertaining space, and a base camp all wrapped in a package that’s towable by a car or small SUV. It’s the best of all worlds, really – comfort, convenience, rugged durability…you name it!

Let’s explore this unique convertible camper trailer in more detail so you can see exactly why it’s so high on my list of innovative trailers.

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You Get Loads of Cargo Space in this Convertible Camper Trailerustic mountain overland 3

The Rustic Mountain Overland Anzac GFC Moto Hauler stands out as a versatile and reliable companion for adventure enthusiasts, boasting an impressive array of cargo space and amenities designed to cater to diverse storage needs.

At the forefront of its features are the upper and lower tongue box chambers, strategically positioned to provide additional storage capacity for smaller items and essentials. These compartments offer a convenient solution for organizing gear, tools, or other accessories, ensuring that everything has its designated place within easy reach.

Measuring an expansive 48 inches in width and boasting a tub length of 99 inches, the cargo area of the Anzac GFC Moto Hauler offers ample space for accommodating a wide range of storage requirements. Whether you’re transporting camping equipment, outdoor gear, or other essentials, this hauler’s generous dimensions ensure that you can bring along everything you need for your journey.

rustic mountain overland 2

Securing your cargo is a top priority, and the Anzac GFC Moto Hauler addresses this concern with its L-track tie-down system. This system provides a reliable and flexible solution for securing loads, giving you peace of mind during transit. Whether you’re carrying outdoor equipment or any other items, the L-track tie-down system ensures that your cargo remains firmly in place throughout your travels.

The tub’s adaptability is another standout feature, as it is designed to accommodate not only general cargo but also motorcycles along with additional gear. This versatility makes the Anzac GFC Moto Hauler a practical choice for those who want to combine their love for off-road adventures with the convenience of transporting a motorcycle to their destination.

To enhance accessibility and ease of use, the cargo tub features panels on the left, right, and rear sides that can be opened or closed as needed. This modular design allows for convenient loading and unloading, adapting to the size and shape of your cargo. Furthermore, these panels are equipped with secure locking mechanisms, ensuring that your valuables are protected and giving you the confidence to leave your belongings safely stored inside the hauler when needed.




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A Place to Hang Out and Relax, Anyone?

rustic mountain overland anzac gfc trailer review

The storage area of the Anzac GFC Moto Hauler has another use…

On those wet spring days when you just don’t want to go outside, you can use the storage area as a lounge. Open the left, right, and rear doors, and you get unobstructed views of your surroundings while staying out of the elements. Sip your morning coffee, read a good book, and invite your friends over for a game of cards. You can do it all inside the GFC Moto Hauler!

Better still, when it’s time for an afternoon nap, you don’t have to go outside and climb a wet ladder to access the tent. Instead, there’s interior access between the storage bay and the tent. Talk about an ingenious and useful feature!

This Convertible Camper Trailer Comes With Rooftop Tent Accommodations

rustic mountain overland 4

The Rustic Mountain Overland Anzac GFC Moto Hauler redefines the camping experience with its innovative rooftop tent. This well-designed trailer features a built-in sleeping platform complete with a GFC tent, offering you a cozy and elevated space for a restful night’s sleep. 

As I noted earlier, what sets this hauler apart is the seamless access to the rooftop sleeping area from inside the trailer, ensuring convenience and ease of use. By seamlessly integrating a rooftop tent you can take advantage of all three unique convertible trailer features without ever stepping foot outside.

Whether you’re embarking on a rugged outdoor adventure or simply looking for a comfortable and convenient way to travel, this hauler delivers a unique combination of functionality and comfort for the modern explorer.

The Anzac GFC Moto Hauler Convertible Camper Trailer Has Some Nice Amenities, Too

The Anzac GFC Moto Hauler does more than pull triple duty for storage, lounging, and sleeping…

As I discuss in the video above, the Anzac GFC Moto Hauler stands out as a well-equipped and customizable adventure companion, offering a range of included features and optional upgrades to cater to the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

Among the standard inclusions are the Dometic CFX3-45, a robust and efficient refrigerator ensuring that your perishables stay fresh throughout your journey. Complementing this is the Dometic PLB-40, a portable lithium battery that provides reliable power for your electronic devices and appliances, enhancing your camping experience.

Adding to the hauler’s practicality is the Tembo Tusk tongue box slide, a thoughtful design element that maximizes storage space for smaller essentials, keeping them easily accessible yet securely stowed. This feature exemplifies the meticulous attention to detail in the Anzac GFC Moto Hauler’s design, addressing the practical needs of adventurers.

For those seeking further customization, the options for the Anzac GFC Moto Hauler are both diverse and impressive. The availability of a custom bed liner ensures durability and protection for the trailer bed, safeguarding it against wear and tear from the rigors of off-road travel. The option for a matching spare tire not only adds a visual coherence to the overall aesthetic but also provides a practical solution for any unforeseen roadside emergencies.

Opting for the armor package enhances the durability of the hauler, fortifying it against rough terrains and unexpected challenges. The CruiseMaster CR2 suspension, another available option, elevates the trailer’s off-road capabilities, providing a smoother ride even in the most rugged environments.

One of the standout customizable features is the freedom to choose from a variety of custom colors, allowing owners to personalize their Anzac GFC Moto Hauler to match their style and preferences. This flexibility adds a touch of individuality to the trailer, making it a reflection of the owner’s unique taste and personality.

So, with that, I think you can see how the Anzac GFC Moto Hauler offers a blend of essential features and optional upgrades that cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether it’s the practical inclusions like the Dometic refrigerator and portable battery or the customizable options such as the custom bed liner or the functionality of the storage bay and interior access to the rooftop tent, this convertible camper trailer does it all!

Disclaimer: A quick heads-up: If you snag something through our affiliate links or check out our sponsored content, we might earn a commission at no extra cost to you. But fear not, we’re all about recommending stuff we’re truly stoked about!

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