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Building an Overlanding Trailer (or a Hunting Trailer) Just Got Easier

I’ve been camping and overlanding with a trailer for many years, and for me, there simply isn’t a better setup. I love being able to tow my trailer where I want to go (even if it’s off-road), park the trailer, unhook it from my truck, and have a basecamp to come home to after a day out adventuring.

My adventures are of the overlanding type – I’ll hop in my truck and leave camp for the day to explore trails, take photos, and just enjoy being outdoors. But some folks like to head out and hunt, too. Either way, it’s nice to have a comfortable camp to return to, and now you can do so easier than ever before.


Well, that’s simple: the folks at SNO Trailers are experts at building an overlanding trailer, and with a new line of Remington-branded hunting trailers, you can have your dream trailer whether you’re heading out to enjoy nature or joining the hunt.

Let’s have a look at the trailers that make this possible!

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Building an Overlanding Trailer: The SNO Trailers Baja

sno trailers baja rear profile

The SNO Trailers Baja is a remarkable compact overlanding trailer designed for adventure enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of versatility and ruggedness. Measuring 10’2” in length, 5’3” in width, and standing at just under five feet tall, the Baja is compact yet packs a punch in terms of features.

One standout feature of the SNO Trailers Baja is its departure angle of 40 degrees. This means it can navigate challenging terrain and obstacles with ease, providing you the confidence to explore even the most rugged landscapes. The compact build doesn’t compromise on strength, as the Baja boasts a dry weight of 700 lbs., making it a lightweight yet sturdy companion for your overlanding adventures.

sno trailers baja suspension

With a suspension load capacity of 2000 lbs., the Baja is built to handle a variety of gear and equipment, ensuring that you can bring all the essentials for an extended off-grid journey. Whether it’s camping gear, outdoor equipment, or supplies for an extended trip, this trailer has you covered.

One of the key advantages of the SNO Trailers Baja is its adaptability to different towing vehicles. Despite its robust features, the Baja is designed to be towed by smaller vehicles such as UTVs, making it accessible to a broader range of terrain. This versatility opens up new possibilities for those who may not own a heavy-duty truck but still want to experience the thrill of overlanding.

Additionally, the SNO Trailers Baja redefines the overlanding experience with a host of exceptional features designed to elevate your outdoor adventures. Let’s dive into the additional details that make this compact trailer a standout in the world of off-road exploration.


Building an overlanding trailer like the SNO Trailers Baja starts with a foundation that can withstand the toughest conditions. Its proprietary anti-rust base coating ensures durability, while the powder coated steel frame provides a robust structure. The combination of strength and resilience is complemented by the lightweight yet sturdy aluminum body, offering a perfect balance for your overlanding needs.


sno trailers baja with utv

The Baja not only boasts a tough frame but also comes equipped with features that enhance both functionality and style. A premium roof rack offers additional storage space for gear or equipment, while the Timbren suspension ensures a smooth ride even on challenging terrain.

The trailer rides on 15-inch premium Method wheels fitted with top-of-the-line all-terrain tires, ensuring optimal traction in diverse landscapes. You can choose from three distinct color options as well – SNO White, Storm Gray, or Desert Sand – to personalize your Baja to your liking.

Storage and Kitchen Zones

Efficiency is key when building an overlanding trailer, and the SNO Trailers Baja excels in providing organized and accessible storage.

The stainless steel top kitchen pullout and fixed storage compartment above it make meal preparation a breeze. A large rear compartment with a slide pullout accommodates a powered cooler or portable fridge/freezer, ensuring your perishables stay fresh on extended journeys. 

Two large side doors, each equipped with molle panels, offer easy access to your gear. The wide-body kit includes two side boxes with internal drawers, a divider, and two stainless-steel drop-down shelves. Each box features Switch-Pros panels and two USB ports for added convenience.

Front Utility Box

sno trailers baja moving close up

The front of the Baja features a dedicated utility box with an integrated notch design for recovery boards. It also includes an internal protective SNO Trailers removable cover, ensuring that your recovery gear stays secure and protected.


Stay powered and connected with the advanced electronics integrated into the Baja. The Renogy® AGM battery (100ah) and battery monitor provide reliable power, while the Switch-Pros panels offer convenient control over various functions. Add in the Renogy® waterproof solar charge controller and solar plug to harness the power of the sun for sustainable energy.

Additional features include the NOCO® Genius battery charger, an on/off battery switch, and charging ports inside the rear panel and each side box, ensuring your devices stay charged throughout your journey.

In essence, when building an overlanding trailer like the Baja, you get more than just a trailer; you get a meticulously crafted companion equipped to handle the rigors of off-road exploration while providing the comforts and conveniences of home. Whether you’re tackling challenging trails or enjoying a peaceful campsite, the Baja is ready for the adventure ahead.




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The Remington R-20: A Hunter’s Dream Trailer

sno trailers r-20 2

The Remington R-20 is based on the Baja, so many of the features are the same, but with a few changes to make it a hunter’s dream trailer.

For example, the R-20 comes with Prinsu accessory mounts on the roof rack to accommodate your hunting gear. The R-20 additionally comes with three premium wheels (compared to the two that come with the base Baja trailer) plus a spare tire rack. The wheels are 14-inch rather than the 15-inch wheels on the Baja, and the trailer comes with a Max Coupler hitch.

sno trailers r-20 8

The only other significant change to the body of the R-20 is its 45-degree departure angle. With five extra degrees of room, the R-20 gives you even more capability of getting up, over, and around obstacles while you hunt.

Of course, being a specialized hunting trailer with the Remington name on it, the R-20 comes with all the space you need to safely carry your guns. What’s more, there’s ample storage space for all your hunting gear and accessories, that way when you hit the trail and find a place to camp, you’ve got everything you need to be comfortable in the wilderness and head out from camp to hunt.

Building an Overlanding Trailer or Hunting Trailer is So Simple

I’ve known the SNO Trailers team for a decent amount of time now, and one thing that sticks out about them is their willingness to work with each client for building an overlanding trailer that fits their specific needs.

Take the Baja, for example. You can order a base model and outfit it as you see fit, adding pieces, parts, and features as your needs change over the year. Or, alternatively, you can work directly with the SNO Trailers team to provide them feedback regarding the exact features you want in the trailer. That way, you can pick your trailer up with it already outfitted for whatever adventures lie ahead.

sno trailers r-20 5

Of course, whether you order a basic shell or a trailer that’s fully built out (like the R-20 shown above), you get something that’s ruggedly built, durable, and showcases SNO Trailers’ dedication to building some of the finest trailers on the market. And after the sale, you get the advantage of superb customer service from a team that loves the outdoors – and wants you to love the outdoors just as much.

Building an overlanding trailer or a hunting trailer truly could not be simpler. You decide what you want, and SNO Trailers builds it accordingly. What’s not to like about that?!

Options for Building an Overlanding Trailer or Hunting Trailer

sno trailers baja left profile

The only “difficult” part of building an overlanding trailer or hunting trailer from SNO Trailers is that there are a lot of options you can choose to add to your trailer build.

The SNO Trailers Baja takes customization to the next level with an array of optional features that cater to individual preferences and specific expedition needs. These optional additions enhance the already impressive capabilities of the Baja and R-20, making them truly personalized overlanding and hunting companions.

Body Options

sno trailers r-20 3

If you want to make a bold statement on the trails, the custom trailer wrap and premium color match options allow you to showcase your style while ensuring your Baja or R-20 stands out in any terrain.

The awning mount adds versatility, providing shade and shelter for your outdoor activities. Likewise, RotoPaX mounts offer a convenient solution for additional fuel or water storage, ensuring you can extend your journey without worrying about running out of essential resources.

On the Baja, the roof rack, complete with Prinsu accessory mounts, opens up a world of possibilities for carrying extra gear or accessories. The spare tire rack ensures you’re prepared for unexpected situations, adding a layer of security to your off-road adventures. These options are standard features on the R-20.

Storage and Kitchen Zones

sno trailers baja kitchen

Tailor your storage and kitchen zones with the optional rear pullout slides and front pullout slide, enhancing accessibility and organization. Custom molle panels provide a modular and flexible solution for securing various tools and equipment, allowing you to adapt your setup to different scenarios.


Extend your off-grid capabilities with the addition of a second battery, providing extra power for your electronic devices and appliances. Exterior LED lights illuminate your campsite, enhancing safety and creating a cozy atmosphere. USB charging ports ensure that your devices remain powered, keeping you connected even in the remote wilderness.


sno trailers r-20 6

Take your camping experience to new heights with a roof top tent, providing a comfortable and elevated sleeping space with panoramic views. The awning option adds an extra layer of outdoor living, creating a shaded area for relaxation.

The portable hot water kit and shower with shower mount bring the comforts of home to the great outdoors, allowing for a refreshing shower after a day of exploration. Embrace sustainable energy with a solar panel, harnessing the sun’s power to keep your batteries charged.

For those who enjoy culinary adventures on the road, the stove and sink options provide the tools necessary to whip up delicious meals. Keep your beverages and perishables cool with coolers and refrigerator/freezers, ensuring you have refreshing drinks and fresh food throughout your journey.

sno trailers r-20 1

Safety is paramount as well, and the inclusion of recovery boards ensures you’re prepared for challenging terrain. The Max Coupler hitch – an option for the Baja and standard for the R-20 – adds an extra layer of security and stability during towing, enhancing your overall towing experience.

In essence, the SNO Trailers Baja and R-20’s optional features empower you to tailor your overlanding experience to match your unique preferences and requirements. Whether you prioritize style, functionality, or comfort, these trailers can be customized to become the perfect companion for your off-road adventures!

Disclaimer: A quick heads-up: If you snag something through our affiliate links or check out our sponsored content, we might earn a commission at no extra cost to you. But fear not, we’re all about recommending stuff we’re truly stoked about!

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