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How to Haul More Camping Gear (and Be Organized While Doing It)

Do you ever feel like  an intricate game of Tetris ensues every time you attempt to load your vehicle with camping gear? You’re not alone. As we venture into the great outdoors, ensuring that we have every piece of essential equipment while maintaining a clutter-free space is a common challenge many outdoor enthusiasts face. 

However, packing your camping gear doesn’t have to feel like a Herculean task. It’s all about learning how to optimize your storage capacity effectively, implement smart packing strategies, and remain organized throughout the journey. 

Let’s explore the art of hauling more camping gear without sacrificing orderliness or peace of mind.

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How to Haul More Camping Gear: Buy a Trailer With Lots of Storage Space 

rustic mountain overland 4

If you want to enhance your outdoor experiences, a trailer can revolutionize how you haul your camping gear. The Anzac GFC Moto Hauler from Rustic Mountain Overland, an Alabama-based company known for its rugged, off-road trailers, stands out in this regard. This trailer is more than just a storage unit; it is an extension of your adventurous lifestyle, designed to seamlessly accommodate all your camping gear needs.

rustic mountain overland 5

The Anzac GFC Moto Hauler impresses with its substantial storage bay, measuring 48″W x 99″L, offering ample room for all your camping gear. Complemented with additional features like a large tongue box equipped with a Tembo Tusk box slide and a Dometic CFX3-45 cooler, it ensures your gear remains organized and accessible. The integrated L-track tie-down system provides extra security for your gear during transit.

rustic mountain overland 1

What sets this trailer apart, however, is not just its ability to haul camping gear but its inherent adaptability. It houses a built-in sleeping platform featuring a GFC tent, offering a comfortable retreat after a day full of adventures. The multifunctional storage bay can even be transformed into a cozy lounge.




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Help Yourself With a Camping Checklist for Packing 

Essential Family Camping Gear

Photo by apomares via iStock

An effective way to ensure that you’re equipped with all the necessary camping gear is by creating and following a comprehensive checklist. Having a list at hand can streamline your packing process, eliminate the risk of forgetting essentials, and help you organize your gear more effectively.

A camping checklist serves as your roadmap to a successful and stress-free outdoor experience. By detailing every piece of gear you need, it prevents last-minute scrambling and helps optimize packing, fitting more items into the same space. It helps you visualize your camping gear layout, making packing and unpacking a breeze.

For those who might not know where to start, you’re in luck. KOA (Kampgrounds of America) offers an excellent, comprehensive camping checklist that covers every camping necessity, from kitchen tools to outdoor equipment and personal items.

How to Haul More Camping Gear: Invest in Smart Camping Storage Solutions 

Goose Gear Storage From BTR Outfitters

When it comes to hauling more camping gear, having a spacious trailer is a great start, but smart camping storage solutions are also game-changers. By optimizing the way you store and organize your gear, you can maximize your available space, making room for those extra items that could enhance your camping experience.

Take, for example, this Sleep and Storage Package. It turns your vehicle’s rear space into a well-organized storage area that’s customized to your needs. With options for different module styles and heights, you can tailor your storage to fit everything from camping gear to personal items.

Goose Gear Sleep And Storage From BTR Outfitters

The unique design of this storage solution allows the modules to secure together, utilizing factory tie-down locations for secure installation. Not only does this help keep your gear organized and accessible, but it also provides a more efficient use of space, enabling you to haul more camping gear.

Investing in smart storage solutions like this one enables you to utilize your available space to its full potential. Check them all out at BTR Outfitters now. You’ll find packing easier, driving smoother, and your overall camping experience significantly more enjoyable.

Just Because You Can Take More, Doesn’t Mean You Should

car overpacked with camping gear

Photo by tigerstrawberry via iStock

In the pursuit of hauling more camping gear, it’s easy to succumb to the temptation of overpacking. Just because you have more storage space doesn’t mean you should fill it with every camping gear item you own. Overpacking can lead to clutter, making it harder to find items when you need them. It also adds unnecessary weight to your vehicle, which can impact fuel efficiency and maneuverability.

Before packing, consider your trip’s nature. The length of your stay, the weather conditions, and the activities you plan to undertake should dictate what you bring. Pack only the essentials, and remember, part of the joy of camping is embracing simplicity and immersing yourself in nature.

You should aim to strike a balance between preparedness and minimalism. This not only simplifies your packing process but also helps ensure that you’re only bringing items that will genuinely enhance your camping experience.



Photo by mixetto via iStock

What are the Most Forgotten Camping Items?

Despite thorough packing, some camping gear items tend to be overlooked. These often include essential yet easily forgettable items such as a first aid kit, matches or lighters, maps and compasses, spare batteries, and toilet paper. Also, specialized items like bug repellent, sunscreen, and multi-tools often slip through the cracks. It’s advisable to double-check your camping checklist before heading out to ensure you have all necessities covered.

Where Should I Store Camping Gear When It’s Not in Use?

Proper storage of camping gear during the off-season is crucial to ensure its longevity. Store your camping gear in a dry, cool, and clean area away from direct sunlight. Spaces like basements, garages, or spare closets make for ideal storage areas. Make sure to clean and dry all gear before storage to prevent mold, mildew, or rust.

Can I Leave My Camping Gear in the Car?

It’s not recommended to leave camping gear in the car for extended periods. Temperature fluctuations, particularly heat, can damage certain items. Electronics can malfunction, canned food can spoil, and materials like rubber and plastic can warp or melt. Additionally, leaving valuable items visible in your car may attract theft. Store your gear properly when not in use to maintain its quality and effectiveness.

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