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This Adventure Trailer is Perfect for Your Fall Outdoor Activities

As the autumn leaves begin their vibrant display, the enchanting call of the outdoors beckons many to embrace the crisp air and captivating scenery. The season is ripe for an array of activities, from peaceful fall camping trips to exhilarating explorations, and having the right equipment is paramount. 

Enter the perfect companion for your fall adventures: the Space Trailers. This adventure trailer is not just a mere accessory; it’s an essential addition to elevate your outdoor experiences. Embark on a new journey this season, and let Space Trailers make every expedition a memorable one, harmonizing your adventures and amplifying the excitement of exploration.

Space Trailers stand out remarkably in the robust market, ensuring that you have everything you need for a successful and enjoyable outing. It’s meticulously crafted to accommodate and safeguard your gear, ensuring ease and convenience at every step of your journey. 

Today, we are exploring the extensive features and benefits of the Space Trailers adventure trailer and understand why it is the ideal choice for your fall adventures. For a more in-depth look on this adventure trailer, check out our detailed review

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This Adventure Trailer is Easy to Tow

space trailers on dirt road

Space Trailers’ weight is a mere 625 lbs. (approximately), making towing a breeze for various vehicles. This light construction doesn’t compromise on robustness, ensuring you can confidently embark on any adventure. The trailer’s design promotes a smooth, hassle-free towing experience, enhancing your travel adventures without the burden of a heavy load.

Not only is the Space Trailer lightweight but it’s also crafted for superior aerodynamic performance. This efficiency minimizes drag, helping maintain your vehicle’s fuel efficiency while ensuring effortless towing. Its design and weight combine to guarantee easy maneuverability, proving it’s an ideal match for all your adventures.

The trailers also prioritize safety alongside ease of towing. LED lights enhance visibility, ensuring other vehicles can easily spot the trailer at night. Plus, the highway-rated tire options add to its stable and reliable road performance. This attention to safety details promises a worry-free, smooth towing experience.




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Use the Space Trailers Adventure Trailer to Haul All Your Gear

space trailers 2023 expedition trailer

Even with its lightweight and compact design, the Space Trailer is a titan when it comes to hauling your gear. It boasts a generous load capacity of 1,000 lbs, ready to accommodate a variety of items for your diverse adventures. From hauling an 18-foot kayak to carrying camping equipment, the Space Trailer seamlessly fulfills your transport needs.

The trailer’s dimensions add to its hauling prowess. With a box height of 84” long, 49” wide, and 13” high, the Space Trailer capably holds a substantial amount of gear. The additional canopy height and the trailer’s intelligent design ensure ample space for all your adventure necessities. The adjustable Space Bars allow for versatile attachment options, enhancing the trailer’s functionality in gear transportation.

space trailer and 4runner

Beyond its capacity and dimensions, the Space Trailer offers practicality in gear transport with its non-skid surface and sturdy construction. The trailer’s interior is coated with marine-grade plywood, ensuring your gear stays secure and undamaged during transit. 

Furthermore, the trailer is equipped with a UV protectant canopy, safeguarding your equipment from weather elements, ensuring they arrive in impeccable condition at your adventure destination.

This Adventure Trailer is Easy to Store (Vertically!)

Space Trailers vertical storage

Storing a trailer can often be a logistical headache, but not with the Space Trailer. It’s engineered for vertical storage, ensuring it occupies minimal space when not in use. This innovative feature makes it an ideal choice for those with limited storage space. Whether you have a small garage or a packed driveway, the Space Trailer’s compact design and vertical storage capability ensure it fits seamlessly without causing any inconvenience.

This practical design aspect doesn’t just end at saving space. The vertical storage also aids in the trailer’s maintenance, allowing for easy access to various parts for cleaning or servicing. This ensures your Space Trailer is always in top condition, ready for your next adventure, without becoming an obstacle in your storage area.

Moreover, the Space Trailer’s storage design prioritizes your convenience. The process of setting it up for vertical storage is uncomplicated and quick, ensuring you don’t have to wrestle with the trailer post-adventure.

The Space Trailers Adventure Trailer is Easily Customizable

space trailers functionality

One of the key features of the Space Trailers is its customizability. You can tailor your trailer for a perfect fit for all your adventures. Choose from various models like the LowRider or HighRider, depending on the height of the hitch on your tow vehicle. You can even opt for the HighRider XL for an extra rugged adventure with more space and increased capacity.

With Space Trailers, you can also select from different wheel and tire sizes to suit your journey. Options include 13″ and 15″ wheels in Black Mod Steel Rim or Aluminum Rim, and a 15″ All-Terrain Tire. Match the trailer to your needs, ensuring it’s equipped for your unique adventures.

space trailer in the woods

Additionally, you can enhance your trailer’s functionality with add-ons like stabilizing jacks for increased stability or heavy-duty gas cylinders for additional lifting capacity. Select the appropriate tongue length to accommodate different kayak or canoe sizes, ensuring your gear is secure and accessible.

These customization options ensure your Space Trailer is not just a trailer, but an extension of your adventure, molded to fit your needs and enhance your outdoor experiences, making every journey memorable and convenient.

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