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The Most Important Short Range Touring Off-Road Mods

 photo by Petrichuk via iStock

Modifications, although expensive, can significantly increase comfort, safety, and time spent off-road. We must stick to the correct ones though as mods add weight and can get expensive quickly. 

 The short range touring off-road mods mentioned in this article will be focused on 4WD touring. So, stay tuned if you want to find out what will make your life off-grid easier and your 4WD more capable!

 Tires and Suspension


 photo by RyanOverman via iStock

The normal highway tires we get on trucks from factory are only good for tarmac, gravel roads, and some mild off-roading. The stock suspension may also present issues when the vehicle is overloaded or on a demanding track in which ground clearance is crucial. 

 An ideal short range touring off-road mod is a suspension upgrade, as it will also provide the opportunity to go for slightly bigger tires due to the clearance gained from the lift. 

 For suspension and tires, you need to choose a reputable brand, as the suspension can collapse, and tires can provide inadequate grip and strength – both of which are safety issues you need to consider.

 Short Range Touring Off-Road Mods: Recovery Points

SUV Recovery Points

 photo by Alikaj2582 via iStock

Recovery points can be hard to find for some vehicles. If you cannot find front recovery points for your vehicle you can get some fabricated. In the meantime, you can use the back for recoveries as you can easily find rated recovery points if you have a tow hitch receiver.

Recovery points go hand in hand with gear such as snatch straps, extension straps, shackles, and soft shackles. 

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 photo by Aleksandr Kondratov via iStock

Bull–bars come in handy in areas where there is a high likelihood of animal crossings on the roads as they will protect your vehicle in the event of an animal strike. 

 They are also useful for off-roading as they can provide a mounting point for your winch and can increase the vehicle’s approach angle. 

 Short Range Touring Off-Road Mods: Air compressor

air compressor

 photo by Maynagashev via iStock

An air compressor and tire deflator are must-have accessories as deflating your tires is one of the most important steps when it comes to off-roading.

Make sure you choose a good compressor as the cheap ones take ages to inflate tires and will probably fail within the first months. 


SUV snorkel

 photo by moisseyev via iStock

Is the snorkel important? Well, it depends on the area you live in and the kind of driving you are planning on doing. If your area involves river crossings or if you are planning on traveling to a wet area, then yes you need a snorkel. You also need a snorkel if you live in dusty environments as it helps pick cleaner air from up high.  

 For rigs that will mostly see highway driving and the occasional gravel road, a snorkel isn’t needed. 

Short Range Touring Off-Road Mods: Handheld Communications 


 photo by zhudifeng via iStock

Handheld communications will be more than enough for short-distance touring. For more remote trips a UHF radio is a must-have.

The mods mentioned above are important for short-term tourers. If long-term touring is what you want to do you will want to spend some additional money on modifications that will really make a difference when long-range touring. We will cover this very subject in an upcoming article!

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