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Off-Road Packing Tips

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Packing for a road trip is completely different to packing for off-roading. On the trails, stuff gets thrown around and nothing stays where you left it or as you left it. 

There are some tips that can help keep everything in one place, tidy, easy to get to and intact – those tips are exactly what today’s article is about. 

Leave the Most Used Items Last

Things like your table should go last inside the car as anything that goes last comes back out first. Taking the table out without having to remove other items first ensures you have somewhere to put everything.

Off-Road Packing Tips: Don’t Put Glass on Glass

making coffee while camping

 photo by aedkais via iStock

Putting all of your plates or cups in the same place without protection will lead to them breaking on corrugated roads or big hits you didn’t anticipate. Put something soft in between them or wrap them in towels to add some protection. 

Empty Your Vehicle

Off-Road Packing

 photo by LifestyleVisuals via iStock

If you are not happy with your current setup, unpack everything and repack. When everything is out of the vehicle, have a quick look around and remove everything you don’t need. You will be surprised at how many useless things you’ve been carrying around!

Off-Road Packing Tips: Categorization

Packing for Off-Road trip

 photo by fstop123 via iStock

Categorize your items from A-D. “A” should be the stuff you need to have within arm’s reach such as torches, your phone, and bug spray. “B” can be the slightly less used items like clothing, toothbrush, ax, or camping gear. “C” is everything that is buried underneath B, like tools that are not needed all the time; therefore, when they are needed it’s okay to dig for them. “D” are the final items that are there in case you need them such as spare parts. Put them in a space that is inconvenient to reach as these are hardly ever needed. 

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Packing When in a Convoy

4x4 convoy

 photo by GuidoVrola via iStock

When in a convoy, certain items can be split throughout vehicles – especially if all of the vehicles are of the same brand and make.

For example, why would you need 4 soldering irons? Or 4 different sets of wheel bearings. One vehicle should carry the soldering iron and the other one 2 sets of wheel bearings.

The same is true for other stuff like jacks, tools, or even recovery gear. Split the load between the vehicles and you will find you have much more free space inside yours. 

Off-Road Packing Tips: Essentials

first aide kit

 photo by bernie_photo via iStock

All essentials such as a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, or satellite phone should be stored somewhere visible so anyone can find them if needed.

If you are injured, your passenger should be able to see where the first aid kit is without even asking. Often these things are stored in areas that are hard to get to because people believe they will never need them. If you do though, you would wish it was in a better place. 

Keep the Center of Gravity Low

Jerry Cans of gas

 photo by ewg3D via iStock

Do not mount full jerry cans on top of your vehicle – this adds weight up high and will make your vehicle more likely to tipping over. Try mounting them on the rear to keep the weight down low or upgrade to a larger fuel tank.

Off-Road Packing Tips: Strap Things Down

Strapped down things in an SUV in the woods

 photo by Silvrshootr via iStock

If you put stuff in the back of your pickup, then strap them down. Unless you want to arrive at camp without a tent. 

These were some tips that will stop you from breaking the fragile items while also keeping your setup tidy and easy to use. What do you think? Have we left anything behind? 

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