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Is the OBi Dweller 13 the Best Compact Travel Trailer?

If you’re familiar with OBi Camper, you know that these trailers are built like tanks that can handle difficult off-road adventures. But trailers like the OBi Dweller 13 aren’t one-trick ponies – they can be ideal travel trailers for on-road travel, too.

So, that begs the question, is the OBi Dweller 13 the best compact travel trailer?

This guide gives you an inside look at the OBi Dweller 13, so you can decide if it’s a good option for your needs.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

OBi Dweller 13: How Compact is It?

obi dweller 13

When traveling down the road, the OBi Dweller 13 is about 20.5 feet long, just over 7 feet wide, and just over 8 feet tall.

But, when park this best compact travel trailer at camp, the height expands to more than 9.5 feet due to the pop-top roof.

Now, these dimensions are a little misleading because the 20.5-foot length is from the very tip of the hitch to the back of the spare tire. The cabin is about 13 feet long, so this is truly a compact trailer.

The OBi Dweller 13 tips the scales at 4,800 pounds, so it’s towable by many small SUVs and compact trucks. Of course, you can throw a diesel in front of it and really fly down the highway if you want!

How Many People Can This Best Compact Travel Trailer Accommodate?

dweller 13 interior 2

Despite being a compact trailer, the Dweller 13 has a king-size RV bed that can comfortably accommodate two people. Of course, if you’re a solo adventurer, a king-size bed with an 8-inch mattress (8-inch!!) gives you all sorts of room to stretch out and relax.

Now, if you’re like me and you have a small child, you could squeeze two adults and a kid onto the bed. This obviously wouldn’t be the most comfortable situation, but it would do in a pinch.

Does Being an Off-Road Trailer Mean the OBi Dweller 13 is Rough?

obi dweller 13 off-road in blizzard

Goodness, no! One of the best features of OBi trailers is that they do an incredible job of balancing off-roading prowess with luxurious interior amenities. This thing is like a swanky hotel room that was dropped on top of an off-roading chassis. That’s just one reason why it’s a candidate for the best compact travel trailer!

For example, the Dweller 13 has an independent coil and shock suspension that enables it to handle rough-and-tumble off-road travel. But since this type of suspension absorbs movement, it makes the towing experience much smoother.

The same applies when you’re on pavement, too. Driving down the freeway at highway speeds is a dream with the Dweller 13 behind your vehicle!

dweller 13 interior table

Another way that the Dweller 13 demonstrates that it isn’t just a utilitarian rig is the interior finishes. You get high-quality laminate flooring, beautiful cabinetry, and day or night window shades with bug-out screens.

The interior also offers a TV, a DVD player, and a stereo system, plus tons of storage space, hot and cold water, and all the headroom you could hope for with the pop-top roof.

Roughing it is possible with the Dweller 13 because you can take it way off-grid. But you don’t have to rough it while you’re roughing it in the Dweller 13 – this sucker is p-l-u-s-h.




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What are the Top Features of this Best Compact Travel Trailer Candidate?

best compact trailer outdoor kitchen

If I listed all of the incredible amenities the Dweller 13 offers, this would be a very, very long article. So, instead, let me highlight a few exterior and interior amenities that give you a taste of what the Dweller 13 has in store for you…

Outside, the slide-out kitchen is a must-mention feature. I love the fact that the kitchen is outside, because it means you get more interior space for storage and relaxing. The kitchen boasts a stainless steel sink, a two-burner stove top, and a full-size pull-out fridge and freezer.

You don’t have to cook in the rain, either, because the Dweller 13 has a 12-foot electric awning that covers the kitchen area (well, it covers the entire right side of the trailer). So, not only do you get an easy-to-use awning, but you also get all the covered outdoor living space it provides!

obi dweller 13 suspension

Another exterior feature of this best compact travel trailer that I have to mention is the package of off-road goodies OBi provides with this trailer. In addition to the independent suspension I mentioned earlier, you get limiting straps, a McHitch articulating hitch, electric brakes, and 16-inch wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires. All this rides on a hot-dipped galvanized chassis that can withstand the rugged demands of on-road and off-road travel.

Moving inside, one of the best features offered by this trailer is the full bathroom. You get a full bathroom, a wet shower, hot and cold water, plenty of headroom, and a cassette toilet. There’s an outdoor shower, too, for those days that you get really dirty.

The Dweller 13 also has full heating and cooling with an under-bunk air conditioning system and a Trumi Combi furnace and hot water heater unit. These systems are powerful, efficient, and give you year-round camping capabilities.

Again, there are way more features and amenities offered in this trailer. Rather than listing them here, I’ll refer you to the video above from ROA Offroad, so you can see this trailer in full.

Based on my quick outline here and the full tour above, you can clearly see that the OBi Dweller 13 is packed from top to bottom, inside and out, with features and amenities that make on-road and off-road travel a joy. If you want to invest in a trailer that will get you from Point A to Point B in style, consider the Dweller 13 as one of the best compact travel trailer options on the market today!

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