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JumpMedic Pro Review: A Comprehensive First Aid Kit for Your Adventures

Camping, overlanding, hiking, off-roading, and other outdoor adventures are great ways to escape the realities of the working world and reconnect with nature. I take as much time as I possibly can to get away from it all and enjoy some quality father-son time in the great outdoors.

But as any responsible outdoor enthusiast or parent would, I always have a first aid kit because you never know when something might go awry. In fact, I usually have several – one in the truck, one in the trailer, and another in my go bag with my clothes, toiletries, and other stuff I need for a weekend away.

Like many folks, I assumed that first aid kits are pretty much all alike. Earlier this year, I found out that is not the case after getting my hands on a truly impressive first aid kit – the JumpMedic Pro.

As with any other product, first aid kits run the gamut from simple to complex, and can offer vastly different elements, depending on the type, size, and price of the kit. Once I cracked open the JumpMedic Pro and began to sift through the hundreds of items it contained, I quickly realized that my existing first aid kits were little more than a collection of band-aids and fluff items.

So, that brings us to this JumpMedic Pro review…

Read on to learn why this kit is so impressive – and why you should get a kit like this sooner rather than later.

Table of Contents

JumpMedic Pro Essential Contents

jumpmedic pro review open 2

The JumpMedic Pro (I have the Gen 2 version) comes fully loaded in a 13x8x7-inch kit that weighs about nine pounds when it’s completely stocked. Also included is a loadable JumpMedic Go, an 8x6x5-inch kit that you can fill with items from the larger Pro kit.

So, right off the bat, you get the full-throated benefits of the big first aid kit while also benefiting from a smaller kit you can stock up as needed when you just need a few essentials. Speaking of essentials, this kit is organized into four distinct categories: bandages, medications, trauma, and medical.

Now, there are a lot of things in each of these categories, so I’ll just hit a few highlights for each one:


  • Various sizes, shapes, and types of bandages, gauze, and band-aids
  • Two finger cots
  • One moleskin patch


  • Two types of antihistamines
  • Aspirin and ibuprofen
  • Antidiarrheal and stomach relief
  • Oral glucose
  • Ammonia inhalants
  • Antibiotic ointment

jumpmedic pro close


  • Alcohol prep pads
  • Burn spray
  • Hydrogen peroxide spray
  • Arm and finger splints
  • Syringe and needles
  • Liquid skin
  • Tweezers and splinter remover
  • Scissors


  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Thermometer and thermometer covers
  • Emergency blanket
  • Hand warmers
  • Ice packs
  • Lancets
  • K95 masks
  • CPR mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Hand sanitizer

So, even with a partial list of what’s included in each of these categories, you can get a feel for just how well put together this kit really is.

But as impressive as that list of features is, the JumpMedic Pro offers some unique items not found in cheap Amazon kits that expand the utility and functionality of this kit even further.

Unique Features of the JumpMedic Pro

A few weeks ago, I published the video above in which I compared a very basic first aid kit from Amazon with the JumpMedic Pro. You can check out the video to get the full scoop.

The Cliff’s Notes version of the video is that not only does the JumpMedic Pro have more items, but it also has more useful items. Here’s what I mean – a 300-piece first aid kit from Amazon is often a bunch of fluff, with little more than band-aids and gauze. But the JumpMedic Pro, as evidenced by the laundry list of components listed earlier, actually puts its money where its mouth is with valuable assets for addressing all sorts of problems in the field.

The JumpMedic Pro is even more impressive when you consider some of the unique features it has:

  • One ring cutter
  • Two 100ml sterile water bags
  • One15g BleedStop powder
  • One stethoscope
  • One pulse oximeter
  • One 28Fr nasopharyngeal airway
  • One glucometer

jumpmedic pro review 1

These items are not typically found in the bargain-basement first aid kits that are so popular on sites like Amazon. And while you hope you’ll never need to use these items, isn’t it better to have them just in case?!

This kit even comes with a first aid guide to help you with common situations you might encounter when you’re out and about in the wilderness. Even if you have first aid training, it’s nice to have this guide as a reference.

Whether you or someone you encounter on the trail has a broken bone, a blocked airway, or has cuts or scrapes, this kit has what you need to address the situation – and then some! In other words, the JumpMedic Pro offers you peace of mind that you’ll have the tools you need if an injury occurs.

Why is the JumpMedic Pro So Good?

jumpmedic pro open fence

Aside from the extensive collection of general tools and supplies and the inclusion of unique medical and trauma-related items, what makes this kit so good is that it’s so well organized.

When you initially pick up the kit, it’s hard not to be taken aback by how hefty it is. Based on its weight, you might worry that you won’t be able to find what you need when the time comes. However, when you open the kit, you’ll find that everything has a home in a neatly organized and intuitive layout.

This is a critically important point – when you’re faced with an emergency situation, the last thing you want is to search around for the items you need. This kit facilitates a quick yet calm response because everything is so easy to find.

jumpmedic pro review front 2

Another point that makes the JumpMedic Pro so good is that it was designed and developed by a veteran EMT and firefighter. If anyone knows what should be in a first aid kit and how that kit should be organized, it’s a first responder.

At the end of the day, a solid first aid kit is a critical component of your gear. It’s a must-have, not a should-have. So if having a first aid kit is that important, why would you invest in a bare-bones kit that really doesn’t have much more than band-aids in it? It just doesn’t make sense.

What does make sense, though, is having a robust kit that can help you address all manner of injuries and emergencies when you’re on the trail. And as I discuss in the video above, based on my experience with the JumpMedic Pro, it’s the kit you want for those adventures – and it’s a great holiday gift idea for the outdoor adventure enthusiast on your list!

Disclaimer: Just so you know, some of the cool stuff we mention comes with affiliate links, meaning we earn a commission if you buy (no extra charge to you!). Plus, we occasionally feature sponsored content, but rest assured, we only shout out products we genuinely stand behind.

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