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What Overlanding Equipment Do You REALLY Need?

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This article was last updated on May 14, 2024.

Heading into the wilderness means embracing unpredictability. The landscapes shift, the trails diverge, and the weather dances to its own whimsical tune. Amidst all this, overlanding equipment stands as a beacon of reliability. They are more than just gear; they are your trailmate in every adventure, ensuring you confidently navigate each challenge.

Selecting the right overlanding gear isn’t a task to be taken lightly. The diversity of options available requires thoughtful consideration, ensuring each piece is tailored to the unique demands of your journey. It’s about equipping yourself with tools that harmonize with your adventure, blending resilience with practicality.

As your journey into the wild expands, your equipment carries the weight of your expectations, ensuring safety and enhancing your overall outdoor experience. It’s the shield against the elements and the aid in setting up a home away from home in the heart of nature. 

So, let’s delve deeper and explore the overlanding equipment that stands as steadfast as your spirit of exploration. Your adventure awaits; arm yourself with the best gear to embrace it fully!

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Take The Basic Overlanding Equipment 

basic overlanding equipment

Photo by Carmian via iStock

Embarking on an overlanding adventure means ensuring you have the core equipment sorted out. A robust and adaptable shelter is paramount. Opt for a durable, weather-resistant tent that’s easy to set up and break down. This isn’t just gear; it’s your home in the wilderness, offering a restful space after a day of exploration.

Nutrition is non-negotiable. Pack easy-to-cook, high-energy foods, and enough water or a reliable water purification system. Ensure you have substantial, non-perishable food items to fuel and prepare you for each day’s challenges. Your water supply should be ample to keep you well-hydrated throughout the journey.

Dress for success with suitable clothing. Focus on durability and comfort. Opt for layered clothing, sturdy footwear, and gear that safeguards you from the sun, wind, and insects. Arm yourself with the essential overlanding equipment, and you’re already on the path to a successful and enjoyable adventure in the great outdoors.




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Add an Air Compressor to Your Overlanding Equipment List 

morrflate pro air compressor with jeep

Tire pressure adjustments are inevitable and crucial when you’re deep in the backcountry. You’re navigating varied terrain, and for that, MORRFlate‘s neon green machine, the TenSix Pro air compressor, is a game-changer in your overlanding equipment list. This isn’t just any air compressor; it’s designed for the off-road enthusiast seeking efficiency and reliability.

The TenSix Pro is straightforward and powerful. Set your desired pressure, hit ‘Go,’ and let it work its magic. Whether you’re taking a breather, checking bolts, or just enjoying the scenery, the TenSix Pro is on the job. And it’s fast. When combined with the MORRFlate Mega Quad Kit, inflate 35″ tires from 10 to 40 psi in about 6.5 minutes. 

morrflate pro

MORRFlate has masterfully addressed the issue of airflow bottleneck at the tire’s valve stem, typically encountered with standard compressors. With the TenSix Pro and a Mega Quad Kit, you can maximize a full 8-12 CFM of airflow without any hassles, pushing a staggering 10.6 CFM! This design ensures reduced air-up times, significant efficiency enhancements, and compressor longevity.

This compressor is about embracing robust capability while eliminating complications. It’s an assurance that you’re well-equipped to handle it swiftly and effectively when it comes to tire inflation in the wild. So, when prepping your overlanding gear, make the TenSix Pro a non-negotiable addition.

A Good Shovel is a Must-Have Piece of Overlanding Equipment 

take a good shovel

Image by undefined undefined via iStock

Amidst the allure of unknown trails and the exhilaration of discovery lies the practical side of overlanding. A trusty shovel stands as an unassuming hero in your equipment arsenal. It’s a tool that echoes simplicity yet plays a multifaceted role in your journey. 

In the heart of nature, where elements reign, a fire pit is a hub of warmth and a beacon for food preparation. A quality shovel ensures you construct a safe and efficient pit, safeguarding both you and the environment. It’s about leaving no trace while harnessing the essentials of nature responsibly.

Moreover, when your vehicle treads on uncharted paths, getting stuck is not a possibility but an eventuality. Here, a sturdy shovel becomes your ally, aiding in efficient vehicle recovery. It helps navigate the unforeseen, ensuring your journey remains uninterrupted. As you pack your overlanding gear, including a good shovel is not just a choice but a commitment to preparedness and respect for the adventure ahead. 

Bring Your Recovery Gear, Too 

take recovery gear

Image by sshepard via iStock

You should be ready for anything when heading into the wild. Even the most experienced overlanders can get stuck. That’s why bringing your recovery gear is not something you should overlook; it’s as important as any other equipment on your list.

Think about tow straps. They’re essential when your vehicle is stuck, and you need something strong and reliable to pull it out. Just attach the tow straps to a stable point on both vehicles, and you’re good to go.

Don’t forget about recovery boards. If your vehicle is stuck in sand, snow, or mud, place these boards under the tires, and they’ll give your vehicle the traction it needs to get out of a tough spot. And remember shackles. These small but sturdy pieces of equipment are crucial for linking your recovery gear together, ensuring everything works when needed.

Overlanding Equipment Has to Include a Good First Aid Kit

jumpmedic pro review front 2

Having a good first aid kit is crucial when heading into the unpredictable wilderness. The JumpMedic Pro First Aid Kit stands out as a comprehensive solution packed with extensive medical supplies. From diverse bandages and trauma essentials like a NAR CAT tourniquet to medical tools such as a blood pressure cuff and a glucometer, it ensures you’re prepared for any medical emergencies on the trail.

jumpmedic pro 8

The JumpMedic Pro doesn’t just stop at medical supplies. It includes practical tools like a torchlight, scissors, and a metal whistle, essential for effectively managing emergencies. These additions highlight the kit’s commitment to all-around safety and readiness during your overlanding adventures.

Compact and available in red or black, the JumpMedic Pro is an unobtrusive companion in your journey. It guarantees peace of mind, letting you embrace the thrill of the expedition with the confidence of being medically equipped.

Check out the video above to learn more about the value of having a rock-solid first aid kit!

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