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What are the Best Upgrades for an Overlanding Jeep Wrangler?

Jeep Wrangler JK” by JamesHenry is marked with CC BY 2.0

When it comes to Overlanding, there’s nothing quite like a Jeep Wrangler. The rugged off-road capabilities combined with its versatility and unique design make it the perfect vehicle for exploring the great outdoors. 

Jeep Wranglers have always been known for their off-road capabilities, but when it comes to Overlanding, they truly shine. The ability to take on rough terrain, combined with the option to remove the top and doors for an open-air experience, makes for a truly unique and exhilarating way to explore the wilderness. 

For an overlander, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of taking on a challenging trail or the sense of accomplishment when you reach a remote campsite. As an owner of a 2020 Gladiator, I can attest to the thrill and freedom that comes with taking my Jeep on Overlanding adventures. 

However, I’ve also come to realize that certain upgrades can make the experience even better. In this article, I’ll share my top picks for the best upgrades to enhance your Overlanding Jeep Wrangler.

Table of Contents

Best Overlanding Jeep Wrangler Interior Upgrade

cargo dog wrangler pic4

A high-quality cargo storage solution is one of the best upgrades for an Overlanding Jeep Wrangler. The Cargo Dog storage system is an excellent option that I can’t recommend highly enough. It’s a heavy-duty, secure, multifunctional product that provides unique storage specifically for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and the Gladiator. 

With Cargo Dog, you can store everything from clothing to camping gear and keep it all hidden and secure. It’s perfect for anyone who owns a Jeep Wrangler, whether taking daily trips or heavy Overlanding experiences.

cargo dog 1

The Cargo Dog storage system is easy to install and is a great way to modify your Jeep for extra cargo. It can even make your Jeep’s cabin a place to sleep on trips while keeping all your belongings hidden out of sight. 

In 10 minutes or less, you can remove your rear seats and install Cargo Dog into the footwell area of your overlanding Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator (and you can remove it and replace the seats in a jiff, too). But don’t take my word for it – check out the installation video above from the Cargo Dog Jeep Storage YouTube channel and let Mike, the owner of Cargo Dog, show you how it is done. 

cargo dog wrangler pic2

The Cargo Dog storage system is made in the USA, and it is one of the only Jeep cargo storage products on the market that actually frees up space and stays hidden.

The material and design of Cargo Dog enable you to store your most precious belongings, knowing they are well protected. Cargo Dog fits all 4-door Jeep Wrangler (JKU/JLU) models, so what are you waiting for?! Get in touch with Cargo Dog today to revolutionize the way you use the interior space of your Overlanding Jeep Wrangler.




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13 Pcs Camp Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set Cookware Kit

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RoverTac Multitool Hatchet Camping Tool

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Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern, LED Lanterns

61VpYgBk3eL. AC UL320

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness

512vC4QDZ6L. AC SL1000

163 Pieces First Aid Kit Waterproof

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Coleman Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler

Best Overlanding Jeep Wrangler Exterior Upgrade

warn zeon 10 winch install

Having a reliable winch is essential when embarking on off-road and overlanding adventures. It can be the difference between being stuck in a difficult situation or being able to extricate yourself safely. That’s why I decided to invest in the Warn Zeon 10 Winch.

The Warn Zeon 10 is a 12-volt electric winch that comes with a standard 3/8-inch steel line. However, I chose to upgrade to a synthetic line for added durability. It features a series wound motor, planetary drive gear, and mechanical cone brake for maximum performance. The winch also has an automatic operation with a handheld remote switch for added convenience.

warn winches

With a 216:1 gear reduction ratio, 10,000-pound max line pull and a fast line speed of 4.8 feet per second, this winch is more than capable of handling any situation I may encounter on my overlanding trips. It works great on my Gladiator and can be even better on an overlanding Jeep Wrangler.

One of the things that stood out to me about the Warn Zeon 10 was its high-quality build and attention to detail. The symmetrical design and full metal armor make it look great on my Jeep and give me confidence in its durability and reliability. The larger diameter aluminum drum helps protect the line from stress and dissipates heat quickly, ensuring the longevity of the winch.

warn zeon 10 winch

Another feature that impressed me was the winch’s low amp draw, which means that it won’t drain my battery as quickly as other winches. This is especially important when on extended trips, where power conservation is crucial.

In other words, the Warn Zeon 10 is a reliable and high-quality winch that is perfect for any overlanding adventure. I have no doubt that it will be an invaluable tool for my future off-road and overlanding excursions – and yours too!

Best Overlanding Jeep Wrangler Suspension Upgrade

Rough Country Lift

A lift kit is one of the best upgrades to improve the off-road capabilities of your overlanding Jeep Wrangler. A lift kit can help increase the clearance and improve the overall performance of your Jeep on rough terrain.

My choice when it comes to this category is the Rough Country 2.5″ Lift. This lift kit is designed to provide a 2.5-inch lift for your Jeep Wrangler, and that’s a huge difference when off-roading. The kit includes front and rear coil springs, shocks, and installation hardware.

The Rough Country 2.5″ Lift kit is easy to install, and it’s made from high-quality materials that are built to last. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Other Upgrades to Consider 

In addition to the upgrades discussed in previous sections, several other Jeep Wrangler overlanding gear upgrades can greatly enhance the experience for Jeep enthusiasts.

High-Lift Jack

Use Your High Lift Jack for Recovery

A high-lift jack is a versatile tool that can be used for various off-road recovery situations, such as changing a tire and winching. It’s an essential tool for any overlander.


Having a fridge or freezer in your Jeep Wrangler can greatly improve the overlanding experience. It allows you to keep your food and drinks cold or frozen, which is especially useful during longer trips.

Onboard Air Compressor

Onboard Air Compressor

An onboard air compressor is a great addition for overlanders. It can be used to inflate tires, air mattresses, and even run power tools. It’s a convenient tool for all overlanding Jeeps.

Rooftop Tent

A rooftop tent is a great option for overlanders who want to camp in comfort and style. It provides a convenient and comfortable place to sleep, and it’s usually easy to set up and take down. It’s also great for storing your accommodation and keeping it out of the way.

Upgrades like a rooftop tent and the others mentioned above can greatly enhance the overlanding experience for Jeep Wrangler enthusiasts. They provide added functionality, convenience, and comfort, making your overlanding trip more enjoyable and memorable. What’s not to like about that?

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