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How to Travel Light (Even When Pulling a Trailer)

Image Credit: Space Trailers

Traveling light can transform your adventures, making every journey smoother and more enjoyable. Imagine hitting the road with just what you need. No struggling with overloaded vehicles, no unnecessary fuel consumption, and no wasted time searching for misplaced items.

But how do you achieve this when pulling a trailer? Learning how to travel light isn’t just about reducing weight; it’s about enhancing your entire travel experience. The key lies in smart packing, choosing the right gear, and understanding the benefits of traveling light.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the art of traveling light, from selecting the right gear to packing efficiently. So, let’s get started and make your next adventure the best one yet.

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It Starts With a Lightweight Trailer

Packing a Space Trailer in the winter

Image Credit: Space Trailers

Choosing a lightweight trailer is crucial for anyone looking to travel light, and Space Trailers excel in this regard. They are designed to minimize weight without sacrificing functionality, and their lightweight construction ensures that your vehicle remains efficient throughout your trip.

Despite being lightweight, Space Trailers are incredibly versatile, thanks to features like adjustable Space Bars. These bars facilitate the easy transport of adventure equipment anytime you need. Compatible with most rooftop rack accessories, it can handle a dynamic weight capacity of 225 lbs and a static weight capacity of 600 lbs. This means you can securely mount a variety of gear without worrying about stability.

space trailer in badlands

Image Credit: Space Trailers

For instance, if you’re looking to add a sleeping space to your setup, the Thule Foothill 2-Person Roof Top Tent is an excellent choice. Its durable design withstands harsh conditions, while internal pockets provide extra storage for your belongings. It can also fold down to half its size, preserving roof space for additional gear like bikes and kayaks. 

For cyclists, the Thule Bike Carrier – ProRide XT offers a quick and convenient way to mount bikes up to 44 lbs. Kayakers will appreciate the Thule Compass Kayak Rack, which can transport up to 2 kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. 

Manufactured in the USA, Space Trailers offers quality craftsmanship and practical design. They’re the perfect solution for anyone looking to travel light without sacrificing functionality. For a detailed review, check out our Space Trailers review here and see how these trailers can elevate your adventures.

How to Travel Light: Reduce Water Weight

Woman getting bottles of water

Image by CGN089 via ShutterStock

Traveling with large amounts of water can significantly increase your load. Each gallon weighs over eight pounds, adding unnecessary weight to your trailer. Instead, consider relying on drinkable water sources at your destination. This approach saves you from hauling extra weight and makes your journey easier.

Bringing a portable water filtration system can be a game-changer. These systems allow you to purify natural water sources, providing a reliable supply without the bulk. Another option is buying water when you get near your destination, ensuring it doesn’t weigh down your vehicle on the way there. 

How to Travel Light: Bring Multifunctional, Compact Items

Multitool for camping

Photo by frantic00 via ShutterStock

Packing multifunctional, compact items can drastically reduce the amount of gear you need. A multitool, for instance, can replace several single-purpose tools, saving space. Similarly, a small camp stove offers the same functionality as a larger one without the bulk.

Collapsible camp chairs and tables are another excellent choice. Unlike bulky folding tables or large lounge chairs, these items are easy to pack and transport. By choosing compact, multifunctional gear, you reduce the physical burden and streamline your packing process, making organizing and accessing your essentials easier.

Keep Things Organized Inside Your Lightweight Trailer

space trailers functionality

Image Credit: Space Trailers

Maintaining organization within your lightweight trailer is crucial for optimizing space. Implementing a simple organizational system ensures you make the most of your trailer’s capacity while maintaining a clutter-free environment.

Our choice, Space Trailers, already offers a large cargo bay that is perfect for storing various gear. Utilizing accessories like the Thule Cargo Carrier enhances its storage, keeping items neatly arranged and easily accessible.

To maximize the cargo bay’s capacity, use organizers and containers. Group similar items together and use labeled bins or bags to keep your gear in order. Securing loose items prevents shifting during travel, saving time and effort. 

Advantages of Traveling Light With a Trailer

space trailer in the woods

Image Credit: Space Trailers

Traveling light with a trailer offers numerous advantages, starting with an improved towing experience. A lighter load means better vehicle handling, providing more stability and control on the road. This enhances safety and reduces strain on your vehicle, leading to less wear and tear over time.

In addition to handling, traveling light significantly improves fuel economy, allowing you to go further on less fuel. The aerodynamic design of trailers like Space Trailers reduces wind resistance, making towing more efficient. Their streamlined shape helps maintain a steady speed, reducing drag and enhancing overall fuel efficiency.

Moreover, with fewer items to sift through, finding what you need is easier, saving time and reducing stress. A well-organized trailer ensures that every item has its place, making your gear easily accessible when needed – and making your travels all the better!

Just so you know, some of the cool stuff we mention comes with affiliate links, meaning we earn a commission if you buy (no extra charge to you!). Plus, we occasionally feature sponsored content, but rest assured, we only shout out products we genuinely stand behind.

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