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Hells Gate in a Rivian R1T? No Problem!

YouTube Screenshot via Paddle Pedal Pedals

It hasn’t been but a few weeks since Rivian began deliveries of its new R1T truck to customers, but one of them has already tackled the infamous Hells Gate in Moab.

In a recent video, an R1T can be seen slowly but surely making its way up the bumpy and very steep canyon. Let’s discuss!

Rivian R1T in Hells Gate

Hells Gate isn’t the most difficult off-road trail, but it isn’t like driving to the grocery store, either. It takes skill from the driver and a capable vehicle, which the R1T proves to be.

Here’s the kicker, though – the R1T in the video is reportedly stock. There are no modifications to make it more off-road worthy than it is when it rolls off the assembly line.

Now, Rivian has packed some nice off-road goodies into the R1T that makes it a viable off-roading option from the get-go.

Its four motors drive each wheel and it has an adjustable air suspension that allows you to raise the vehicle for these kinds of off-road tasks by simply tapping the massive center touchscreen.

What Other Off-Road Features Does the R1T Have?

Additionally, the R1T has an optional Off-Road Package that adds front tow hooks, skid plates, and 34-inch Pirelli Scorpion all-terrain tires. There are also optional driving modes that allow you to adjust the suspension settings and stability control as you crawl along an off-road trail.

first rivian r1t

The first Rivian R1T rolling off the assembly line. (Rivian via Twitter)

The question, of course, is whether or not electric vehicles can grab a foothold in the overlanding and off-roading community. While there is plenty of upside to electric vehicles (enormous horsepower and torque among them), the fact remains that they are still limited by range and availability of charging stations. I haven’t been to Moab in a while, but I don’t think there’s an EV station at the base of Hells Gate.

But, perhaps the Rivian R1T is just the vehicle for showing people that EVs do, in fact, belong off the tarmac and in the wild. Time will tell, but for now, enjoy the video!

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