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You Can Make the New Frontier More Capable than Ever with Nismo Off-Road Parts


When I hear Nismo I think of Nissan GTRs or Skylines cruising around Japan and not a pickup truck bashing around in the desert. 

However, as Nissan’s sports car game has not been strong lately the Nissan performance department has turned their attention to the pickup trucks sold in the US. 

The accessories offered by Nismo are mainly focused on off-road capabilities and will be available for purchase at your local dealer. 

Therefore, let’s have a look at what is on offer by the Japanese brand.

Steel Front Bumper

Steel Front Bumper


Nismo off-road parts like a steel front bumper for the new Frontier can be used to protect the front end of the vehicle. 

I am not exactly sure about calling this a bumper as it looks more like a chin that hinders approach angles to me. However, we will need to see how this works in real-life situations.

The front bumper has built-in recovery points, winch capability and may be compatible with all the collision safety systems. The bumper is still at a prototype stage; therefore, Nissan is still trying to make everything work with it.

A skid plate is another Nismo off-road part that will come with the bumper to protect the oil pan. It can be easily removed for servicing.

Two 4-inch round lights are also included in the bumper. 

Pricing for the bumper isn’t available yet but it should be around the $1,000 mark.

Nismo Off-Road Parts: Wheels

Nismo Off-Road Parts


Some much cooler than stock wheels are also available which were shown at Overland Expo wrapped in some Maxxis all-terrain tires.

The 17-inch Nismo axis wheel will be priced at 2,039 pounds and has been on sale for some time now. 

A set of prototype rock sliders was also shown at the event; so, we can also expect these Nismo off-road parts to come on sale sometime in the future.

Bed Rack

Nismo Off-Road Parts


There will be two-bed rack options as far as Nismo off-road parts go – a tall and a short one. If you need more space, you can go for the high rack whereas if you want to mount a rooftop tent down low you can go for the shorter one.

The racks are based on a modular design so the sidebars can be moved and adjusted to your liking. 

The high rack will set you back about $1,000, the short one will be slightly cheaper although final prices aren’t available yet.

Nismo Off-Road Parts: Rooftop Tent

Nismo Off-Road Parts Rooftop Tent


The rooftop tent will sell at about $1,800 and for that, you will get a soft-shell design. From some videos of the inside, it looks like multiple polls are holding the tent up. I would imagine those will get noisy in windy conditions as the fabric will smack against them. 

I wouldn’t buy a tent from Nismo. They know how to make car parts, but I wouldn’t say they are experts in tents. There are plenty available for the price.

Nismo Exhaust

Nismo Exhaust


A Nismo exhaust with the classic American slash-cut look is also available for those who want a bit more power and noise. The price will be about $1,000 for the full cat-back stainless-steel system. Add that to your Nismo off-road parts wish list!

Nismo Off-Road Parts: Suspension

Nismo Off-Road Parts Suspension


Nismo has partnered with Bilstein to produce some aftermarket remote reservoir shocks both for the old and new Frontier.

The front ones have no remote reservoir but are height adjustable with a heavy-duty coil spring.

With this setup, the Frontier will behave much closer to a TRD PRO Tacoma when off-road.

So, if you are in the market for a Frontier, you now have some factory-quality upgrades to add to your vehicle. 

It may be better to wait a few months to see what the big aftermarket off-road accessory brands come up with for the Frontier though.

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