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FORT F-6 Review

In the off-road trailer space, some campers are legitimately ready for off-road travel. There are also trailers that claim they’re off-road-ready but don’t back up those claims with actual capabilities.

One of the trailers that’s firmly in the “oh yeah, this thing can handle difficult terrain” category is the FORT F-6.

The F-6 is designed and built here in the U.S. with off-road travel in mind from the outset. In fact, FORT stands for Found on Real Trails, which is a testament to the inherent capabilities of this trailer to help you get way off-grid.

In this FORT F-6 review, I’ll give you the low-down on why this trailer is one of the best options you can buy for off-road travel.

Let’s get to it!

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What is FORT?

Fort Compact Tent Trailer

As I noted in the introduction, FORT stands for Found on Real Trails. The F-6 was purpose-built for navigating difficult terrain – terrain that other “off-road” trailers simply can’t overcome.

FORT campers are built with three things in mind:

  • Ruggedness – The FORT F-6 is durable, reliable, and capable of getting you just about anywhere and back home again.
  • Convenience – The FORT F-6 takes just moments to set up and take down, which means you have more time to enjoy the beauty around you (and get things taken care of quickly in bad weather).
  • Smarts – The FORT F-6 team managed to put an incredible amount of storage, workspace, and features into a trailer that’s compact, rugged, and offers loads of conveniences.

FORT F-6 Off-Road Capabilities


So, the first thing to consider when buying an off-road camper is its ability to, you know, go off-road!

As I noted earlier, the F-6 is built from the ground up with off-roading in mind. It has many features that make it one of the most capable off-road trailers on the market.

For example, the FORT F-6 rides on a timber axle less independent suspension and all-terrain tires that help it maintain grip on even the roughest trails. The F-6 boasts a whopping 16 inches of ground clearance and a departure angle north of 40 degrees. That’s not bad!

FORT Campers Articulating Hitch

Additionally, the FORT F-6 comes with a Cruisemaster DO-35 articulating hitch, which allows the trailer to travel at angles, elevations, and pitches that are different from your tow vehicle. This type of hitch also prevents undue stress on the trailer tongue and the ball receiver.

In other words, this trailer is every bit as capable as your tow vehicle for getting off-road and way off-grid!

FORT F-6 Standard Features


Despite being just 150 inches long, 75 inches wide, and 58 inches tall with a GVWR of 3500 pounds, the FORT F-6 is absolutely packed with standard features – far more than you’d expect for a trailer of this size.

For example, the F-6 comes with a complete power system that includes a 200-watt solar panel, a solar charge controller, a 1200-watt pure sine wave inverter, and Victron 220 Ah AGM batteries. Additionally, the trailer has a power closed with power ports and USB ports for your devices.

FORT F-6 kitchen

This trailer also has a dedicated galley area. But, unlike many other compact trailers, you actually get a fully-featured kitchen that includes a sink with running water, a stove, and a pantry.

The kitchen also has counter space for prepping meals, LED work lights, and a 46-inch slide-out storage drawer that’s a perfect spot for your fridge. You’ll also find 42 gallons of onboard water storage, a water port with a shower hose and nozzle, and several completely weatherproof slide-outs to protect your gear.

In fact, the FORT F-6 has over 50 cubic feet of total storage space. That’s a lot of space for your gear!

FORT F-6 Compact Tent Trailer

In addition to all that, you get roof racks on top of the trailer to support your rooftop tent. Doing so gets you off the cold ground and away from predators while minimizing the total footprint needed to camp.

Last but not least is a 270-degree awning that quickly deploys to cover the rear of the trailer, the prep area, and the kitchen. With all that covered space around the trailer, you aren’t confined to riding out inclement weather in your tent. Nice!

FORT F-6 Optional Features

FORT F-6 Storage

Despite having all sorts of standard features that make the FORT F-6 trail-ready from the get-go, there are many options you can add to customize the trailer to your specific needs.

As mentioned previously, you can put a rooftop tent on top of the F-6. FORT will work with you during the purchase process to identify the best tent for your needs.

If you want a fridge added to the trailer, no problem! The slide-out drawer is designed with heavy-duty hardware to support the weight of a refrigerator. So, if you need one, the trailer is ready to accommodate it. You can add your own or have the FORT team add a Dometic dual-zone fridge if you like.

fort features

Having running water is great, but having hot running water is even better. By adding a six-gallon water heater, you can take hot showers in the middle of the backcountry! And if you add the optional 2000-watt inverter, your FORT F-6 will have even more power to provide you for your off-grid adventures.

On top of all that, the FORT F-6 can be color-matched to your tow vehicle or painted your favorite color. As with any of these options, your FORT representative will work with you to ensure your trailer is precisely how you want it.

Final Thoughts

fort 2

As I mentioned in the introduction, some trailers are meant to go off-road, while others only claim to have off-road capabilities. The FORT F-6 is certainly in the former group.

If you want a capable, rugged, and reliable trailer stuffed to the gills with features, the F-6 is a great choice that few trailers can compete with. Best of all, these rigs are made in the USA and backed by a team of experts and enthusiasts that want nothing more than to get you outfitted with the perfect trailer.

If you’re longing for overland and off-road adventures and need a trailer to take along for the ride, I suggest you head over to FORT Campers to get more details about the F-6!

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