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Overland Shovel Buyer’s Guide

 photo by dikushin via iStock

As overlanders, we love tools, and one tool every adventurer must-have is the shovel.

Why is that? Well, it is cheap, functional, easy to use, and with some manual labor, it can get you out of some sticky situations.

As is the case with most accessories, the choices when it comes to buying an overland shovel are endless. 

Therefore, we narrowed it down to just five of the best ones based on customer reviews.

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Redcamp Military Folding Camping Shovel

Redcamp Military Folding Shovel - overland shovel

The Redcamp Military Folding Shovel is a cheap overland shovel that will come in handy around camp and won’t take up a bunch of space in your truck as it can fold up. 

It has a multifunctional design which means it can be used for digging, sawing, cutting, hammering, and shoveling. 

With a one-year warranty and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 5,000 Amazon ratings, you can be sure that this shovel will do the job it was intended for. 

Coleman Folding Shovel and Pick 

Coleman Folding Shovel and Pick - overland shovel

Coleman is one of the most well-known camping gear manufacturers. As such, we have no doubt that this portable and affordable overland shovel is going to be a good choice. 

Just like the previous option, it is a foldable shovel that comes in its own pouch to make storing easier. 

It can double as a pick, too. However, it does not offer the versatility the Redcamp shovel does. 

For around $15, there isn’t much to complain about if you need a cheap shovel to use for digging fire pits or for any other instance around camp. Besides, it has excellent ratings of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on over 1,600 reviews.

Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel 

Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel - overland shovel

Let’s be honest. An overland shovel is a boring item. However, the people at Sahara Sailor thought otherwise. Why not spice up the shovel and turn it into a huge multi-tool

This shovel is a 12-item multi-function camping tool that features a hoe, saws, bottle opener, cleaver, whistle, knife, fish scaler, emergency hammer, flat blade screwdriver, and a 4-inch wrench. 

Furthermore, this is a shovel that will last a long time, even mounted outside your truck. Sahara Sailor states that it is made from military-grade solid carbon steel with aerospace-grade anodized aluminum tubes that make it sturdy enough to use without breaking. 

They have also made sure this shovel is collapsible and portable. Different parts of it are threaded, so you can disconnect them by twisting. The whole assembly can then go in a carrying bag. 

To add to all the great features, the company offers a lifetime warranty. It has excellent reviews, too – 4.5 out of five stars based on more than 2,000 reviews.

If you need a unique overland shovel, then the Sahara Sailor is the product for you. 

DMOS Delta Shovel 

DMOS Delta Shovel

This DMOS overland shovel is a bit over the top, both in terms of design and pricing. 

The DMOS is an item of craftsmanship. It’s made in the USA to be able to withstand anything you throw at it. 

The blade is constructed from 14 gauge cold-rolled steel and the shaft from 6000 series aluminum.

Just like the previous options, this shovel is also foldable. However, its sturdier and longer design (130cm) means that it can also be very useful in bigger jobs such as getting a vehicle unstuck. 

The spade style gives this shovel the ability to punch through mud or even hard ground.

Although this is an expensive overland shovel, the build quality and limited lifetime warranty make it a worthwhile option if you have the money. 

Bond Mini D Handle Shovel 

Bond Mini D Handle Shovel

Some people just like to keep it simple. An overland shovel doesn’t always need to do 10 other jobs or come with an eye-watering price tag. 

In that case, the Bond Mini D handle shovel may perhaps be the best choice. This is a conventional shovel that will do a perfect job in most overlanding scenarios. 

Quality and longevity are ensured due to a durable heat-treated grip, double heat-treated steel, rust-resistant powder-coated paint, and a strong and lightweight fiberglass handle.

This product offers a 5-year warranty and has scored 4.5 out of 5 stars from around 3,400 ratings on Amazon. 

If simplicity is the way you want to go, the Bond Mini D Handle shovel is one of the best options.

Why You Need an Overland Shovel

folding shovel for camping

 photo by fotos-v via iStock

An overland shovel is a versatile tool that must be in everyone’s overland truck. They come in hundreds of different sizes, functions, and types. Some are simple, and others can serve as multi-tools. 

No matter the features, a shovel is a must-have for your overlanding rig. From digging you out of the mud to digging a fire pit, there are too many uses for them not to have an overland shovel in your kit.

We hope that the list above has provided you with adequate options. If you have any further questions regarding overland shovel recommendations, leave them in the forum section of the site. 

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